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  1. Thanks for the hard work. A question. How does one 'browse' through scenarios and mods? I can't see anything that allows me to go from the 1st page to other pages. If I don't know the author's name, I can only see the mods/scenarios that are on the primary page and can't see any others that would be on other 'pages'.
  2. Not Marines. Canadian Forces. The mortar is the 60mm M19, which is still in use with Canadian infantry units. The time frame and general location of the video would make this 2 PPCLI which was in active operations in Helmand province in August of 2008. Further evidence - the camo pattern is not Marine pattern. I don't know if the Canadians have the AT4s yet (they are acquiring them) but they have plenty of M72 LAWs. Finally, if it was an American unit, it would be a 500 lb+ bomb from called in CAS to deal with the compound, not a M72 LAW.
  3. I mentioned about the 2000 pts for ANY casualties in another thread and Steven said he would check into it. My theory is a extra zero got included and the points given for casualties should be 200. Hopefully, it will be fixed for path 1.2. Edit: D'oh. Ninjaed by the man himself.
  4. I find it unphantomable that the higher ups in the Bush Administration and the DoD were blindsided with the actual outcome when I predicted what would happen EXACTLY when I had conversations with people during the build up to war. I am not gifted with clairoyance or greater insight than most people so if I could foresee this coming, why didn't others? The number 1 unwritten rule for military planning is always plan for the worst case scenario and yet there didn't appear to be due diligence done in that regard. The civilian authority over the military is a mainstay of democracies but still, the military leadership needs to tell their political masters what they NEED to hear, not what they WANT to hear. Even if it means getting canned for their 'presumption'.
  5. :eek: OUCH! Sets the bar for friendly fire. I got POed when the bloody zoomees dropped one on one of my Hummers in 3:10 to Yuma and killed 3. I think my fist would have gone through the monitor if that happened to me.
  6. AAR for H-Minus (Scenario 6) ************ Spoilers****************** After looking at the situation on the ground, I opted to extract the stranded platoon rather than to try to push further out with Alpha company. I had the mortars drop smoke and safely extracted the platoon back to better cover. During the extraction process a few enemy positions were revealed and suppressed, including the hillside recoilless rifle. The air asset was vectored to comb over the hill feature for targets and visible trenching was hit by short duration mortar missions. One platoon advanced on a wide left flanking maneuver to come into the urban area from the left rear and sweep back towards friendly lines. Many enemy were located and destroyed during the sweep. Once this platoon made good headway, another two platoons swept right flanking, one tasked with taking the hill feature and the other to link up with the left flanking platoon in the centre of the urban area. The enemy was tenacious but mutually supporting Alpha company squads quickly overcame the defenders and at end of the scenario (it went the full time allocated), Alpha company held the majority of the urban areas and the hill feature. I got another Total Victory with only 2 WIA. The Syrians were tougher and held up better than in previous scenarios (being elite airborne themselves) and only grudging gave up their positions. A tougher nut to crack for sure but it can be cracked. Expect a tougher battle and dangerous house clearing if you go after the Syrians. Keep tight mutual support of fire base and assault elements. Once the shooting starts for a localized fight, don't hold back and hit the defenders with everything you got. Another good scenario that appears as a simple task to do but the devil is in the details. The defenders can mutually support each other so a full on, half baked, drive into the teeth of the defenders is going to make your casualties skyrocket.
