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    -Eddie- reacted to Wiggum15 in When should BFC start to develop a CMx3 engine ?   
    What' s your age and occupational background that you think you are qualified to tell others what kind of suggestions they can make and not make on a internet forum ?
    Do you know the word "Gedankenspiel" ?

    But if its a serious question:
    Iam 17 and my occupational background is that i live in my parents basement...
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    -Eddie- reacted to sburke in Is it me?   
    Nah after reading all your posts I realized it is utter tosh.  (I think I got that right, I always wanted to use that expression.  Thanks for granting me the opportunity) They are totally inconsistent, illogical and childish.  I want what I want regardlerss of the reality of physics and coding restraints and if I don't get it I am gonna throw a tantrum.
    Then you have the usual - "no one can criticize CM or the fanboys jump in".  You know what? I HATE bridges in CM.  They are still buggy, they break my immersion worrying if my unit is gonna do something goofy... Oh crap!  Stagler, Wiggout and Wroclaw, did you see that?!!  A Fanboy criticized CM!!  Hold on I think the world is about to end!!!
    And Yes, we won, you lost.  Don't ask we what yet I haven't figured that out, but it must be about that as otherwise all the last 10 pages would have been wasted nonsense and we can't let that happen.
    Woot USA, USA, USA... don't ask me why I am chanting about that. Leftover from World Cup maybe?  As to the Germans caring so little about Women's soccer, I expect that...cause you lost.  Go England!!  Hey I am an American, how much do you think we care about soccer (football, LOL yeah right), and we still won.
    Have I so derailed this thread yet that it can be closed?  Please?
    I am gonna starting typing out Green Eggs and Ham next.  I swear, I WILL DO IT!!
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    -Eddie- got a reaction from agusto in Moscow Victory Day (70 Years) Parade   
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    -Eddie- reacted to Kieme(ITA) in Kieme's modding corner   
    Open letter and personal statement
    I would like to express a few words on a recent situation that came out in the gaming community: pay for mods. I have no intention to, I never had intention to and I will never ask for money for my mods. I strongly belive that my modding is something done for myself and my tastes (first of all) and for the benefit of the community (or at least those who might be interested in trying/using such mods). I belive that a lot of credit should be given to BFC (in this particular case) for making not only a great game but also a good mod support (instruments for unpacking/packing, file priority upload for the game mods, dedicated modding folder, easy to work with file formats).
    I am for FREE modding, I respect those modders who ask, or are open to, donations and such, but I do not support any kind of paywall for mods, which are, in my opinion, a form of player-generated, free content for a game. 
    I kindly ask not to start a Whole discussion about this matter here, but in case use another forum section. At the same time I had the desire to express these few lines here because I felt as part of the matter in question.
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    -Eddie- reacted to Jock Tamson in Who Would have Guessed This 12 years Ago   
    Won't last beyond the first farmers' protest.
    Still, at least if anything ever kicks off with Russia the French will have inside scoop on all the ships they've sold them.  But maybe only if they don't have people out there supporting them as they did in Argentina with the Exocets in '82.
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    -Eddie- reacted to panzersaurkrautwerfer in Uh so has Debaltseve fallen?   
    Just goes to show you what cease fires mean these days.  
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    -Eddie- reacted to Skinfaxi in Backstory events sliding toward Nonfiction   
    The conflict did start in Ukraine?
    In 1989 Russia accepted the German reuinification. For that to happen they had to withdraw their troops and NATO promised not to expand torwards Russia. Interestingly the Russians withdrew their troops but US and UK occupation troops stayed in Germany. Also no peace treaty with Germany has been signed. Fact is, the Russians also disbanded the Warshaw Pact. NATO was not disbanded.
    Afterwards NATO broke all promises it had given to Russia and has been expanding since. Isn't it strange, that NATO was not disbanded, too, since the reason for it's foundation, the Communist empire, had disappeared?
    NATO expansion (in western media it is even called enlargement, not expansion) since 1989 torwards Russia:  
    Czech Republic
    Further expansion planned torwards
    Bosnia Herzegowina
    Victoria Nuland is the wife of radical Zionist Robert Kagan, who founded the zionist lobby organization PNAC (Project for the New American Century), a leading force behind the Iraq war. For a few years now, Kagan's Zionist warmonger friends have been lobbying for another US wars: their new "Foreign Policy Initiative" has been lobbying for attacking Syria and Iran. His wife Victoria Nuland admitted that the USA had spent 5 BILLION dollars for the coup in Ukraine! That's also clearly a hostile act against a souvereign country (Ukraine) and a breach of international law!
    A leaked telephone call between Catherine Ashton and a Baltic minister showed, that the EU knew, that in Ukraine on Maidan very strange things happened, and that certain forces were shooting at both sides to make them clash. Israeli soldiers even openly bragged for leading militant groups on Maidan.  
    This video is extremely elightening to understand how blatantly Western mainstream media and politicians turned things upside down when they reported about the protests in Ukraine:  
    Recently the US foreign minister John Kerry admitted, that the USA had to force and blackmail the EU to support the economic warfare against Russia.  
    American politicians are openly admitting they want a regime change in Russia. Is that friendly? That's also against international law.  
    Even after Putin's first term, the Russians under Medvedev were still naive enough to fall victim to this trick:  

