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  1. Lille Fiskerby

    Target Reference point icon?

    +1 TRP icons should not disappear when the scenario begins but stay like infantry/tank icons do.
  2. Lille Fiskerby

    Are AT guns too fragile?

    That is just typical ! 😅
  3. Lille Fiskerby

    Target Reference point icon?

    Now, who can argue with that 😉 and I agree a new icon for TRPs would be nice.
  4. Lille Fiskerby

    Stinger missiles

    I deploy stinger teams at the edge of the map hopefully out of harms way. Give them as many extra missiles as possible and just have them wait.
  5. Lille Fiskerby

    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    This map is pure masterclass !
  6. Has the old "scarecrow" bug returned ?
  7. Lille Fiskerby

    Ooooh... Aaaaah... CMSF2 homepage is up!

    I did open the CMSF editor and could not find it, nor in the manual, its a recon/engineer tracked vehicle and would be very cool to have.
  8. Lille Fiskerby

    Ooooh... Aaaaah... CMSF2 homepage is up!

    Great news BF, never seem to have noticed the German Wiesel 2 Pioneer vehicle before, a new vehicle ?
  9. Lille Fiskerby

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    It would be nice to have ski troops in the next CMRT winter module and as it is now each movement ends with my pixeltruppen slide/skate the last few meters of the movment so that will look great with skies on 😄.
  10. Lille Fiskerby

    Thank you Olek...

    Still better than buying an abuse 😄
  11. Lille Fiskerby

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Oh sorry Mord, I did not know that I could do that. My next question will be which month vehicles will have winter-camo ?
  12. Lille Fiskerby

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Great news, thanks for the update, Steve. Any chance you can tell how many month we will have snow e. g. from november 1944 to march 1945 or ? Any chance for windmills ? Will we get the german halftrack 251/22 with the PaK 40 installed ?
  13. Lille Fiskerby

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    I have done some work in the editor lately on some old polish maps, and it would be nice to have windmills in coming CMRT module, several of the maps im using has windmills. BTW when you save a map in the editor it always start at the same place when you return, it would be nice if it started where you last saved the map, as it does with units.
  14. Core unit ? maybe Kampfgruppe Merkel