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    Desertor reacted to agusto in Static defenses   
    "Its alrigth honey, we can try it again later"
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    Desertor reacted to Baneman in Uh so has Debaltseve fallen?   
    Granted I'm not adding any new information to this debate, I'm effectively calling you out on the fact that you raise issues/questions then if they are answered/addressed, you move on quickly.
    eg. you've spent more text telling everyone that you're not going to address Steve's response to your question with the concept of "I have already explained my original point twice. I don’t feel like doing again" than it would have taken to say "ok, you've got me there, that's a valid response" ( because, y'know, he DID answer rather comprehensively ). Restating your point doesn't address the response.
    But your debating style appears ( to me ) to be "move on rapidly as soon as any point is countered".
    That's fine, but it does appear to be a waste of time debating with you.
    No doubt, this post of mine will appear irrelevant to you.
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    Desertor reacted to Ashez in Uh so has Debaltseve fallen?   
    Of course I will not post here anymore as apparently it is pointless. Every John Doe living thousands of miles away, not understanding the language, not knowing anyone personally and who has never been to Ukraine or Crimea, is suddenly an expert on Ukraine, but people who understand Russian and Ukrainian and having their cities swarmed by Ukrainian 'students' are suddenly internet trolls. If you question the validity of Azov picture go to Lviv to one of the Right Sector pubs, you're gonna get more along with personal autographs.
    Your understanding what is going on in Ukraine and Europe is well...lacking at best. Half dozen of Region Party politicians committed 'suicide' since the beginning of the year, corruption is bigger than before, all anti-maidan people living on Ukraine are devoid of any parliamentary representation and I read that Ukraine is building 'democracy'. Greece is demanding enormous war reparations from Germany on top of its poor economical situation and I will not even start on potential conseqences - enough to say that Europe could be on the brink of biggest crisis in its most modern history - but yeah, it is going to 'rebuild' Ukraine no matter how much it is destroyed.
    Please also consider tagging this forum in an appropriate way so everyone knows which side is 'right' and 'wrong' and what the 'propaganda' is. Great way to prevent trolls from posting! Fox news would be proud!
    Have a nice debate sirs!
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    Desertor reacted to DreDay in Uh so has Debaltseve fallen?   
    I personally tend to agree with your assessment... but it's a matter of faith and nothing more; I just wanted to point out that it is a bit controversial and should not be automatically assumed to be 100% truthful... Then again, that's about the most first-hand information about Russian Ops in Donbas that we have seen in the printed media; so what choice do we have but to take it seriously?
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    Desertor reacted to Mord in Your Personal Best Game of CM (outcome wise)   
    HA! I get at least two men killed before I even start a scenario...I lost six guys today during a QB force selection. Going by my record since CMBN was released I am not even the guy you want serving your chow. The only way I could get two WIA would be not to play and it would still be iffy. Good job. I doubt anyone's gonna top that for a while.
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    Desertor got a reaction from LukeFF in Abrahams in da house   
    Well, after a somehow confusing episode involving arty, smoke and close range encounter among two main battle tanks lasing and firing like mad my Abrahams, HQ of the whole task force ended inside a two storied house... I was playing RT in one of the stock scenario. First time it happened to me in 14 years of CM...
    And sure I saved the file.
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    Desertor reacted to slysniper in Hating Russian AGL team in August Morning!!   
    AGS -  best way to stop them. Just keep sending troops for them to kill til they run out of Ammo. It works every time.
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    Desertor reacted to Kieme(ITA) in The TOW-2 Ball-n-chain // abandoning heavy weapons?   
    Spartans Always came back home either with their shield or on top of their shields...
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    Desertor reacted to grunt_GI in First Impressions (General)   
    Love the PDF Scenario design manual from CMBN...I have been wanting to get that in a single file form for a long time...now I can read it all at once and really try and understand that whole AI thing.
    Sigh, haven't had a chance to play...BUT I do feel the 3.0 engine will be fantastic and the graphics I have seen so far are awesome...I am a big, big QB player so having 330 maps to choose from is truly awe inspiring.
    Sounds like my tricks from CMSF will get my butt handed to me here...looking forward to the new training campaign.
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    Desertor reacted to db_zero in First Impressions (General)   
    If the military and DoD was a true private enterprise, issued stocks, had bond holders, board of directors and subjected to the whims of market forces and activitst shareholders they Army probably would use this as a low investment training tool and see it implemented in the most efficient way.
