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  1. I second this. The whole issue is a byproduct of the player as god and having knowledge of the battlefield that their pixeltruppen can't possibly know. Don't act on that knowledge and there is no issue in regards to area fire. A gentlemen's agreement among players is a solution and if someone breaks their bond on this, treat them like you would anyone else 'cheating' at the game and don't play them again. Besides, the next update (1.20) will apply FOW to muzzle flashes and smoke, making it even less likely for people to area fire locations based on those indicators and I expect this will hold true in CM:N.
  2. For a future video, could we get a near ground level fly over of the terrain? In the current video, the obvious valley and dam height differential is apparent. However, the road 'switchbacks' at the height of the camera give no impression of how complex the terrain is. I assume the switchbacks are are some relative steep slope (else why would the road switch back and forth) but it isn't apparent in the video. Damn fine map by the way. I look forward for more information about the campaign.
  3. Are you throwing the gauntlet down on that last statement? Because there would be a long line of other forum members who would be willing to challenge your assertion and hand you your blue ass in a online game. Blue does not win everytime....
  4. I just completed Pooh for the first time. All and all, rather pleased with my Total Victory as it leaves me in good shape for the next scenario (Milk Run) as I had only 21 KIA, 25 WIA and the loss of two Humvees for my losses. Spent a hour wriggling my recon guys and snipers deep in and that payed off as I was able to knock out his major stuff with my arty and CAS. Some tough fights in the Eyeore area but I prevailed. Successfully occupied Objectives Eeyore, Pooh, and Piglette and Phase Line. My Base Plan was go deep with my recon elements and get eyes on. Fox Plt with support of the CAAT platoon went left and swept the area from LOD to Piglette. The rest of my force went up the middle with one Plt splitting left into Pooh and the last Plt and the engineers splitting right and tackling Eeyore. I look forward to trying it again. But for now, onto Milk Run...
  5. Most, like myself, catch on quick. Even a cursory read thru the forums mention the repository and the cmmods site, so I knew about them and visited them within hours of starting on the forums. It is not like the repository and cmmods are state secrets. I found them easy enough.
  6. I am gearing up for Pooh. I took the other path and got a fantastic Total Victory outcome so I am trying the Pooh path now. I look forward to the challenge. In Debouch to Disaster, my lead M1 platoon was combat ineffective by the end of the scenario. They took so many hits that I had big red crosses on optics, MGs, etc....including two M1s who had main gun damage, one in which the gun was completely out of commission. First time that I have seen that amount of damage without being KOed completely. I expect Pooh will be equally harsh to my armor.
  7. It seems similar to a Vista issue which another person reported. I'm not sure how or why but if you allow CMSF to be default installed by Vista, certain issues with reading files occurs. If you choose to install CMSF in another location like off the root directory of the hard drive, the reading files issue disappears. It seems the underlying security has a preference for certain folders to 'preserve' (like the Windows folder and Program Files) compared to other folder that a user sets up off the root directory. When the person who experienced the issue (it was certain campaign elements of CMSF not working) reinstalled going off the root directory, the problems disappeared.
  8. You do have the option to use the 'Cease Fire' function if you think you have met all your mission objectives and you don't want to sit twiddling your thumbs waiting for the clock to run out. Of course, that has to be balanced by waiting to see if 'something' does happen during the remaining time. My experience is there is rarely any last minute push by the AI unless the designer puts that in and I have yet to see happen. Personally, if I think I have met my mission parameters and nothing is happening, I go for the Cease Fire option.
  9. +1 on that. Strange that a BMP can get killed with a short burst from a 25mm gun from a LAV but I have not seen a cannon kill on an armored vehicle yet from an Apache despite playing dozens of scenarios. During the current scenario, I saw an Apache do three passes on a BMP and spray scores of rounds on each pass and seemly zero effect, despite watching richochets in all directions, implying the vehicle was hit. Unimpressed with the 30 mm on the Apache.