  7. AAR for Machete (Scenario 5) I must have been wearing my lucky rabbit's foot of this one. One of the Bradley's moved up the hill into the building compounds and narrowing avoided being taken out by the dreaded AT-14 on a hill. The Bradley was beside a wall and the wall took the hit. Since this was now about 15 secs into the scenario, the pucker factor went way up. I was waiting to get a feel for where the enemy was before I moved the Hummers and with horror, noted that the AT-14 position had visual with part of the Hummer harbour, so it was hammer away with the 50s while getting to cover. A squad and the HQ element from Bushwhacker platoon took to the buildings to get a height advantage and eyes on the area while the 25mm and 50s peppered the area of the AT-14. Once the mortars arrived, the area was subjected to airburst to ensure the AT-14 was dead. Engineers worked down to the nearest mine area and slow crawled in (and took a KIA and WIA despite slow crawling in and out of the zone). In the meantime, one M2 worked itself left into low ground with one engineer squad while the other M2 up in the fenced compound fired TOW missiles at all visible target buildings. In the course of working the area and maneuvering for a shot, the second AT-14 was revealed when it fired at the M2 and missed. The mortars made sure it would not fire again. Slowly and methodically, dismounted Bushwhacker squads and the engineers worked through the map, destroying several infantry strongpoints in the area in the course marking all the minefields. Lost some more engineers in clearing another minefield and 1 KIA with Bushwhacker due to a sniper. Once the AT-14s were killed, it went relatively smoothly albeit slowly. The 25mms of the two M2s working together supported by Bushwhacker made short work of any found resistance. Got another Total Victory. My losses were light, with the majority of them from the engineers. For Normal Dude: The engineers took losses on two of the four minefield clearings, despite moving SLOW in and out of the minefields. I don't know how others are finding the scenario but once the AT-14s die, the Syrians get ground under heel with the M2s working in tandem with mutual support for the platoon. Maybe some more Syrian forces or have more RPGs for the existing forces may be in order. Then again, others have having problems or have passed on scenario due to the difficulty so maybe it is my stellar luck at work again. Both AT-14s missed and they didn't get any followup shot due to be suppressing the hell out of them. Good scenario but watch your movement from the start point or get nailed almost straight away.
  8. All The Way (Scenario 4) AAR *********** Spoilers *************** For this one, I had Havoc plt head for the Scud Inspection site, Bushwhacker plt head towards the nearest complex objective (administration complex) to clear it, and Bear plt deployed to the far deployment area with the intent of taking the high ground and having the option of assisting Magician or coming into the complex from the rear to assist Bushwhacker. Both callsigns of Shadow deployed into building near the corner deployment zone. Shortly after scenario start, Shadow reported sighted infantry advancing across an large open field and the sniper teams went to work, stopping the advance and inflicting casualties. More infantry showed up in the area and were likewise shot up at range by the snipers. Meanwhile, Bushwhacker and Havoc advanced on their objectives and came under fire. Several firefights that last 5 minutes occurred as both Bushwhacker and Havoc platoons tried to gain the upper hand on the tenacious defenders in the complex complex and the scud inspection site. Magican force snipers relocated as Magican squads started to clear the insertion building and prepared to seize the R&D complex. It only took about 10 minutes of Magican force to clear the complex of enemy by breaching into each building and assaulting in. Havoc finally fought their way into the Scud inspection building after several protracted firefights and help from the Apaches. Bushwhacker likewise fought their way the administration complex after several protracted firefights but not before being harassed by several BTRs which appeared by Shadow and moved into the complex. Shadow destroyed one vehicle, Bushwhacker one vehicle and the Apaches killed the remaining 2). Bushwhacker and Havoc tried to push out from their respective captured objectives to capture other objective building further in but got held up by very determined forces covering kill zones. Bear plt, which had taken the high ground, moved into dead ground and took the complex nearest the R&D facility, which was safely in the hands of Magician. Magician snipers moved to assist Bear inflitrating deeper into the rear and towards other complexes. Havoc and Bushwhacker got set upon everytime they tried to push out so mortars and Apaches were called to try to dislodge or attrite the tenacious enemy. They made little headway for the rest of the game, trying to kill the multiple enemy defensive positions by ranged fire. The Apaches seem surprising ineffective in taking out the enemy in buildings, despite repeated cannon and rocket attacks. Bear plt made headway, having taken one complex and moved on another. Finally, the Apaches leveled a key building full of infantry, allowing Alpha company to make some headway. I got a Total victory screen at this point. I got the maximum points (odd, since I still had one complex to take still). It was a tough fight. Havoc and Bushwhacker basically could not make headway after they took their intial objectives due to the overlapping fields of fire and the open ground. Infiltrating one platoon into the center of the complex was one aspect of the plan which worked. Oddly, the Apaches seemed relatively ineffective as their rockets were either off target and the cannons didn't seem to do much to the defenders in buildings. For Normal Dude: The R&D faculty fight is either too tough or too easy. If one uses demolition charges and conducts a proper and aggressive breach entry, it is over in short order with little casualties (Magican had only one or two wounded if I recall). I reverted to a earlier save to see what would happen with a normal assault entry and the Magician forces get the stuffing kicked out of them. Nice work on setting up the complex forces. This was one of the few games in which I literally couldn't make any headway with two of the three Apha platoons after taking the intial objectives. I prevailed but I had to work hard for the victory and preserve my force. Once again, a last game save is available. Nice map and good scenario. Expect a tough fight.
