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  1. I appoligize for my last post. I like your games and enjoy them very much. I have been on the receiving end of helpdesk inquiries for 35 years and I don't appreciate it when jerks(me) get irate. I will figure this out for myself. Thanks again and I'm sorry for my attitude.
  2. I am doing everything in my power not to unload on you. SO.. I appreciate your help but nothing is working. I went to the help site but it tells me nothing. WHAT is the name of the file I am suppose to copy and send to you and what is the name of the folder it is in? I have shut off all protection to my laptop. I click on get offline license and the computer freezes. I have to go to task manager to end the process. If you can't get my game to work because of this license routine then what do I do? I have no time or patience for this kind of petty horse****. But I do have plenty of money. If I buy another download of Gold and unistall the original and install the new download, will the damn thing get a license so I can use it?
  3. it is a new expensive laptop provided by the agency. There isn't anything wrong with it. I am not unfamiliar with computers. I maintain the ones at the 911 agency. We just virtualized 16 servers down to three servers and did Equalogic storage, complicated backup procedures, made Outlook work on VMware, etc. But I have no idea what I am trying to do with this license. What file am I trying to copy and send to you?
  4. I appreciate your reply but this is impossible to figure out. Why did Global Conflict license without a hitch and now when I try to license Gold I get the error message? But that aside I went to the license screen and clicked on "get offline License". I read the instructions and step #1 is "Save license request to file" I clicked on that 10 minutes ago and there is still an hourglass symbol in place of the mouse cursor and nothing is happening. Why do you do this to paying customers? I bought the game and I can't play it. You have no idea how aggravating this is.
  5. sorry to bump this up but I'm heading out on my trip soon and I was wondering if anyone at Battlefront has any ideas on how I license Gold on my laptop?
  6. Hi, I am going on a trip and I want to put Golobal Conflict Gold on my laptop. I already have it on two pc's at home. So... I unlicensed Global Conflict and I unlicensed Global Conflict Gold on one of my PC's at home. I installed Global COnflict, the patch and Global Conflict Gold on my laptop. I launched Global conficlt and it asked me to licenses it. I put in my number and whola, it worked. I closed the program. I then launceh Global Conflict gold and it asked me for the license key. I put in my key for Gold and I get an error "Unable to get or install a license--Retrieval of license failed with error code = -12" Any ideas on how I can get this to work. I won't even editorialize about how much I detest these licenses.
  7. Okay I sent the two files. If you don't receive them for some reason let me know.
  8. I have the save before the broken save and the save that was given the wrong timestamp if you want them. Probably not worth the trouble unless you are just curious.
  9. Hi, This is not a big deal but I thought I'd report it. I am playing Gold v1.01 the main scenario that starts in 1939. I was saving the April 1941 turn ( I had saved each turn up to that point because I am paranoid) and when I saved it it gave a date of July 1944. Hmm, I thought that was odd and so I stopped the game and tried to load that save and it did it but the map graphics consisted of black and white checkerboard squares. I lost that one turn and had to repeat it but everything else seems fine. First time I have ever had an issue with the save command so it may be a one-time occurance.
  10. WOW!!! Thank you very much! I didn't expect such a comnprehensive and useful reply. I really appreciate the time and effort you spent documenting all of that information. Larry
  11. HI, I am playing Gold. I'm trying to improve my understanding of the game. There are never enough MPP's to go around so I need to know what to spend the excess on. Between buying units and replenishing losses there is only a small aount left for research and dipolmacy. I have been playing the Strategic Command series for a long time and so far I have never spent any MPP's on diplomacy. I always play as the Axis. Is there some area of Diplomacy that I could gain strageically if I spent MPP on dipolmacy? Now research. I never spend MPP's on the vague areas that are Infrastructure, Production, Industry, Intelligence, Amphibious etc. What do the the Pros consider a good return on their investment? Which ones pay off? Or are these only slightly helpful if at all? Last question. The AI destroyers seem to home in in my subs like they have secretly put tracking devices on them. Does the AI "cheat" in this area" Thanks.
  12. I'd like to come to Texas but my supply is only 3 and I can't move... I didn't know you had a liberal varmit problem in your capitol. I figured Texas was conservative, through and through. I too have a political problem in my own backyard. My wife is from San Francisco.......... Unfortunately we both follow politics very closely. We can't even be in the same room when the nightly news is on. I watch O'Reilly and she watches that #^$%%#@& Matthews. But she works for the District Attorneys office and so she is at least tough on the crime issue and not a bleeding heart. Now back to my supply problem..