  10. Quick and Dirty AAR. First off, excellent scenario. Very intense combats, and uncertainty about where and when the enemy would attempt to break out. Only criticism is the #$@%^! minefields. Keep them but scale back on the number. They seemed everywhere and about half my casualties were to mines. It was hard trying to push in on the objective when my marines hit minefield after minefield. I got a Total Victory. My losses: 44 KIA, 56 WIA, 1 Hummer. Syrian losses: 258 KIA, 176 WIA, 1 MIA, 15 Armored Vehicles, 1 Other. Base Plan - started to push in with Kilo Coy and hit minefields as I started to worked west (right flanking) with one Plt. Spotted a few BMP and engaged and destroyed with Arty. Other Plt mounted up and went left (heading south) in the AAVs and made good progress. Used a side road which headed west as a phase line and dismounted the Plt and started to work my way west. Two AAVs went south to join Lima Coy for fire support and two AAVs remained with Kilo Coy. Lima Coy when it arrived spread out along the south, west and east to establish the anvil. Kilo Coy (the hammer) continued to try to push in to the objective and the northern most plt had to orient west due to mines and try to find a clear way in. Spotted bunkers and dug-in MGs on the high ground called Baldy and first CAS mission was called, along with mortars. Baldy was hit hard and two bunkers destroyed but some MGs were dug in deeper than an tick and continued to fire for most of the battle. Second plt of Kilo worked its way towards the middle and got contact and got involved with a platoon size enemy force in ditches in the treeline. First plt of Kilo continued to hit mines and opted to move west on the north side of the treeline and head towards the building near the stalled tank. Got engaged by small squad ambush points and slowly worked it way west. Big surge of enemy cut across the unnamed high ground south of the objective and the western elements of Lima Coy and the two AAVs cut loose on them. The enemy kept surging out of the objective area and Lima keep pounding on them and other enemy coming out of the southernmost forest to escape. Lima ground them relentlessly in the anvil while Kilo struggled to keep pressure up with the hammer. CAS and mortars pounded positions on Baldy, Turkey Knob and the high ground south of the objective. BMPs where hit with Apaches or Mortars when discovered. I made the assessment that it was too dangerous for Kilo's 2 AAVs to try to push in due to the RPG fire and numerous BMPs so I dispatched them to help reinforce Lima. Soon enough, reinforcements of the other plt of Kilo arrived with Hummer support and proceded to secure the buildings immediately south of the highway and work toward the disabled tank, and to assist the first plt of Kilo who suffered moderate casualties due to enemy fire and mines. Kilo's second plt had worked it way toward the middle of the map but got held up due to heavy resistance from dug-in infantry on west side of Baldy and from several buildings. The second plt found itself in a intense firefight as a BMP and several BTRs showed in the area. A hasty 'broken arrow' situation developed which had me send all Apaches and mortars to support Kilo's second plt as it was apparent that the poor plt was faced off with about a coy worth of infantry and vehicles. The fire power set the Syrians back and the situation stablized. Meanwhile Kilo's first platoon started to work in towards the south and ran into scattered infantry and three BMPs. An intense fight developed that went on for some time and the plt couldn't make headway. By this time, the plt had nearly 50% casualties, so the Marines hunkered down to await the LAV armed Taskforce that was expected to arrive shortly. Third plt moved to marry up with first plt and assist. Second plt remained engaged with sporatic elements and made little headway towards the objective, which was so close I could taste it. Lima in the meantime, held the line with the help of the four AAVs and no enemy made it more than dozen feet from the tree line towards the Lima troopers before being cut down by 40mm grenade fire and a steel curtain of 5.56 and 7.62 fire. Support element joined Lima on the line and then all hell broke loose and a coy strong enemy force rushed out of the forest towards the more thinly held Lima line. One hell of a fireworks display occurred and CAS, AAVs, Mk 19s and a storm of small arms cut into the closing enemy as other enemy forces erupted out of the tree line. The most intense battle yet raged for nearly 5 minutes as more and more forces streamed out of the trees. Lima held firm and the enemy dies within 10 meters of the trees they left. The Syrian version of Pickett's charge was defeated and dead littered the edge of the treeline. Reinforced with the LAV25s and third plt, the first plt of Kilo resumed the advance and fought their way in from almost due north of the objective. With nearly 20 minutes left in the scenario, the Marines fought across Baldy and took the high ground over the objective. Then they pushed hard in the objective and an intense fight developed as there was still 3 BMPs in the objective area. As the marines took the two northernmost building of the objective, I got the Total Victory screen with 12 minutes on the clock. Mission accomplished. It was on hell of a fight and there were alot of intense moments with two 'broken arrow' situations where one plt of Kilo got in over their heads and the main enemy push on Lima's line. Good map and great fun. I look forward to playing it again. Great job and a big thank you.