  9. Now, on to Snitch ************ Spoilers ************** Snitch - get to the informant and get him out. More bad guys arrive in 15 minutes to complicate the extraction. I must of lucked into a AI plan that suited the route I selected because I was in, got the 'package' and extracted within 15 minutes. I hit the extraction point just as the bad guys starting rolling. I thought hard about continuing the fight just to see what might happen but elected, as per the instructions, to cease fire as I achieved the mission objectives. Snitch short AAR. Outlaw and Bear headed out and came under almost immediate sporadic fire from some unknown point but it was largely ineffective as Outlaw and Bear disappeared in the building and alleys. Outlaw and Bear squads leapfrogged they way further into the urban areas towards the informant, mutually supporting each other with alternating firebase and assault elements. Four pockets of enemy were encountered and quickly overcome. Collected the informant from his hiding area and withdrew over the same route, with only one more firefight with some enemy with a RPG. Hit the extraction point as the bad guys started to roll in from the map edge. Only 4 WIAs marred a otherwise flawless mission. In and out in under 16 minutes. Despite the ease with which I did this scenario, I can see it being a real handful if one chooses a 'bad' route and is held up or if one takes their time. This is one scenario it which it you have to balance risk of a rapid advance and withdrawal to the time honored cautious building clearing we are all familar with. The issue is simply this - the more time you take, the more bad guys show up to complicate your life. Take too much time and you will find yourself in the dreaded 'Blackhawk Down' type of fight. For Normal Dude: Very nice scenario - try to find the balance between speed and caution and it works well with this scenario. I found it very easy for myself but I don't doubt if I was too cautious or took another route, that it would have been a hell of a lot harder than it was. Once again, last game save is available.
  10. I spent the long weekend playing Task Force Panther given the terrible weather here which precluded going anyplace or doing any yardwork. I did Pigs of War, Snitch, All the Way, Machete and I am halfway into H-Minus. *********Spoilers Alert ************ Pigs of War Absolutely freaking intensive. Lots of big booms. I am all smiles because I like scenarios like this. Quick AAR. I started forward to reach the reach the stranded Corp squad but noted 4 enemy vehicles adjacent to the target building. I made the hard call to leave them rather than risk a entire platoon getting caught in a protracted firefight with enemy armor imminent. I had the stranded detachment hunker down in one of the high points of the building. The detachment killed 1 BMP and a TOW vehicle (I had deployed the two TOW vehicles well forward) killed another vehicle another one. Meanwhile, a heavy artillery barrage of smoke an HE hit the entire defensive areas for a few minutes. Only two wounded, thankfully. Then the first onslaught of mixed armor rolled forward. Company of BMP with a platoon of T55. The forward air controller started screaming engagement coordinates to the 3 A10s on station, sending the winged guardian angels inbound. They were still a minute or two out so Alpha company watched grimly as the red juggernaut rumbled slow forward. Two enemy vehicles were destroyed as the TOW dets fired then displaced to new firing locations. Finally the A10s arrived and all hell broke loose. Shock and awe time as the A10s dispatched the enemy armor. Real fun to watch the fireworks and big booms. With the first wave destroyed, the TOW dets returned to their initial firing points. The corp troops held out having some wounded and dead and I grappled with going out and retrieving them or having them try to make for friendly lines but I opted for them to remain hidden in place. More armor was immient. The second wave came in hard and fast. Looked like another company plus of BMP and a platoon pllus of T55. A10s arrowed in towards the areas as the javelins and TOWs opened up on the rapidly advancing armor. 