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  1. The scenario can't be won unless you take 0 (zero) casualties. Even 1 WIA will give the Syrians 2000 points and there is no way for blue to accumulate enough points. I lost with only 2 WIA in my best playthrough so I know the threshold is ANY casualty. As I pointed out earlier in the thread, the problem is an extra zero as I believe the intent was the Syrians were to get 200 points for casualties, not 2000. Hopefully, it will get fixed at some point. I prefer sooner rather than later.
  2. Very nice scenario. I was on pins and needles waiting for the shoe to drop, so to speak. The anticipation was nerve racking as one doesn't know where and when the assault will come.... I has sited my defences optimally based on where I figured the principal threat was coming from and made contigencies for enemy pushes from secondary approaches. I guessed right. Blue Total Victory My losses: 2 KIA, 7 WIA Enemy losses: 100 KIA, 51 WIA, 2 Vehicles. Question - are there multiple AI plans? I look forward to the second nightmare...
  3. Hmmm. Snake_eye, confirm that one should let the time run because I am 32 minutes into the scenario and I have done all the stuff in the briefing and the only encounters so far have been a car bomb, a technical and a spy caught wandering the road. I assume I am to wait it out to see if more stuff arises?
  4. Possibly. I am at the latest patch and it works for me. Confirm that you put the baked file in your scenario folder and not in the saved folder. It will not show up in the saved file listings if it is put there.
  5. Look into the new netbooks that use the Nvidia Ion, basically a GeForce 9400M graphic processor tied with a Atom processor and DDR3-1066 or DDR2-800 SDRAM. Better graphic capability than the standard netbook and I think it should run CMSF quite well.
  6. Seasons greetings to all my fellow CMSFers. May you be kissed under the mistletoe and not kissed by a TOW missile.
  7. Looks like you need to have a serious word with the S2 staff.... again.
  8. It is a interaction between video cards and Vista. Shock Force is not the only game affected. A lot of my stuff can't do a print screen. Vista comes with a snipping tool (it should be in your Accessories) that does work (at least for me) and is better than print screen because you can select the area you want to capture. Alternatively, you can use the free version of FRAPs to due screenshots.
  9. And I've been able to resume my Brit campaign without any issues (I patched midway through the campaign before I started the next scenario). I completed the Brit campaign last night and I have not had any problem with artillery or anything else for that matter. If it is a bug, it isn't universal. Perhaps someone else can try your campaign save to see if the artillery works. That will hopefully narrow down what the issue might be.
  10. Something odd is going on because I was able to resume my Brit campaign without any issue of any sort, so if it is a bug, it isn't universal. Just a thought - was an arty mission pending or being fired at the time of the save? Let me know how big your game save is and perhaps I can try it and see if it is something specific to your machine / configuration or something inherent in the scenario.
  11. I've been a FO for a number of years and stuff like that video happens even in training. Someone doesn't doublecheck the bearing or elevation or the charge bag or the safety officer doesn't doublecheck the plot. Having one that close is not an experience you forget. It is good that one can laugh about afterwards. I still joke about the time a infantry mortar base plate fired on the wrong target number and dropped 24 rounds of WP on my FO crew in our M113, though it was not so funny at the time.
  12. I suspect it is ROE issues. Despite being told ANA forces are not in the area, the gunner waited until he could visually identify that they were not a truck load of farmers or hostile action was directed at them. I suspect permission to engage is required on all targets unless ROEs are clearly met and can be clearly defended to the Afghan authority. Than means delays in determining if the bad guys are just that...bad guys and ideal opportunities are passed up. I also suspect that the bad guys that bailed on the truck probably didn't get too far after the video end as they were most likely trying to run the 4 minute mile dodging 30mm shells. It would be nice to break the eggs while they are in one basket, but sometime you have to break 'em one at a time.
  13. If you check the same site as the video in the original post, there is another video of Apaches doing engagement on 'technicals' (pickups with machine guns on back). During the zoom in, you can clearly see the truck and details on the people. During times of the video, they zoom out and it is apparent the technical is quite some distance out for the helicopter because it is just a dot on a hill and hard to see. 30X magnification can certainly give the illusion the helicopter is much closer than it really is. Once you out a few kilometers, the helicopter visually is not that noticable (especially if it is taking pains to not be seen) and helicopter noise is not readily apparent, especially if the helo keeps downwind from the target. The average Taliban fighter is not that familar with the capabilities of western high tech weapon systems that have a reach out 2-3 km as a norm and even longer range for some systems. Also with just how good western sensor/optical technology is. Also, every rotor you hear in the distance isn't a gunship stalking you. The average Afghani probably hears helicopters all the time when they do hear them and the majority of those are transport, supply and medivac missions.