  11. One rocket at at time? Are you sure it isn't hellfires then? I've only played the game since just before Xmas but my experience is that rockets are fired in salvos. I could be wrong on that but a single rocket seems like a hellfire attack to me.
  12. I was playing one of the Marine campaign scenarios and didn't realize my LAV near a map edge was at the entry point of a platoon of BMP reinforcements. The three BMPs came on map and the LAV found himself in the middle of a triangle of BMPs. The firing started fast and furious and shortly, the LAV moved away after only taking a non crippling hit from a BMP cannon. It was hard to tell with the action being so furious, but I believe the BMPs missed the LAV and shot each other up because it was all over in seconds and I can't see the LAV being able to swivel turret that quickly.
  13. No, I think is more a case of 'range exercise' verses a scenario. It appears you setup for optimal conditions for positioning the tanks, most likely flat terrain and you got the result you did (you made it sound like this was a test, not a scenario, but if it was a scenario, let me know the circumstances). I was playing Operation Clean Sweep last night. Numerous BMPs dispersed and trying to avail themselves of cover by hugging treelines and between buildings. Apaches were not using Hellfires (not sure why) and either did gun or rocket attacks. Even on Point Target, the Apaches' rockets would hammer a large area and miss the target, needing to 'go around' once or twice more to take out the target. The beaten zone of the rockets are huge on 'point attack' even and my pixeltruppen were not impressed with the rocket that nearly hit them, despite being some 175 meters from the BMP being attacked. That is not sniper accuracy. That is a shotgun. Stagger and disperse your tanks in the test and try again. Let me know your results.
  14. That is not my experience based on the current game I am playing. It is taking an average of 2 rocket attacks to kill one BMP for the Apaches. Sniper....hardly. Still shotgun IMO.
  15. Interesting that. I thought the Saddam look for the main characters was political posturing of sorts. Kinda the 'make the hero look like our beloved leader' sort of thing.
  16. From the Tank Museum site (www.tankmuseum.org Search on Praying Mantis An experimental machine-gun carrier Praying Mantis was designed by Mr E J Tapp of County Commercial Cars and the original patent dates from 1937. Two prototypes were built of which this is the second. The idea was to create a low profile weapon carrier which could take advantage of natural cover but raise itself up, as necessary, to shoot over walls or other obstacles. Praying Mantis was based upon the engine and tracks of a Universal Carrier but the crew were expected to lie, face down, inside the armoured body which was elevated by hydraulic controls. The vehicle could be driven with the box at any angle although the approved position was with the box raised slightly. The gunner lay to the left of the driver and operated the twin Bren guns in the rotating 'helmet' above his head. This box also contained a small grapnel. In practice it was extremely difficult to operate. The driving controls were not at all positive and the whole thing bounced so much it could make the crew seasick. The project was abandoned in 1944 and is now regarded as something of a joke. Even so Tapp's idea of a weapon system that could elevate in this way is now commonly employed in guided weapon vehicles. Maximum elevation 11.5ft (3.48m). Vehicle could be manoeuvred into a concealed position. The control chamber raised and the MGs fired without disclosing its position. Only experimental vehicles were produced.
  17. Interesting video clip. Did anyone else notice how the 'main characters' all had that Saddam look, complete with cheesy mustache?