5 Kills but not nearly enough as the enemy armor pushed in hard and fast. It was going to be down to the wire if the A10 would arrive in time. The A10s arrived as the lead elements of the armored onslaught entered the Alpha company kill zone. AT4s and M72 arced through the air knocking out several BMPs and immobilizing one T55. The A10s hit the rest of the armor and another 'shock and awe' moment occurred with lots of big booms (big booms are good ) Finally it was over. I got a Total Victory. I had 6 KIA and 7 WIA, including the casualties for the Corp troops, who survived being isolated. Over 46 Syrian armored vehicles were destroyed and 400+ personnel casualties. This scenario will leave one breathless, balanced by elation and concern. What it comes down to is this - the A10s will destroy the Syrian armor...absolutely. But will they destroy enough of them in time before Alpha company takes a beating? For Normal Dude: Alpha company fired off every single Javelin and 90% of the AT4s and LAWs so you achieved your stated intent on that. The TOW vehicles fired off about half of their TOW missiles and actually survived the fight. Three A10s was right. I am going to do this one again at some point but only use 2 of the 3 A10s and I will let you know the outcome. I also have a last game save available. Pigs of War - five stars all around.
  11. I will go out on a limb and will predict that within the next 5 years that US forces will be involved in some fashion in Pakistan, unless the current Pakistani regime can successfully and decisively deal with the growing Taliban influence in the Swat Valley that is growing outwards. The US or a Coalition will need to go and clean up the mess the Pakistani military/government can't handle. Iran is another source of potential US 'intervention'. Within 10 years my gut tells me. The current kook in power keeps talking like he is got some manifest destiny to unite Islam (and trying to get the bomb to boot) which may mean another 'imposed' regime change may be in order. The horn of Africa area (Somalia, Sudan) is another areas. Once the piracy of the Arden pisses enough people off, there will be a call to deal with the Somali issue once and for all and eradicate the pirates and their supporters (namely the warlords). I say the tipping point on that decision will be within the next two years. The president of Sudan is looking for a bitch slapping, so unless he walks a fine line, he is likely to get it as there is quite a bit of international sediment to deal with the genocide in Darfur. The next major conflict may be between Nato and Russia within the next 15 years. The Georgian conflict I think lit the slow simmering fire of another Cold War, as least as long as Putin clings to power. And I see him clinging to power, even if it means taking a step back on reforms and the advances that Russia has seen since the end of the Cold War. You heard it here first, if these come to pass.
  12. When installing CMSF on Vista, use the install as administrator option and specify a game directory rather than settle for the default. Some people have reported some issues with game files getting split between directories which results in some weird situations in which some scenarios and campaigns seem to 'disappear'
  13. RT is the only way I currently play CMSF. I've gotten comfortable with games llike Armored Task Force and its siblings and Harpoon 3 which are only played RT, so it is my preference. I like that I can pause when necessary and study the situation. I like that I can micromanage to my heart's content if I am so inclined. I like being forced to think on my feet if I chose to not hit the pause. And big scenarios don't bother me, probably due to playing games like Armored Task Force and Harpoon 3. So I am an advocate for RT. I realize it isn't for everyone though.
  14. I've never played multiplayer myself so I am in the same boat as Afreu. Hey Afreu ... you game? For the record, I enjoy campaigns and playing against the AI because I have played in other multiplayer games (just not CMSF) and I can't abide the ego issues some people have.
  15. I believe the standard practice is commander 'eyes out' when not in contact with the enemy. Which is why in the many, many vids of tanks on the move, you notice the commander's head is out of the hatch. Despite advances in optics and sensors, the field of view is smaller than what the mark 1 eyeball can see and situational awareness is paramount. Once in contact with the enemy, protection of the commander trumps the benefit of having him 'eyes out'. So, if the enemy is at 50-100 metres, the commander WILL be buttoned up unless he is manning a pintel weapon and taking it to the bad guys.
