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  1. Hope their are still a few special editions left in a couple weeks. I have to keep my extra money for a WWII reenactment for now, but when I get home I'll try and buy it. If they're gone I'll just wait until the day it's released and buy it then lol.
  2. Hello When I try to play CMSF I can see my units, but the terrain is totally black with some grass sticking up out of it. I have ATI graphics, I don't know if that's bad.
  3. I've been inactive for a long time and I'm just wondering what's up with Normandy. I know that a year ago you said it was possible to finish the mod in 2009, but it would be rushed. Whatever happened to a 2010 release? Did something happen at BFC? Is Normandy canceled?
  4. I just saw a picture of an advertisement for ToW 3 ! http://www.digitalmindsoft.eu/outcoming/devupdate/mowa4/gamescom.jpg
  5. Anybody else think that the Intro Trailer looks very, very nice? Too bad ToW lost alot of it's intended fan base with ToW 1.0.
  6. Good Old Games is now carrying Strategic Command? Do they have the right to do this?
  7. I loved ToW 1 and this has everything it was missing! I will definitely buy this, just for the random campaign generator. Thank Battlefront.
  8. Yes, what do you have against terrorist training programs ? No, in reality it I think it should be banned to any household with children under 16 in it along with GTA$$whole.
  9. Arisaka99

    Kursk '43

    Random Battle generator? Really?
  10. Official release date: September 1st 2039, 100th Anniversary of WWII . Battlefront is awesome, but they are always much later than they tell us.
  11. So, are the Italian tanks going to be so weak that the English will slaughter them? Also will units be able to surrender (no really, this would be awesome)?
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