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  1. https://notesonliberty.com/2019/11/03/the-myth-of-the-nazi-war-machine/ 18 reasons why the Axis was doomed to fail.
  2. https://smallwarsjournal.com/index.php/jrnl/art/scout-leaders-primer-earnest-preparation
  3. Eight years and no progress in this regard? What are we to think about BFC? The shame. The pain. I will have to send this thread to Cory Booker to get some action. Look at how he transformed Newark. He is a real go getter that Cory.
  4. It's not entirely clear. One article mentions Combat Mission and the other show a picture of it. No other details. https://www.wargamer.com/articles/slitherine-has-contracted-to-work-with-the-uks-defense-science-and-technology-laboratory/ https://www.gov.uk/government/news/commercial-gaming-industry-offers-creative-solutions-to-defence-analysts
  5. To learn this game, learn the editor and make small battles that you feel comfortable with and interested in. It's easy to do, I started with small tank battles and then added infantry etc.. Small QBs are good too. But I think learning the editor might be more efficient in the long run. It should not take more than a few hours, given all the resources now available, to be playing a cool battle. Kevin
  6. https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/6/18527550/microsoft-chromium-edge-google-history-collaboration
  7. I wonder what the Vegas over under on when the structure will be open to the public would be? I think the media has been too pessimistic. I would lay odds < 3 years. I know I know. We are talking France. But still. The Cathedral is integral to their capital and its tourism. Kevin
  8. https://warontherocks.com/2019/04/how-does-the-next-great-power-conflict-play-out-lessons-from-a-wargame/ Long and detailed. Kevin
  9. https://smallwarsjournal.com/jrnl/art/case-against-maneuver-warfare Has some WW2 examples but is mainly a modern recommendation.
  10. https://defensemaven.io/warriormaven/land/new-adjustable-army-tank-round-destroys-tanks-bunkers-concrete-walls-soldiers-HWEv8F-nuEaIDA3W-A0RCA/
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40Kx9-xxnL0 A new and well made multi-part film that focuses on the search for exoplanets and how engineers might design a long trip to one. Not for everyone, but you are into science and technology - check it out. I guess it's fair to say the search for exoplanets has been a hot topic for 25 years now. It is still fascinating how they took a relatively new and narrow part of astronomy and weaved it into a compelling adventure. And it has lots more science than fiction. Kevin
  12. https://warontherocks.com/2019/03/tactical-art-in-future-wars/ The article weaves in WW1 and WW2 history as the writer comments on where the Army is heading today re: tactics. Scales used to appear on TV often ... not so much anymore. Kevin
  13. Many folks use it so FYI: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/03/08/citrix_hacked_data_stolen/
  14. There are more of these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p7EeTcktVU
  15. "Using the recently developed Battle of Stalingrad Virtual Staff Ride, Army University Press developed a multimedia historical documentary of the battle through the lens of current doctrine." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K0SFr2gPbc Excellent detail with computer graphics. Published July 2018. 53 minutes in length. Kevin
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