  16. I would like to see a 'Desert Storm' compilation of scenarios. CMSF is well suited to portraying the two Gulf wars. I like the idea of a compilation of scenarios as opposite to a campaign because one can include the Brits (one the Brit module is out), and the Marines. Scenarios like the Battle of 73 Eastings (2 ACR), the Marine push through southern Kuwait, the Battle of Al Khafji (Marines/Saudi/Qatar), the battles for Objective Norfolk, etc. Quite a cross section of high intensity battles could be done and I think, would be well accepted by the CMSF community.
  17. Drat. I checked and I overwrote the last game turn with the start of scenario 2. So no help there. But I can confirm from the end of scenario screens that I got 1000 pts so I achieved all objectives outlined and that there were no red forces left in the terminal, secondary buildings, or the marked perimeter complexes. The only red forces were to the east. So I am not clear on what red forces were to be cleared out, unless it was the red forces in the objective areas and I can confirm, I destroyed them all so I would say the missions objectives probably not need fine tuning at this point until there is more feedback from others. I will let you know how scenario 2 goes. And I will keep a last game save file if you would like.
  18. **************SPOILERS************* Yes, I noted the sea of red to the east at the scenario results window. I am sure glad I opted to not go that way and I pity the poor bugger who thinks that taking to the urban terrain right away to close up to the teminal is the best way. I lost my 1 KIA in the battle with the vehicle patrol. One of the plt headquarters personnel took a heavy machine gun round through the head. Other than that, the results are as good as one could hope for.
  19. I just finished scenario 1 - Knees to the Breeze (I love that title). I will try to avoid any major spoilers. I played RT on Elite setting. I opted to run my pixeltruppen down the runway, keeping away from built up areas. Since it was night and the Syrians don't have the best NV equipment, I kept my distance until my forces were opposite the air terminal. Got in a scrap with a vehicle patrol on route but made short work of them. Once in position, I closed with the terminal and secondary objective buildings. Base plan - simultaneous plt assaults on the two secondary buildings complexes adjacent the terminal with third plt as fire base. Took the complexes without too much problem. Then all three plts assaulted the terminal for three sides. Met resistance but with three full plts assaulting and clearing, the defenders were quickly overwhelmed. Objectives secured. I then had one plt take defensive positions on the terminal complex and two plts then pushed out to clear the perimeter complexes. Engaged multiple enemy positions but through mutual support, the two plts crushed the opposing forces and took defensive positions up facing east where more enemy was spotted further to the east. Two airstrikes took out more BTRs and a building full of infantry. I decided to stand firm as I hit all my objectives and since conservation of forces was one of my main limiters, I didn't push further to the east and awaited for a counterattack, which didn't materialize during the 10 minute wait. I opted for the cease fire rather than run the game out with 40 minutes left on the clock. I got a total victory and my losses were 1 KIA and 3WIA. There was no replay at any point. All and all, a fun scenario. Given the warning that the campaign is quite difficult, I was anticipating much stronger opposition and expecting a counterattack. I either took the correct approach and bypassed most of the enemy or I got a AI plan which played to my strengths and tactics and got owned. Now on to the next scenario - holding on to the terminal should be a interesting fight. Super pdf, Normal Dude. That alone puts the campaign in a class of its own for production values. Very nice map for the first scenario as well. I look forward to the rest of the campaign!
  20. Wow!. I've entered the twilight zone then because the .cam file in my download is about 17 MB. I can't explain how the hell that happened. So at some point, the right file was uploaded....
  21. While it may be an interesting feature, usually for most people, you know when you f%$# it up, despite the level of victory. And simply knowing is enough for most people, without the game saying where and when you should show up for your court martial.
  22. Odd that, as it doesn't square with what I am observing. The M230 chaingun has a published muzzle velocity of 805m/sec. From first sound of the gun and sight shake to the first impact is about 4.5 seconds. If the range on the HUD is correct, the impacts would be about 2 seconds to target.
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