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  1. No Problem, but I am a teenager, therefore I am immortal. Anyway, I retried the first mission, and did far better. However, why is the US names as the unconventionals?
  2. http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=304
  3. As I have a 5.1, and am about to play CMSF, I will test it out for you. EDIT: apparently my center speaker is dead...>.< Sorry. Can't really help you atm
  4. I had a lot of fun with this scenario. However, it didn't go so well. To be short, you died, along with everyone in your Humvee . The commander was wounded (yellow not incapacitated) within literally two seconds, and after one minute one of the passengers was seriously wounded. I figured it was time to get out of there, but with only 2 men left, I had trouble laying down covering fire for them to dash to the ditch on the right. The first guy (you, unless you were the commander) made it there fine, but his view was obstructed so he could not cover the commander, who was killed as he ran to the ditch. There was no contact until the QRF showed up, but as they were approaching, 2 of the 3 gunners were hit...>.< the single remaining .50 was not enough to hold off both sides, so i rushed "you" up to the 1st Humvee to man that .50, but "you" were wounded just outside the vehicle. In all I had 2 killed 3 wounded, and killed 10 and wounded 3. Not the best record, but it was a very fun scenario none the less. Good work!
  5. I just re-tried Snitch again, but I tried a new tactic. I disobeyed the brass's orders and pulled a Black Hawk Down style Humvee dash through those back alleys, using Dog Platoon and the SOF Humvees to extract the informant and using Bear Platoon to hold the extraction. Despite the awful vehicle pathfinding inside the cramped spaces of the toww, which I guess is sort of realistic, if not only frustrating , the operation actually went much better than my first playthorugh. The Humvees dashed to the informant, set up a perimeter then dashed out, only stopping to recover a crew who had bailed out of their Humvee. Compared to my first try with close to 30 casualties, I had less than 10, but with 2 destroyed Humvees. And yes, I had to restart my campaign. In the 4th mission Bushwhacker platoon had something around 15 guys left... It was still great fun trying to win with those low forces though.
  6. Perhaps I read the briefing a bit too fast. However, only the 2 SOF Humvees were on the main roads when they were hit. The other 2 were in the back alleys trying to provide cover for my retreating men, when they brewed up, leading to me having to go back to "recover" the bodies from inside. I just tried the next mission, and it was nigh on impossible. Havoc platoon's casualties were actually more or less restored, but the largest unit in Bushwhacker Platoon was the command unit (Bushwhacker 1 had 1 man!) I essentially relied very heavily on the Delta force guys after they cleared the R&D compound, but once they ran out of ammo, along with my CAS I was screwed. Still had a lot of fun though.
  7. I just played Snitch, and it was the most fun I have ever had playing CMSF! Great job ND! It started off with my SOF guys getting ambushed, and 2 Humvees of them died instanly from RPGs. The one remaining unit linked up with the informant, and began moving him towards Bear Platoon. Then, suddenly, my SOF guys and the informant were "beseiged" by at least 6 groups of combatants. Blindly, I my first 2 squads of Bear Platoon to help, only to run into another ambush, where almost an entire squad (including the Bear Platoon leader) was killed. At this point, I was pretty frustrated, so i went into the briefing again to see if by the grace of god, you had given me some sort of B-52 carpet bombing type air support to level the whole bloody town and be done with it. Thats when I noticed, at the very end, where you said: "for a greater challenge, don't go to the extraction until you have recovered your casualties". Now, this is a seemingly obvious part of modern combat, but i had never thought about it before. It was brilliant! I spent the next 45 minutes, not trying to get to the extraction, (the informant was already there, besieged again, only this time with the depleted and bloodied Dog Platoon Humvee crews), but desperately trying to recover my fallen comrades, all the while fighting off combatants from literally all sides. I am proud to say that I recovered all my fallen men, except one Humvee full of SOF guys, (but it was unreachable and on fire ) . this lead to the stunning climax, as my last remaining men rushed towards the extraction, seemingly ducking under the 50cal rounds fired from my only 2 remaining Humvee who were covering their escape. In the end, I lost 5 Humvees, 16 killed and around 25 wounded. it was by far the best scenario i have ever played. Thank you so much for making such a great campaign. I would recommend this campaign to anyone who has not played it, because it is fantastic. That being said, I feel it will get more difficult from here, because Havoc Platoon was cut to peices on the runway, Bushwhacker was almost anihalated in the defence of the airport, and now Bear has less than 20 men left...
  8. I play on a 32 or 36 (cant remember which ) inch Sony Bravia HDTV, and i have to downgrade my resolution just a bit, like you said, because the text is too small. Looks fantastic in game though.
  9. In reality, this entire discussion is moot, because it is essentially a person arguing against change. Things will change. It's a simple fact. this dude is just pissed that he can't pick up his copy of CMBO II. It's that simple. And if he can't get over that, then his opinion isn't even worth noting. People just have to embrace new stuff, and try somthing different. It won't always work, but it does alot. In this case. It did. No matter what anyone says, the CMX2 games are AWSOME. Whether it's some bitter critic or one of my stupid fps playing friends who thinks CMSF is boring and slow, i won't listen because I enjoy CMSF, and as long as I do, and BFC is happy with the product they put out, no-one else's opinion matters.
  10. I took the PCGamer quote to mean more of the: CMSF lacks some of its predecessors great features. I didn't take it so much as the "WE WANT A WWII GAME!" thing.
  11. yeah, i agree Ron. I thought the review was really positive, especially considering that PCGamer (not Games Radar) gave the base CMSF a 75%. In short, the review basiclly says that it is a huge improvement over the base game, which I assumed was good news.... Also, where are all you guys getting the "this game sucks because its not WWII and thats all BFC can do well" part of this review? i did not pick up on this at all. I took the part about the "dissapointing venue" to mean that the module essentially just added units and fixes to the base game, rather than a new part of the globe to fight on. But in all, I think it is a pretty accurate review. Also remember that in the PCGamer scale, an 8 is an "excellent". It's not like a school grading system where an 80 is a B-.
  12. Sorry if this has already been posted, but I was on the PCGamer Website and i saw that they just posted their review of the Marines Module. It seems a little late for them to just post their review now, but oh well. They gave the stock CMSF a 7, so i guess this is an improvement. Here is the link: http://www.gamesradar.com/pc/combat-mission-shock-force-marines/review/combat-mission-shock-force-marines/a-20090311141822772099/g-2009031112399272073
  13. I would be happy to hear that more companies are developing games in this genre, because that means competition, and copetition means better products. That being said, BFC is always going to be a lot better, at least in my opinion.
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