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  1. As a famous French detective once said " Ah, now we are getting somewhere": Greatcoats and lend lease equipment, fantastic. BTW what kind of ground condition and time of year do you need to get white washed camo-pattern ?
  2. The Soviets didnt but the germans used stuka divebombers for precision bombing sometimes very close to the frontline, this would be great to have available in CMRT.
  3. I would like to see dedicated air controllers in a upgrade, meaning that only they can call in a airstrike e. g. a Stuka divebomber. Kinda like in CM 1 where you have FO-teams to call in arty. I have done a lot of playtesting in CMRT with Stuka divebombers and they attack their own forces almost every time they attack, especially SPWs seem to be great to attack 😦.
  4. It would be great if BFC could change this in the editor: Now AI tank commanders will open up by default when the scenario/mission starts, it would be great if the designer could close the turret door if you need that e. g. if in the mission AI tanks has to get close to enemy infantry soon after the mission starts. More AI plans would also be great e. g. 64 plans. The ability to "paint" roads on the map to avoid "zig zag" roads.
  5. Thank you for the reply George MC. Very much looking forward to the Winter weather conditions in the FR module.
  6. Nice pic, what ground conditions and months of 1944-45 will bring the winter-camo on ?
  7. This is great news, really looking forward to Fire and Rubble module. About lend lease stuff: will BF introduce both the 75 mm and the 76 mm "Emcha" into the module ?
  8. Ready to preorder snow ASAP 😁, 9 degree celsius in Denmark right now ! Yes and my creditcard is stand by, as much as I liked the south african campaign in R2V I would love snow on the german eastern front 🙂.
  9. And it seems as if the crew is out and about 😀 ready to jump back in the "Rhino" and deliver steel.
  10. Effects of temperature on troops: its a guess but my guess is yes, both heat and cold it will slow your troops down but its a guess. For vehicles I mean ground conditions like freezing temp. on a ground that is, lets say light snow, your vehicles will not get immobilized unless you are very unlucky. Testing with snowmods on a dry ground, like in CMRT, makes dust clouds when vehicles move and bombs/shells land making testing challenging, you can change ground conditions to damp or mud to avoid dust but that increases the chance of immobilization.
  11. Yes, the winter mods are very good, but I'm playtesting a campaign simulating winter conditions and it would be very nice to have the real snow and freezing temp. to see infantry and vehicle behavior in the "real" conditions, but again the winter mods are very good we are fortunate to have such talented modders making mods for CM.
  12. Very funny but also gets me a little bit sad 😪 its been so long since CMRT was released I really need snow on the german eastern front ….. ASAP 😀
  13. When the germans howled: "Sherman" on the march ! 😃
  14. If you play a 10 mission campaign and you win the first 4 missions, then lose mission 5 and the campaign ends, you still win the campaign but do not get to play the last 5 missions. So to continue all the way to the end of the campaign you can set the text in the script to total defeat and then change it to what you want when you is done playtesting.
  15. The South African 6th Armoured campaign is awesome !
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