    But thats not the case and I think in many ways you hit the nail on the head perfectly. I've seen first hand and up close how the private and public sector operate. For all its inefficiencies I wouldn't want to see or think it would be a good idea to run the military like a private business, so its probably going to be people like you who see to it that this sort of training tool gets to where it needs to be via the back door.
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    Desertor reacted to BlackMoria in Strategic and tactical realities in CMBS   
    I could say the France, being somewhat nervous and concerned about the unfolding Ukrainian crisis and Russia's possible involvement in said crisis, maybe came to their own conclusions about the ramifications of that deal and needed no US 'convincing', as you seem to claim has happened.
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    Desertor reacted to Sgt Joch in Strategic and tactical realities in CMBS   
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    Desertor reacted to mrzafka in Strategic and tactical realities in CMBS   
    I'm afraid we can't just discuss strategy here without at least mentioning the bigger picture, i.e. politics. Every thread about strategic layer will have some political component, simply because strategical aims in war stem from political decisions. Good ol' Clausewitz.
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    Desertor reacted to sburke in Request for OLD guys   
    See here is a classic example of the weakness of using technology as a crutch. I just imported some cheap ass labor and have them reading it for me. Now I just wish I could understand what they are saying.
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    Desertor reacted to BlackMoria in If you could change one thing   
    Wildlife get used to ambient sound changes in the environment.  When I was in the military as an artillery officer, at the time when I was a forward observer, I would have to make allowances while adjusting artillery fire to avoid the herds of elk and deer on the firing ranges.  They ignored nearby exploding artillery rounds and on two occasions, I had to put the guns at check firing because a herd of elk walked up onto the hill that I was adjusting artillery fire on.
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    Desertor reacted to Baneman in sell on Steam?   
    Well, you're here now and apparently, you're a guy from Canada. Don't worry, I won't hold BLSTK against you.  
    Now that you've found yourself, happy Combat Missioning
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    Desertor reacted to Canada Guy in sell on Steam?   
    I do not even know who I am so if you know, please tell me. I was planning on visiting an ashram in India to find myself but I should have come here instead  
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    Desertor reacted to umlaut in sell on Steam?   
    "One more time, Herr Hauptmann! Maybe it is just sleeping."
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    Desertor got a reaction from Doug Williams in sell on Steam?   
    I have the impression that there is some steam marketing nerd pushing an agenda in this forum.
    When I discovered the first combat mission demo, back in the year 2000. I did work for a game publisher, and from the forty + staff, there was nobody except me who played the game.
    14 years later BF still make outstanding pieces of software, and the company I did work for is long forgotten... Try to google Montecristo games.com and see how a company without soul and heavily funded exploded in mid air.
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    Desertor reacted to sburke in Age Range of Players   
    they are breeding like rabbits.  Pink Rabbits.  Pink Rabbits about human size.
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    Desertor reacted to Mord in sell on Steam?   
    Face it Steve, you just don't know what you are talking about.
    Wind. Spit. Repeat.
    Steamie-Kirishna! Steamie-Krishna!
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    Desertor reacted to sburke in CM Black Sea - Beta Battle Report - US/UKR Side   
    See I would use expressions like that, but in my case the following turn I'd likely lose 2 Abrams to mines, a 3rd from a close range RPG another to a long range ATGM and my last would pop smoke running away screaming. The last sound in my ears would be that shout that went up from Ken Watanabe's men in Last Samurai after they killed all the Ninja's. Only it would be Russians shouting it.
    Yeah, this one
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    Desertor reacted to antaress73 in CM Black Sea – BETA Battle Report - Russian Side   
    Lesson is: Modern combat seems unforgiving. The slightest advantage can turn into a tipping point. Meaning, it doesn't matter is you're 50% inferior or 10%, you are going to get plastered by the superior force in a lopsided way.  The difference between countries like Syria and Russia is what it can do to you BEFORE your main force can engage their main force. Evening the odds somewhat. Syria would face intact US forces with all their force multipliers working 100%, Russia can seriously degrade a force before it enters battle (but that's outside the scope of the game), evening the odds somewhat. That's what scenario designers must take into account with this game. The first week would be hell for any nation fighting Russia. It all depends on how much force the US can retain so it can accomplish its war objectives after it gets things under control, and that's a bif IF. That's why I believe such a conflict is highly unlikely unless there is serious miscalculation on either side. But a game is fun !
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    Desertor reacted to c3k in Win a FREE copy of CMBS!!!   
    Ahhh, wielding power is sooo enjoyable.
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    Desertor reacted to sburke in CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2   
    hey look, a free pair of shoes and pants!
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