  18. It's not the equipment that makes the army, it's what they do with it. While the Iranian weapon inventory might make it look like a good stomping ground for a game, the tactics used by Iran during the Iran - Iraq war was almost WWI vintage. Human wave attacks. Radicalized recruits 'volunteering' to clear minefields by running through them. The question is, what are their tactics now? They didn't evolve them much over the 8 year slugfest they has with Iraq and I suspect they haven't updated them much except to decide to fight an insurgent battle because a straight up fight with western powers wouldn't go well for them. And any lesson learned by Iraq didn't serve them well in the first and second Gulf Wars, where they got their asses handed to them in a decisive fashion. I suspect Iran would fair even worse in a similar matchup. Leadership based on ideology rather than tactical / operational schooling and savvy isn't going to win them many battles.
  19. Military armored vehicles don't have keys (at least all the ones I have rode in) usually for the very reason that losing the keys make for an ineffective vehicle. Starting the vehicle is flipping some switches and pushing the starter button. Securing the vehicle is usually locking the hatches and / or chaining the steering wheel or assembly.
  20. Sounds intense. I just finished SNAFU tonight so I look forward to Dancing in Damascus. For SNAFU, it was a cake walk after the T-90s. Being an ex-Artillery / FAC officer, once my airpower and artillery arrived, it was all over for the poor Syrians. I never had to go forward of the ambush site since my airpower and artillery strikes from my observer I got on the mountain rained steel death on the Syrians and I got a Total US Victory with my only losses being 18 KIA and 12 WIA and no vehicle casualties (though my lead M1 platoon was nearly combat ineffective due to damage equipment like optics, machine guns, thermal sights, etc). They took a hell of a beating but survival is the only thing that matters.
  21. My experience is that if the vehicle isn't part of the squad or crew immediate command hierarchy, you can't enter or use the vehicle. That may be case here. Odd that troops from one platoon can't do anything with another platoon's vehicles, not even hitch a ride. I hope that this gets changed at some point.
  22. As stated, either the settings of your modem is blocking ports and you need to open them or your ISP is doing port blocking at their end and you need to talk with them.
  23. Yes, it is the Marine campaign. Afternoon Delight is a good scenario in it own right but the victory conditions are totally unreasonable and it left a bad taste in my mouth for the game to tell me that I had a total defeat despite destroying the enemy in entirety, occupying all objectives and only have 3 WIA (an accomplishment in itself). I was floored by the outcome. The Syrian side got 2000 pts for inflicting casualties and it seems that 3 WIA crossed that threshold, which tells me absolutely no casualties is the only way to get a win. Then straight into SNAFU, where it seems that luck rather than tactical acumen is the principal determination of how big you will win or lose, due to reinforcements arriving within seconds of each other and in full view of each other. Get lucky and most of your force survives. Get unlucky and expect about 1/3 to 1/2 of your forces to be wiped out in short order. I suspect the designer was going for a 'Blackhawk Down' feel for intensity on this one but it is going to be frustrating for players because your reinforcements arrive and are in the fight for their lives before they can do anything other than pop smoke and hope for the best. SNAFU has the potential to be a great scenario if the reinforcement schedule was better staged. As it is, the enjoyment and therefore the merit of the scenario will be largely determined by how the reinforcements' forced confrontations play out. If you have few casualties, you will most likely like the scenario, if you have heavy casualties you will hate it. Not because of taking heavy casualties but because so many choices are taken out of your hands since you have no say on where and when the reinforcements arrive and the action being instanteous without you exercising any tactical choice or planning other than drop smoke and pray.
  24. Then call me 'Baldy' Edit: Thomm, does it get better in the campaign after this? I've been enjoying the campaign up until the end of Afternoon Delight when I got a defeat despite occupying the chemical factory complex completely, destroying all enemy forces on map and having only 3 WIA for my losses. Is that one winnable at all? SNAFU seems like it is heading the same direction. Unrealistic or unachievable victory conditions. Afternoon Delight and SNAFU seem, well.... a let down after some previously great missions.
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