  14. Thanks, Mark, for another fine scenario. Played this one throught twice last night. First go around, I opted for the reverse slope defence and placed the mines in areas in which the enemy will be slowed enough for me to bring artillery to bear. I spread my forces out with kill zones being both draws into the eastern most bowl. I restarted after the first few minutes as 6 out of 8 javelins missed :eek: their targets. Normally, I would let that result stand but since the deck is already stacked against blue and the Javelin is the main AT asset, I figured something weird must be going on and wanted to try it again. I got a better result on the Javelins this time. After expending all their missiles, the Javelin teams bugged out for the rally point. The Syrian armor hit the first mined chokepoint and I killed 3 vehicles as they slowed considerably going through the minefield. Arty claimed a few more as they approached the second minefield. Got a good mass of armor on the second minefield and all guns where brought to bear but by the time the shells started raining in, the armor passed through the minefield and were going for broke, so I didn't kill the number I would have liked. The squad(+) and the HQ element opened up with the AT-4s, killing several BMP and taking out T72. More vehicles streamed past, not seriously taking the time to engage my forces and went for map edge. Because I waited too long to have the southern most squad move to support the engaged northern defenders, by the time they arrived, most of the enemy armor had slipped past. I decided to cut my losses at this point, dropped arty smoke and withdrew to the rally point. I got a Minor Tactical Victory, only taking 4 KIA and 6 WIA. I destroyed 10 T72 and 6 BMP and inflicted over 100 personnel casualties (KIA, WIA, MIA). And the 2LT survived. I decided to play the scenario again, opting for the same defensive plan but tweaked my defensive layout better and decided to move the FOs a bit to try to cover the blind spots as I felt a fair amount of armor ended up in my back yard that I didn't see coming until they hit the second minefield. The plan worked better this time as I had more 'eyes on' with the FOs so the arty was more effective. Once I determined what route the enemy was taking, I repositioned my defenders to better concentrate my firepower (in the first game, one squad didn't fire a shot as they were too far away and in ground that made them ineffective in the battle and by the time I moved them to support, the enemy had pushed past me). This time, I got a Major Victory with only 2 KIA and 4 WIA. Again, the 2LT survived. The Syrian losses this time were 5 T72 and 14 BMP as I made a point of taking out the infantry carriers instead of tanks this time to maximize casualties. A good study of infantry defensive operations against an armor attack. I look forward to seeing how a forward defence will fair. Thanks, Mark.
  15. My understanding is that you don't need to restart the campaign, just the campaign scenario. Issues (like the one indicated) come up when you resume the campaign by loading a saved in-progress scenario and resume it. I could be wrong on that but I have continued my Brit campaign after ugrading to the latest patch without any issues and I am three campaign scenarios further along since the new patch. No issues to report.
  16. It can be won decisively. I wish I could give some insight into how I did it as I played it some 9 months ago. For all my games, I record the scenario outcomes in a spreadsheet. Checking the spreadsheet, my best showing for The Flank Ground was 2 KIA, 1 WIA Blue casualties verses 49 KIA, 29 WIA, 16 MIA, 2 Tanks and 6 APC casualties for the Syrians. Sorry, I don't recall readily how I managed that outcome or what the AI plan was but it was playing through the scenario a third time, after getting two minor victories in the earlier two playthroughs. Keep at it. If I can do it, others can.
  17. And on that note, the thread slides to a new low... In attempt to put the brakes on the slide to getting the thread locked, I offer this to the OP. Look up from the military manuals on doing the combat estimate (what we call it in the Canadian military). It is a exercise of thinking about the enemy, his resources, his probable intent with detailed consideration of the terrain, time and space, weather and friendly forces. Based on that, you analyse the options open to you and the enemy and develop a course of action that gives you the best chance of success. From that course of action, you develop your 'plan', the nut and bolts of how you are going to get from where you currently are to sinking your teeth into the enemy's neck. I have found doing a combat estimate as part of the scenario setup (I fly the camera over the ground to examine the terrain and approaches as part of the terrain study) allows me to come up with a plan. The devil is implementing that plan in the face of enemy opposition and we all know that no plan survives contact with the enemy but that is part of the charm of playing the game. I think learning to do combat estimates or whatever the American forces call it will help you in getting better enjoyment out of CMSF.