  13. Thank you sir, may I have another one??? If you were addressing your remarks to practically anyone else in this god-forsaken state, you'd be right. However, I am a libertarian island. Cutoff from reality by the liberal waters surrounding me.
  14. I play this game for a few weeks and then stop for months. Now I remember why. It is a supply game, not a war game. It drives me nuts. I can't do anything because i never have supply over 5, or so it seems. And even if I do have a supply of 8, I cannot plan for future moves because it is anyones guess if i will be allowed to make the planned move, or unload someone or do an anmphibius assualt. When the moon is full and it is the second Tuesday of the month I can reinforce a unit fully. If it is Monday I can't. The game can be fun but on a very shallow scale because there is no way to make a battle plan. I'm playing Brute Force (gold) right now and there are three units and an HQ that start in East Africa near Asmata. It is now 1942 and they are still there. The supply for the port and city is 1 and never increases. The units hit a high of 3 the other day and I threw a block party. I could actually move them one square. Why even have the units if the supply makes them total useless? Supply should be on a scale of 1-100, so events that effect supply will not have a drastic result. Or have an option where supply is at 10 all the time. That would take a lot of frustration and guess-work out of the game.
  15. Hi, I would like to try your MOD. My only concern is China. Did you reduce it's military Uber-can't-be-stopped to perhaps just ability equal to the the rest of the forces in the game?
  16. HMMM, I will have to do a couple of tests. But i did have the Marine unit sitting on a port for several turns and could not get amphibius Transport as an option until the supply was 5. Oh and I had an HQ unit do the same thing. But another unit was sitting at a very recently captured city-port on an island and with in a couple of turns it was able to do an amphibius transport.
  17. One more thing, I have been playing these Stragegic Command games for a long time but I have to play on a superficial level because I can't figure out the nuances of supply. I have a large invasion force just north of Australia heading for the PI. All are in transports for speed in getting to destination. Of course I also need an amphibius unit or two for a foothold. So, I took a couple of small islands nearby and wanted to get the invading marines back into landing craft to head to the next invasion site. But the Amphibius transport option isn't present. I thought it must have something to do with supply and as soon as the island supply hit 5 I was able to select Amphibous transport. But then another island with a supply of only 2, which also held a marine unit, gave me the amphibius transport option. it makes it very difficult to do a little planning when I can't figure out when a unit will be available. Any ideas?
  18. Hi, I'm having the same old problem I always have. By the way, I bought Gold and I like it a lot. I have two Chinese units in CHina who CANNOT move. I am playing the 1942 start and I am in 1944 now. I am at work so I can't state the unit names but both have a supply of 8 and, of course, are well rested... I will supplement this post later with the details. Also I accidentally put Eisenhower into China with Chennault. After two years i still haven't been able to get him home. He is goofing off and needed elsewhere. Won't operate and he can't get to a port. Any sugestions?
  19. Hi Bill, Industrial modifier. Okay I will try that. I would like to have enough MPPS to have a little fun with the Japanese. I have to devore all of my time and MPPS's to that theater and it becomes very tedeous and limiting. Thanks and I will try it. and it is good to be back. I may retire at the end of this year (35 years same place) and I imagine I will have enough time to try a PBEM game.
  20. I have been away for a year. Just checked in to see if anything was new around here. I read about Gold. And then I read about how nothing had changed with China. i liked your game but I didn't like spending 90% of my time banging my head against a brickwall (China). Took all the fun out of it. I would like to buy the Gold version but only if there is some way to take China down a few notches so that I have a couple of MPPS to use for the rest of the war. China Front uses every unit and MPP that i get. So, is there some way, maybe the editor? I've never used it. Seemed way to complicated. I still can't figure out supply. But I digress. Can the editor tone-down China from a superpower?
  21. I fugure it is video-related. I tried a lower setting. I think I dropped downto 1280x768. and it didn't change. I guess I'll just have to try other settings. I think my drivers are up to date but I will check that also. If anyone has any other ideas I'm all ears.
  22. I installed the game on an older pc at home and it works okay, but very slow. So I put it on a new gaming pc at home and the map looks like a checkerboard. By this I mean normal-looking map areas are interspersed with blank squares. And thse blank squares do not correspond to the game squares, they are just thrown around the map at random, some overlaping each other at the edges. Has anyone ever seen this? and if they have is their a solution?
  23. hI, No, surprisingly it activated fine. But when i clicked on NEW GAME it just displayed the small window with "loading..." and that was it. I had to use task manger to kill it. When I get home I am going to unlicense it and reinstall. (I assume I have to unlicense it first or I will lose one instance of install).
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