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  1. Sweet Jesus! Frickin' Lasers. I didn't know directed energy weapon technology was so far along. I wonder what range the lasers are effective to?
  2. I saw a segment on the AAV7 replacement, the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) on the show Futureweapons. According to the segment, it is scheduled to enter service in 2011 (not that far off). It is 4 times faster than the AAV7 on water and nearly twice as fast on land. It carries 17 Marines + 3 Crew. More heavily armored than the AAV (Global Security website states specification is to stop 14.7mm rounds, something the current AAV armor cannot without apply armor mods. Armed with a 30 mm cannon and 7.62mm coaxial machinegun. I sure would love to see this added to a future patch so we can use this puppy in the game. (blantant hint to Battlefront....hint*hint*hint)
  3. Yes, the AC-130 Spectre are still used. They did see service in Iraq and Afghanistan and I believe they still are used in theatre now.
  4. Pesonally, I try to avoid doing 'gamist' things with the command squads because in reality, your platoon commanders and company commanders are not going to be running around being medics nor are they going to be off in a corner acting as ad-hoc observers. The platoon commanders are going to be with co-located with one of the platoon sections on the offense or centrally in the defence where they can observe and influence the battle by leadership. The company commander are going to be rear of the platoons in place that likewise grants them observation of the battle and the abillity to influence it. Platoon / Company Commanders are at the sharp end with the troops as required....as they should be.
  5. I believe you can go past the time limit. I played a scenario (damn if I can remember which one) and ran the clock out. I watched the timer count to zero expecting the game to end... only for the time to change color to red and start counting up and the game continued. I recall this also happening in another scenario - the timer turned red and starting counting up and the game continued. I don't know if the victory conditions kick in or not after the clock runs out as in both scenarios, after a while, I opted for the cease fire method of ending the game.
  6. One could put UAVs into the game but it would be a challenge. How to handle them? Like Arty / CAS where one can indicate the area for the UAV to fly and units get revealed dependent upon the UAVs ability to 'spot' them? Or as unit that the player can set waypoints and commands for and handle as another asset to control during the game? Keeping in mind that command structure determines what assets are available. I have seen other players in another thread taking about wanting to see hellfire armed Predator drones in the game. The problem is that Predators are a Brigade/Division asset and at the level of play of Shock Force (Coy / Bn), the player would rightly not have any say or control over the UAV mission, since Bde/Div would determine the mission parameters and control the mission. Whether it is a robotic 'warrior' with some small arms system or a remotely piloted fighter aircraft, what does it add to the game except for eye candy? Given how CAS is handled in game now, it certainly doesn't matter if the 'pilot' is a robot or a human? What fundamentally from a game perspective does a robot warrior with a build in machine gun add to the game that a marine / army corporal armed from same doesn't provide. Certainly, the robot could take more hits to put it out of action and maybe be a more accurate weapons platform but does having one or two robots in a platoon add anything to the game? A better soldier but with a longer deployment time (I can't see a robot being able to bail out vehicle to deploy being any faster than human soldiers bailing out the same vehicle who are motived by the need to survive and bullet whizzing over head. I think despite the number of robotics being deployed, the robots are still 'specialists' that are used for special purposes and circumstances. We are still a long way from 'Terminator' units as portrayed in the movies....
  7. I understand the v1.11 patch and holiday chaos thing. That said, what is the new release prediction for the Brit module? Also, I assume that the slippage of the release date will mean slippage for the Normandy release as well.
  8. Hey, I seen that shotgun burst thing as well. When it happened the first time, I went 'WTF'. Neat visual effect and as you said, not very often. And not consistent enough to clearly determine if certain game conditions contribute to it happening. Edit: I only seen it once, but I had a 60mm mortar mission do a rain burst effect. I had saved the game while the mortars were engaging a target. When I started from the save file, the continuation of the fire mission actually dropped 60mm airburst all over the target area in one spectacular salvo of pure awesomeness before resuming to the 1 or 2 shells per salvo that is the norm.
  9. Getting back on topic, while the Gaza strip is quite small, Google Earth gives you are real appreciation of how hard a nut to crack it is since about 85% of the area is all urban built up terrain. And conventional force ratios for urban combat start at 10:1 so you need 10 soldiers for every urban defender as a minimum...
  10. Damn, if that is the behavior of gunners in Humvees, there goes my ideas for a Blackhawk Down campaign that I have been mulling around on paper.... As for the Bradleys, I have noticed the behavior about them firing their TOW missiles in preference when going against buildings but I have seen them under 1.14 also use the 25mm. I am thinking that distance to target may be a factor because I recall the Bradleys using the 25mm only when the target building or wall was close I too want to see a 'Hold Fire' option. It is very difficult to setup an ambush when the troops want to cut loose with their weapons as soon as they have eyes on the enemy.
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