  18. 'Occupy' is not the proper military terminology for this scenario. 'Clear' or 'Secure' is the proper term as in Clear or Secure the police station and crossroads. Check the green objective zone colored area and ensure that no enemy are in the green area. So, assume that 'occupy' means 'secure' or 'clear'.
  19. 'Occupy' is a misnomer for this scenario. 'Clear' or 'Secure' is the proper term as in Clear or Secure the police station and crossroads. Check the green objective zone colored area and ensure that no enemy are in the green area. I had similar problems until I figured out that the reason I was getting the mission loss was because enemy forces were in the green zone. That means you will have to push into the buildings in the green zone and sweep them to ensure that no hostiles are holed up in some corner.
  20. My god, that link made me laugh so hard I spit my drink all over my screen. My wife worked in PMO (Project Management Office) for the Department of National Defence. From what she told me, the 'thinking' of project management personnel wasn't far off from what the link lampooned.
  21. Bingo. Here is a very 'possible' scenario which will highlights your point. Assume for a moment that the Pakistan extremists continue their reign of terror. Outcomes are: 1. The Pakistani military moves against the extremists powerbase and hopefully the 'political' will is there to see the job properly done. The political 'will' is the big wild card here as the extremists have supporters within the Pakistani government. 2. Assuming a ineffective Pakistani military who can't get the job done. The militants, sensing a opportunity, try to grab more ground or topple the government. That puts Pakistan's nucleur weapons at risk. Now we all know, there is no way in hell that the US is going to allow the extremists to even get as sniff of those weapons. I daresay, units like the 82nd AB Division most likely have gotten their warning orders and contingency planning is being done to deploy to Pakistan is short order. In this outcome, the US military with the Pakistani military will deal with the militants and under US operation command, the job will be done properly. Either scenario will set the militants back, victims of their own success. Scenario 1's success is predicated that the 'will' is there to destroy the militants once and for all. Scenario 2 will ensure the job is done. Either scenario should destroy the powerbase for the militant operations in Afghanistan, making them ineffectual. Then real headway in addressing security concerns in Afghanistan can be made. To defeat the Taliban/Al Queda in Afghanistan, you have to defeat them first in Pakistan.
  22. Yes. I've done all campaigns in RT as it is my preferred method of playing. I do 'pause' frequently to maintain situational awareness or if I am fussing over some micromanagement issues in regards to unit positions on the map. 'Pausing' in RT is not a crime nor is it cheating the purpose of RT. This is not RTS game where the one who twitches the most with the mouse or has the highest caffeinated levels in their blood wins. No 'RT' gestapo are going to come to your house and bust you for not doing 'RT' right. So, pause the game, take your time to study the map and ponder your options, unpause and enjoy the game. If you are feeling overwhelmed, issue your orders to the pixeltruppen while paused and then unpause to watch and monitor their progress.
  23. Target Round. If one has a complaint, the best avenue is to contact the company's customer support. Forums are the absolute worst place for a variety of reasons. Companies pay a varying amount of time to their forums. Sure, some companies monitor their forums daily and have a tangible presence. But a greater number have little to no presence on their forum outside of a moderator and are the worst possible place to get any sort of customer support. On top of that, you have all the well meaning people trying to be helpful by stating the obvious and giving questionably useful information in regards to your issue. Then you have the people who think you are a whiner or bitcher and take it upon themselves to 'set you straight'. Forums are for discussion, not complaining to the company. That is why companies have customer service departments. BF do maintain an active presence on their forums, thankfully. But it doesn't mean they want to deal with customer complaints on their forums. That is the role of their tech support. All the recent angst resulting in this thread could have been avoid if the person with the cracked jewel case or the person who expected a DVD case took the issue up with BF directly via their customer service instead of trying to fix their problem on the forums. Bottom line - don't fix customer service issues on discussion forums. It is the least productive way to fix a customer service complaint.
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