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  1. Yes; "Tigers on the hunt" appears to be an awesome game in the making. This would be the type of game that I envisioned as being very close to PanzerBlitz or PanzerLeader. I will most certainly want to get this when it comes out.
  2. It would at least be nice if Battlefront developed a very good product for the IPad and or Android. The Combat Mission Touch game just didn't look that great from my perspective. Battle Academy would be a great template for some of the gameplay type mechanics. It wouldn't have to be in a 3D environment. I like the board and tile appearance of Heroes of Stalingrad (just not the gameplay). The simplified approach fits the tablet well.
  3. I am playing through the German Campaign with Battle Academy 2. This game is exceptionally fun. It doesn't take a lot of work to get right into it. In fact I like this so much I'm tempted to get an I Pad so I can play this on the go.
  4. I did end up getting Battle Academy 2. This game plays very smoothly. It doesn't punish you with abstract playing rules. The tutorial seemed pretty easy to grasp, and easy to win. The layout is very easy to understand, yet there are a lot of options for tactically tweaking your gameplay. Besides not seeing any other movement option besides Fast Move everything is going quite well. Thanks a lot for the recommendation!
  5. Thanks guys, these are some very nice looking games. I'm glad I asked about this; I've been looking for this type of game for a long time, but never found anything. I almost thought something had to be out there because this is a fun scale to play, I'm glad to see there is. I'm thinking I might try out Battle Academy 2 1st and see how that plays. Thanks!
  6. Badger73: Even though Steel Panthers is quite dated it is certainly the type of game that interests me. I might have to give this a try. A lot of people do seem to enjoy the game. I see that there was a couple different releases of the game in which 2006 was the latest release. I see that both Matrix and Shrapnel games have a product. JoMc67: I tried one of John Tillers games which was Panzer Campaigns. In as much as I saw this only had ranged fighting from the artillery. Have you tried any of his games in which the other units had range fighting?
  7. I have been doing a search for PC games similar to Panzer Blitz/Leader without really finding anything that is that appealing. In general what I am looking for is a World War II turn based game most likely on a hex map. What would be entertaining to me is a game that the armored vehicles and infantry would have range beyond 1 hex. I see many games where possibly artillery has extra range, but everything else is played out on a stagnant space by space front. I've picked up Lock and Load Heroes of Stalingrad which fits this definition but the gameplay to me is too abstract, for example the spotting procedure seems just plain silly. I remember playing the game Panzer Blitz, in which weapon ranges and effectiveness played a very big role. It was challenging to get the convoy of trucks to a position to unload and set up infantry and artillery to support attacks. I'm not sure why game companies haven't discovered this niche. To me it would seem that PC and portable device would fit this like a glove. This would be even better than the board game because of fog of war and aided line of sights and move calculations. I like the no nonsense visual approach of Heroes of Stalingrad. This has a table top with playing board, and the die rolls are shown. This is very much the same visually as the board game equivalent. As far as game play is considered I really like the turn based format. I don't know whether a we go system similar to Combat Mission would be best, or something similar to Panzer Blitz where one side makes all it's moves prior to the other side. I should think this type of game could be play by e-mail as the graphic requirements wouldn't be steep. I do like Combat Mission games but I would like something more simplified to play. I've considered the Close Combat games, but they are a real time strategy and I would prefer turn based games. I've also noticed that you can do Squad Leader on a computer, but it looks like you have to do a lot of work to play a game. I'm just curious whether there might be hidden game gem that might fit the game category I've described.
  8. I would certainly enjoy seeing something like this as I've been spending a lot more of my time on a tablet than I am on a PC these days. It would be nice to have a scaled down version of Combat Mission games on a tablet. I've picked up the tablet game "Panzer Campaigns" and I like everything with the exception of how only specific units can shoot with range. I personally wouldn't mind something akin to the old "Panzer Blitz" board game on a tablet. I don't personally need 3d or exceptional graphics. I would however love the WeGo system applied to a 2D tablet game.
  9. This is what I am waiting for; I'm glad this is being brought up. I have already bought the base CMBN game but I am waiting for a somewhat reduced price 2.0 bundle with all the Normandy titles. I check the store periodically wishfully thinking that this will happen. I bought the steel case that came with the early CMBN orders. I'd like to fill it with fully updated games. Because of the different price points with these games I'll wait to buy until the fully updated option becomes available.
  10. When the CMMG game comes out I'm hoping to see all 3 Combat Mission Normandy products packaged together to the 2.0 version. I do have the original Normandy game but don't have the Commonwealth expansion. I'd like to have the 3 game disks for the limited edition steel case that CMBN was sold in. It would be worth purchasing the original Normandy game again if it was patched to the 2.0 version as there would be less hurdles to jump when re-installing the game. I'd certainly also buy the Commonwealth expansion disk if it was patched to 2.0. I am just curious as to whether this will be a possibility.
  11. At one point I recall seeing a thread in which Battlefront said they would sell the base Normandy game updated to the 2.0 upgrade once they sold out all the version 1 disks. I am crossing my fingers that they do this. Even though I already have Normandy I am waiting for a bundle deal that includes all 3 updated titles. My steel game case is waiting for this.
  12. Awesome; This sounds like a very good listen. I do recall the interesting reference to Darth Plagueis. It's surprising that there isn't an audio book for "Darth Sideus". Occasionally I like to combine the professional narration from Audible with the Kindle book using Whispersync. You can read and or listen through the book.
  13. I have a subscription to Audible Audio Books. I've listened to the unabridged Thrawn Trilogy which was very good; this also has sound effects. Unfortunately I don't see a listing for "Darth Sideus". I also Google checked this and came up with no match. Would you be referring to "Darth Plagueis"?
  14. Ian; thank you for your description of how you have tried this scenario; I'll want to try this myself. Sorry for not catching that there was already a thread circulating on this subject. I submitted quickly because I have company. I have read the attached thread through; it does give some good ideas, it also makes me feel good that I'm not the only one stumped with this wicked scenario. I do like having a couple real stumpers like this to work through; especially on the smaller scale. It helps you to appreciate your force composition.
  15. I like trying out small battles because it helps you to get a better feel for how to get the most out of your available troops. For the life of me I can't seem to figure out the Kiwi Soldiers battle. I try to get the most out of each asset, but every time my advance gets snuffed out. For reference I'll insert a picture of the map. The enemy forces are well fortified in a building ahead of the walls, and a building on the hill. The map maker suggests attacking 1 position at a time; not both simultaneously. To my mind the obvious choice to attack 1st is the lower building, as there is not a lengthy exposure to attack if approaching the building straight on. The problem is that there is only one area square that is somewhat safe once the alley has been crossed. When troops start piling up is when they get shredded at an angle from a long window. The soldiers act dumb and get killed if they try entering the building. I've tried different approaches such as attempting to blast a hole in the building with the anti-tank gun, which doesn't dent the building. I've tried using the limited artillery on buildings with no avail. I've tried getting a foothold by using the railway as cover, but there is no protection from this approach. I've tried laying smoke as cover. As soon as the smoke clears my men die. This led me to believe that the best approach would be to attack the MG'er in the building on the hill, and the sniper team behind the wall 1st. This fails everytime as my MG'ers in my building get killed by the German MG'er every time. I've been able to clear out the sniper team but that's as far as I've got. I've been able to advance to a fence outside the compound but from there they pick up the fire from the lower German occupied building. Could someone who has got through this battle share the tactics they used to defeat the German fortified positions? I'd like to gain some tactical understanding from this map and move on to the other battles.
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