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  1. Its obvious that I misunderstood which level of complexity you aimed for. (I thought it was at least Civ 3 level.) Anyway I wish you good luck with your project. Good bye. Best Regards Rocoteh
  2. Maybe a nation should start with only 1 city (and 2-3 reserve cities) that can receive resources. The British Empire for example: London, Halifax in Canada and Sydney in Australia. Thus if Germany conquers the British homeland the British Empire still can continue to fight. In this example Halifax would be activated as a "can receive resources" city after the fall of London. As you say I think its important that one should be able to assign escorts to freighters in a easy way. I really hope there will a strategic warfare system in Empires of Steel. During more then five years I have made scenarios for Civ 3 so I think I can well evaluate what the lack of strategic warfare will lead to. In fact one must regard the naval system in Civ 3 as a total failure. Thus a typical WW-2 scenario will open like this: The first 4-5 turns AI will throw 80-90% of its naval forces against the human player. After that one side will control the oceans and can move its transports as it wants. For sure not realistic! The naval aspects will in this way this fast become uninteresting. There is no way to simulate strategic warfare no matter how you use the editor. What Firaxis think about this no one knows since its many years since they had any interest to communicate with their customers. Rocoteh
  3. I recommend you to test one of the many very good mods or scenarios that have been produced. For example: The Age of Imperialism by El Justo. The unmodded epic Civ 3 is outdated and boring to play. Rocoteh
  4. That sounds very good. What do you think about this system: All players start the game with a given number of raw material stockpiled in pools. Every time a unit is created in a production-city a number of points is deducted from the pool. When new raw material is produced at a resource square it will be represented with a truck (if its inland) or a freighter (if its coastal). A truck will auto-convert to a freighter if its moved to a coastal resource. Then an oil resource produced at for example Kuweit (represented by a freighter) could be set with a "move to London order". When it reaches london it will auto-add to the resource-pool. Such a system should add minimum of bookkeeping for players but it would make play much more interesting. Rocoteh
  5. I second that. Considering the great importance of strategic warfare during both WW1 and WW2 it should mean problems to exclude it from the game. In such a case submarines will just be combat unit among others and the Battle for the Atlantic will be pointless. Rocoteh
  6. Assume you want to make a WW1 or WW2 scenario for Empires of Steel. Can you then have some nations starting in locked alliances and other nations joining an alliance after x number of turns? The latter is not possible in Civ 3 and that creates severe problems. Rocoteh
  7. Sounds very good. Thank you for the info. There are many "homeless" Civ 3 players frustrated with Civ 4. I think these people will be interested in Empires of Steel. Rocoteh
  8. Sounds great. Thank you for the info. Rocoteh
  9. This game really looks great. Will for sure buy it when its released! During 2003-2008 I made some scenarios for Civ 3 including World War 2 Global. My questions are: How large maps will there be in Empires of Steel compared to Civ 3? What will be the maximum number of units one can have in play at a given time? Will there be an editor? Rocoteh
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