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  1. Thanks for those pics, Fuser - Sturmmörser Tiger for the win every time! I remember in CMBO I used to make test scenarios in the editor just to see it fire, and the devastation a single round caused. It took a minute or more to reload but it simply didn't matter...one shot was all you really needed.
  2. You can get 'em to dance if you play it just right...in a recent game one of my Stugs came across a Jeep close to a treeline. As the Stug maneuvered to train its gun on the Jeep, they saw the AFV and hightailed it through the trees, getting out of sight just in time. However, when the Jeep popped out of the trees on the other side, it was spotted by one of my MG teams and peppered with rounds. So it backed up into the trees and out the other side again, in front of my Stug. This entire rigmarole repeated once more before the Stug nailed the Jeep on their third encounter. Really comical to watch the Jeep covering the same 20 yards back and forth twice in their panic
  3. Doesn't the radio icon in the appropriate C2 status box go away when the unit's radio currently isn't working? I know it does that for infantry, like when they are moving.
  4. ~Viajero, that would be this review in wargamer.fr, as posted in the announcements section of this board.
  5. Well I'm glad to hear it's working better for you now, though I find a delay of only a few seconds pretty weird as well. FRAPS screenies should always be instantaneous IMO. After all, the point of a screenshot is to capture what's on the screen NOW, not what will be on the screen "sometime in the future". Anyhoo, at least it's usable now. Cheers!
  6. Well, if you were using the NSA mainframe or SKYNET for your gaming, I would have said it's because your mother of a bytecruncher is prerendering 10,000 frames - give or take a few 100. Kind of like a time machine... But seriously, I use FRAPS for taking screenies in CMBN and haven't had any trouble. Wouldn't know what might be causing it either. Maybe get the newest version of FRAPS if you are using an aged one? Do you start FRAPS before you start CMBN?
  7. Don't you mean that the other way 'round, BD? I am firmly in the CMx2 camp myself. To me it is clearly the better game in many ways. More options, finer control, better graphics, and HECK I CAN PLAY IT IN REAL TIME!!! Plus it's still growing and being improved, while CMx1 is...well...history, like the catapult or the sword. It was good then, but has been superseded and made redundant by newer developments.
  8. It probably wasn't the worlds greatest ever design decision in the first place... Having ambushed an enemy armoured car and put two AP rounds through it, forcing the crew to bail... ...my Cromwell lines up its third shot,... ...which disperses roasted bits of the unfortunate driver all over Aris' beautiful paint job, as it goes right through him before destroying the Spähwagen. By the way, I find it interesting that while this causes the victim's hat to become airborne, his headphones stay on (BFC plz fix or do sumfink, obviously a gamebreaking bug!!!). And that, children, is why you don't jump out of a dying AFV in the direction of incoming fire, but away from it.
  9. Well, really, Juju...considering there are nearly 16.8 million colors in the RGB space (without the alpha channel which you seem to have lackadaisically neglected as well), 10 variations is a little narrow-minded, don't you think? Seriously, thanks for this! Will be trying them out.
  10. Nothing like a nice, hot enema after a hard day's fighting...just what the doctor ordered. (Also showing off Aris' excellent dirtied Sherman)
  11. Just took the time to run akd's test scenarios as well, and I got different results from anyone else so far...definitely something funky going on here. My specs in brief: Intel Quad-core Q6600 4GB RAM Win 7 64-bit (!) NVidia GeForce 8800GTS with newest drivers CMBN 1.10 with CW module First off, I think testing this issue in scenario author test (SAT) mode is useless, at least it was for me. In SAT, all units and fortifications are always visible to the human player, and the only way (for me) to tell what any of my units can truly see is to click on them and see which enemy icons light up. Since fortifications do not ever show icons after the setup phase, I cannot tell whether my FO can actually see the fortifications, or when he spots them. Visual information on them available to me as the player is always the same. Now for my results (all tested at elite level with one exception, see below): Testing in RT: Regardless of difficulty level, no fortifications were ever spotted in any visibility conditions. That was easy. Testing in TB: Here's where things start getting strange. In the high vis setting, nothing was ever spotted. However... Low and zero visibility settings gave identical results, and a quick test at basic training difficulty for both of these conditions came out the same. In all cases my FO began spotting the trenches after 1-1.5 minutes. He spotted them one by one at intervals of 5-10 seconds. At no later than 2 minutes, they were all spotted. Then he started spotting the foxholes - always in the exact same order: he would spot the closest foxhole to his position (the forward left individual hole in the leftmost set of four holes, seen from his position), then spot the rest of the holes in that set in a counterclockwise fashion (right forward, right rear, left forward) at intervals of 5-10 secs. This went on for each set of holes from left to right, always in the exact same fashion. All holes were spotted between 4.5 and 5 minutes in. After the holes came the sandbags. In each case, the spotter would spot the rear half of one sandbag wall first, then the front half, then the next rear half, etc. Unlike the spotting order of the foxholes, the order in which he spotted the sandbag walls seemed random, but it was always the rear half first, then the front. Again, intervals between each spotted part of a wall were about 5-10 secs. After 5.5-6 minutes (and no later), all fortifications were spotted, always. I forewent the screenies, but I think you get the drift. Spotting was not immediate for me, but followed an unchanging, almost mechanical rhythm that changed only marginally through several runs of the test. So very weird...
  12. Not at all. But I WOULD object strongly to the engine not being able to compute my RT battles in RT any more because of the extra spotting checks! Steve has already mentioned more than once that the spotting checks are one of the main performance hogs in the engine, and that they didn't see a way to currently increase their fidelity without making the game unplayable on older (and even some newer) rigs. So don't hold your breath on this one.
  13. Personally, I think I would go with the bases as opposed to the floorless buildings. But I guess if you can give us the option to choose between the two, that would be best as it would suit everyone's preferences. By the way, the buildings look fantastic. Can't wait to see them in the game. Thanks for the great work you are doing, Tanks a Lot!
  14. It is in fact. Note that the "oe" is actually one of those nasty "Umlauts" that English speakers have a lot of trouble with as well. The actual letter is "ö" and it's pronounced...well..."ö" (as in Österreich, where I'm from). There just isn't anything with corresponding phonetics in English. You can get somewhat close by imagining the sound of the "u" in "murky", but its really only similar, not the same.
  15. Give 'em a few days, Erwin. I'm near certain there will be some reaction yet.
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