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  1. The South African 6th Armoured campaign is awesome !
  2. No artillery dialog in the South African forces, no talk at all actually.
  3. C2, meaning if you have two battalions you can send the Bn. XO-team to the other Bn. HQ (if you can provide radios for the XO-teams) to deliver C2 ASAP.
  4. Thank you John Kettler, for the info, much appreciated.
  5. What I remember the most is not even the brutal combat but 60000 german prisoners walking through Moscow as a "proof" to the western allies that the red army had actually done what Stalin had said they had done: destroyed a complete german army group.
  6. +1, lets hope for naval infantry as well, it would be great.
  7. Thank you for sharing your info MikeyD, this is just the info I'm looking for.
  8. Awesome, outstanding map so far WillemO ! keep up the good work 🙂 !
  9. In CMBS I think the next module is USMC and Russian VDV something I would buy at release ! Then a CMBS module with Polish, German and UK forces would be great.
  10. Me neither George MC, thanks for the tip: Lozas book is now on my " would like to buy" list.
  11. The Lend lease independent/separate soviet tank regiments was deployed to armys up till june 1944, from what (internet) research I have been able to do. Does any of you know of books about allied lend lease tanks like the American M4 or the british Valentine tanks and their TO & E ? BTW cant wait till the CMRT module will become available, hopefully this year !
  12. Better late than never but I had to deal with real life problems, thank you for the comments. I get what you are saying and I would like to make smaller missions, maybe sometime in the future I will make a smaller campaign huge campaigns takes a ton of time ! Good point, but I dont think that matters so much on the fighting capabilities of the core units, but again I get it. One thing I have done wrong in my campaigns is using to many non core units but that wont be a problem in my next campaign that I'm working on. BTW Bulletpoint yes I'm Danish, "fra djævleøen" 😉.
  13. You find the activation keys in the old CMSF 1 orders in your account. You do not use the key from the new CMSF 2 big bundle upgrade only use keys from CMSF 1 orders, hope this will help you.
  14. You have to activate 4 times: key for base game, key for USMC module, key for UK module and key for NATO module then all scenarios and campaign should be ready to play. If you have basegame + USMC module on one key you only have to activate 3 times.
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