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  1. I think it takes one to know one.
  2. Hey Brit that's cool. I'm also a contractor for NASA I work at JPL in Pasadena. Koji
  3. I vote for: Smarter AI - Better tactical AI (invasions, defense, use of aircraft, etc)
  4. Actually, this is the first build that I've had the AI attack me with Aircraft, and Paratroopers... Keep up the good work Brit.
  5. Hi, I just update Empire of steel to the newest version. And I'm just getting crash after crash everytime I try to start a game. Everything works well until I hit OK on the first two cities to get the game started. It's crashed the last three times that I've tried. The map resolution was 3800x3000. if I started with a smaller map, say like 1200x1200 with repeat edges... the map showed me my two cities repeated three time across my screen. which didn't look right. So that's why I went with the bigger map. I had 5 Ai's. and island size set to medium. Other than that, everything else was defautl...
  6. Hey Deadmeat watch it with the racial slurs.
  7. Hi Brit, I understand the limitations of memory, but like Emmeth said, most people I believe have more than 2gb of memory. if not more. I have render some images of what I would like to use for my mod. And you can really tell the difference between the two sizes. And I believe you need the extra space you have around it, since the units have to rotate 360 degrees. If it was just a counter, then you could get away with just having a profile. also, is there a way to take a poll to just see how much memory people have. Because I know I'm not the norm, but I have 12gbs on a windows7 x64 machine. Thanks, Koji
  8. Yes I know about the patrol. But what I meant was to be able to give planes a search pattern to eat through the dark and mysterious haze that surrounds my world.
  9. I was wondering, since you can give ships multiorders. can you give this ability for planes. as an example. I would have a plane based at a city or airport, and have it do a systematic search in a 360 arc. Going from the city to the outer flight limit and back, instead of just having one order per turn. Can I give it multiple orders to do this search. thanks.
  10. one more question? Will it be possible in the future for different players/country to have their own units. or at least different images of the same type of unit. as an example. Americans having Sherman tanks, Germans having Tiger Tanks. Thank you.
  11. I know this sounds a little crazy. But I was looking at the images of the units. And well, I'm amazed at what you did with 64x64 pngs. But I was wondering, if there is any possibility that the game could use larger images say like 128x128. And that the game engine can zoom them in our out of them. I will put some example images up later this evening. Of the mod I would like to try to do. Thank you, and keep up the good work
  12. wow. Thank you for the information. I will check it out. Because I have been itching to make some new units. Might as well make use of my 3d background. Thank you.
  13. Yes, thank you. I do have one question though. What is the timeline for having the ability to change or update images for units. Because right now, you can change the statistic, but not really create new units. I really look forward to having that ability.
  14. all I can say is WOW... two updates in a day. That is simply awesome. I wish more developers were like you. Thank you.
  15. that is true. I had six tactical planes go in the drink... ouch...
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