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  1. Trenchs are good too, à long trench line with some scattered half squads, one sniper team, one flamethrover, a couple light machineguns and some kind of antiarmor...Fire at the enemy, inflict some casualties, witdraw before arty strike, left two target reference points in the trench, if the enemy takes the trench will have a few more casualties. For nothing, because the line has not tactical advantage for the attack...
  2. 17 years since my first battle, still having fun, now commanding battalion sized forces against the AI. In real time... Thank you Battlefront..
  3. Do Right, You're one of a kind, there is no way a woman working with teenagers with problems would know the existence of the Panzerhaubitze 2000, let alone how the pattern of the failing rounds looks like. If you want to make me happy you better put a pic of your face in your profil, otherwise I call you cheese. :-)
  4. It is to late to investigate anything, I did erase the file already,,,
  5. What do you mean Luke? If you have nothing to say better remain silent... I think you are taking a dangerous path, you didn't like the advice I gave you about JK ? How old are you? 16? HistoryLover aka Steiner was Banned well before DoRight ever came here, so she doesn't know him. You think being a Beta tester makes you another level of human being? Get a life troll...
  6. Life is harsh, specially if you're old, alone and feeling rejected by the very people you like to talk with...
  7. I think we are most likely his only connection to the world, and he need us to fill the void of his existence. Try to show some restraint, because we'll be on the same boat one day...
  8. Luke, be gentle with Mr. Kettler please, he is an old man with healht issues.
  9. Sorry, I didn't realize it had been discussed already, in my opinion it is a real one, even if some details are not exact, I don't expect a young soldier sleeping and fighting in a tank having an all-around view of the situation. But the addition of tiny facts makes it a very convincing narrative.
  10. I just read a english translated interview to a twenty year old tank gunner recovering in a hospital after his tank got destroyed at Debaltseve. It is long and full of details, about a lot of things that are being discussed in this thread. http://euromaidanpress.com/2015/03/02/the-story-of-a-russian-soldiers-war-in-ukraine-we-all-knew-what-we-had-to-do-and-what-could-happen/
  11. Mine is unable to shot or move, I will try to dismount and see if I can figure out a way to take a pic of the Abrams,
  12. Well, after a somehow confusing episode involving arty, smoke and close range encounter among two main battle tanks lasing and firing like mad my Abrahams, HQ of the whole task force ended inside a two storied house... I was playing RT in one of the stock scenario. First time it happened to me in 14 years of CM... And sure I saved the file.
  13. I would like to try a joint venture for battle makers, I don't like the briefing part, but maps I can do, and some AI planning too.
  14. You can't set an artillery reference point over a bunker, even if you can't see it, thus against the AI I did some gamey thing exploring the map before placing it...
  15. Horrible images, both the results of the shelling and the handcuffed POW being mistreated...
  16. I think what Putin want to achieve goes beyond geopolitics... I think he loves power and want to show what a big pair of cojones he has.
  17. I think this thread should not be locked, there is (finally) some discussion about why and how countries wage war. In the old forums when the Irak war started there was so much hate going on among the users that a policy against politics had to be implemented. Fortunately, it is not the case here and now.
  18. Thank you all, I am going to bed knowing a new thing
  19. In more than ten years playing with CM software there is only one thing which upsets me, I find the birds singing in the background noise really out of reality. Where I live, if a hunter shot a gun there is no more bird song for awhile... there is just silly that gun and bird songs are together !
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