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  1. Can,t believe how close there crowd is, not a lot of health n safety There!
  2. chocice

    Any news about CMFI 4.0 release

    Thanks IanL, All up and running, not quite sure how i did it, but i did!! Appreciate it, thanks again, Ian.
  3. chocice

    Any news about CMFI 4.0 release

    Thanks Steve, I have successfully downloaded the installer, i,m on windows and downloaded both options, dunno whether that makes a differance or not?? It,s running the installer i can,t seem to do. Havn,t got to licensing stage yet!! Ian.
  4. chocice

    Any news about CMFI 4.0 release

    Thanks for your reply earlier Steve. Unfortunately i still cant get to the CMFI activate new products. Installers all downloaded, but just hanging around in file format, i don,t get the option to "run" them. I did read the option of changing the name in the properties thingy, but not confident enough to know what to change!! Just really need to know where or how to get the file open, pretty happy to have a go with all the license keys input when it comes to it. I know we will get there in the end, we always do! Regards, Ian.
  5. chocice

    Any news about CMFI 4.0 release

    I,ve just purchased the upgrade and downloaded, where does it go from there?? Clicked on activate modules, doesn,t seem to be an option for CMFI. I extracted the files to CMFI, but not showing as upgraded when i open the game. Anyone have any ideas as to where to put the upgrade files?? I assumed there would be a desktop icon created. Thanks in advance, Ian.
  6. chocice

    Any news about CMFI 4.0 release

    I really thought today would be the day!!!
  7. My son is in 1 PWRR, and i,ve a feeling he,s in "B" company too, Small world!! Yep, "B" company it is.
  8. chocice

    Gustav Line

    I was on the understanding the mega pack didn,t include CMFI, this will be purchased seperately. If this is not the case, then i have slipped up, cos i only purchased the CMBN upgrade, as i don,t own any of the other titles included in the big bundle, ooops!! Edit; My bad, just checked, big bundle DOES cover CMFI! Oh well, just have to purchase the CMFI upgrade, when the time comes.
  9. chocice

    Beyond Gustav Line

    Hadn,t thought of that, maybe i,m a bit gullible! Getting excited now, .
  10. chocice

    License key for 4.0 Upgrade

    +1 to that. Also, once downloaded, where do you extract it to? I,ve tried various locations, but with no success.
  11. chocice

    Beyond Gustav Line

    +1 to that, i honestly think there could be a problem.
  12. chocice

    CMFB update?

    HaHa, could be, i reckon it,s the new website waiting to put in a guest appearance, Back to "normal" mode.
  13. chocice

    CMFB update?

    Gone back to maintenance mode!!
  14. Sorry for butting in on this thread. Do you need Market garden to purchase the vehicle pack and battle pack to make full use of the "add on,s". I.E, without MG, are they worth purchasing? Little bit confusecon this issue!! TIA.