    And they allowed the aggression against and destruction of Lybia to happen.
    Who is the betrayer and aggressor?  

    And last but not least the shooting down of MH17 which was blamed on Russia by Western media and politicians without offering the slightest evidences. By looking closer to the downing of MH17 many strange facts are coming to light. I find it strange, that you, as interested and well informed about modern weaponry, did not notice, that a BUG system consists of three vehicles and needs months of training of specialists.  

    This story was not only spread in Ukraine but hugely in the EU, too:
    I can not understand, how anyone who takes a closer look at the developments in Ukraine can believe in the mainstream media narrative.

    That things in the area could become dangerous was not that hard to recognize with some basic knowledge about NATO aggression and the status of Sevastopol in the Black Sea.
    ps: I am sorry, somehow I cannot make certain links to appear as the others
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    -Eddie- reacted to MikeyD in The Super Bowl & Black Sea Release   
    If they had released the game during the World Cup - THEN there'd be a problem!  American football you can play an entire scenario during the commercial breaks. 
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    -Eddie- reacted to akd in AKD sound mod (all inclusive)   
    As promised, here is a BETA version of my sound mod combining all previous work into one universal mod for CMx2 titles. There may also be a few small updates since my last release, but don't expect big changes if you have previously used my mod in CMSF or the WWII titles. There are specific modules for modern sounds so you can pull them out for the WWII titles, although any problematic overlaps should be minimal.
    (edit: PM me for dropbox link.)
    Hope it helps with enjoyment of Combat Mission: Black Sea! I am very proud to have participated in development of this title. Black Sea is one of BFC's best yet.
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    -Eddie- reacted to Vein in Veins CMBS Effects   
    Big gun muzzle flashes and explosions




    Small Arms Muzzle Flashes

    Flames and Hit decals

    At the moment if you want them PM me and I'll send you a dropbox link. To PM me click on my name and on the right you will see the button: 'Send me a message'.
    When the Repository is up to speed I'll add them there.
    Smoke and Tracers are also in there.
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    -Eddie- reacted to AttorneyAtWar in How about some basic advice for those of us new to modern?   
    I think its in your best interest to stop posting for now.
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    -Eddie- reacted to stealthsilent1 in How about some basic advice for those of us new to modern?   
    have you met an Indian before? They are like miniature Einsteins.
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    -Eddie- reacted to MikeyD in sell on Steam?   
    My (personal) thoughts on the topic. It appears whenever BFC has teamed up with a third party for CM titles the third party's commitment to maintaining the product has not quite matched BFC's own. If they're lucky they can get a year or year and a half out of 'em before they move on to greener pastures. BFC's association with Steam might be to their advantage initially, but what happens when CMRT (for example) get's classified as 'last year's game' or worse 'year-before-last's game'? Taking 30%(?) off the top of a best seller is bearable because there's plenty of money to go around. Taking 30% off the top of a long shelf life slow seller sounds like you've sold your soul to a loan shark.
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    -Eddie- reacted to m0317624 in sell on Steam?   
    It would also mean Battlefront can get rid of its DRM system, saving the money it costs them and saving customers from the frequent problems with activations. It offers customers infinite re-downloading and possible Steam Workshop access for easy access to mods. And Steam has had an off-line mode for many years now.
    Yeah yeah, I've heard the same excuses a dozen times before from other companies. And inevitably, once they actually try Steam, it turns out most of the cons were bull****, profits skyrocket and those companies can't get enough of Steam.
    Look at Matrix Games. For years they claimed, just like Battlefront does, that their many years of publishing experience and all their sales data proved that going to Steam would only hurt their profits. Customers kept pushing them to Steam however, and now that they actually tried it, it turned out all their data and experience was quite simply wrong. Nearly every new game they publish gets a Steam release these days.
    If Battlefront is smart, they'll embrace the future, as so many others have done and profited by. A game like Black Sea would top the Steam sale charts for at least a week, instead of being confined to obscurity on this tiny little corner of the internet. But as so often is being said, most wargaming developers and publishers are scared of both change and success.
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