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  1. Okay, I may have something on this. I just flew three sorties with different Nuke bombers on the same turn to the same island, but different locations. Yamamoto had three large stacks of units on said island. Two of the bombers dropped and returned to the airfield. The third flew his course and returned but did not drop the payload. The targeted stack is near the sea just as the ground units were on that tiny island mentioned in my previous post. I had the field orders set to target ground units in both cases. What I am thinking is that the bomber thinks these units are not ground units due to their proximity to the water. Thus, he does not bomb them. I seem to be able to keep using nuclear bombers as long as I do a fly over and drop on the way. If I actually target something then the bomber self destructs. This is a game that started some time ago and there have been two or three updates installed. I know this may be part of what is happening, but the game seems to run fine otherwise so I thought I would pass this information along.
  2. Can anyone help me with a step by step guide to making a unit subset? Initially I thought I would copy the standard set then duplicate and rename units for a specific nationality. There apparently is more to it than that and I really don't know where to start.
  3. Regarding the percentage of population victory condition. I like the 80% setting, but find I am never sure where I'm at as far as achieving victory. Is it possible to have a running tally kept as part of the interface? Something displayed above the game map or accessible with a hot key to tell the player what percentage of the population he controls?
  4. I have had some bizarre results when using nuclear bombers so far. What exactly is supposed to happen on a nuclear bombing run? Sometimes they drop their load and return to fly more missions. Sometimes they self destruct when dropping them. At least once a bomber dropped the bomb and disappeared but the message said he ran out of fuel rather than self destructed. He shouldn't have had any fuel problems. The last bomber I sent out dropped and disappeared with no message at all. I tried to bomb the units on one of those little islands with nothing but a city on a rock and enough room for a four man color guard. Except the AI had about twenty units stacked there outside the city. The bomber simply would not drop on them. I tried three times and he flew over and returned twice and ran out of gas the other time. Personally, I would like to see the minimum size of an island with a city increased in the map generator in an effort to rid us of those little rocks with no possible beachhead.
  5. I think cheating is too harsh. Brit has explained the general design philosophy at least twice. The AI gets a pass on certain things to speed up the game and speed the development of the game. It is not designed to cheat to give us a tougher task with the exception of research a research bonus at veteran and elite. I too would like to know more about how the AI actually plays the game. Both for setting up a rule set I'm working on and simply to be able to play. I spent considerable time isolating an enemy by taking all their resources and leaving them with three cities on two islands. I basically besieged them rather than invading as my initial strategy because they were quite strong on those two islands. I was dismayed to find after about twenty turns that they had not grown weaker, but were even stronger and their city populations had not declined at all. I would like to know what rules we are using before I go messing with the food units use per turn as an example. Right now I don't have any idea how reducing food used by units will affect the AI.
  6. Brit, can we sticky this information?
  7. I've only used them for ships but they should all be the same. You'll note there are three buttons. One each for ships, planes, and ground units. Select a button by left clicking it and then right click on the map to set the rally point there. You will see the dotted movement line to show you where it is and that line appears whenever you select the city during the game to remind you of it The rally point can be changed the same way. I am not sure if you can rally troops to another city. At one point during the demo phase you could not. Hope this helps.
  8. Brit; I have been meaning to post since I started a game with the new release. I am enjoying the game and noticed that the AI no longer gets automatic updates for all units when research is done. Thank you. As for my requested change; I wonder if the build and research queue can be configured to change the order once they have been set. Perhaps I am missing something in the interface, but currently I find it necessary to erase the Queue list and start over whenever I want to move an item up to the top or add a new item to the top. Is there a way to change things around once the list has been entered?
  9. Thank you for taking time to post this Brit. Great info. Very encouraging.
  10. It appears that the hit point changes are not in effect in my game. Do I need to start a new game for the upgrade to apply?
  11. I don't know what to say about that. I have never seen it happen. I have to set my warships to attack sea units only to get them to move off rather than stay and bombard land units sometimes. I just ran a short experiment in my current game. I had four battleships moving toward a destination with the field orders set to attack sea units. I reset them to attack all enemies and altered their course to the nearest enemy city. Before they got there they spotted an enemy tank and they all stopped and blew it off the map. They then continued to the city and on the next turn began pounding away at the three units defending it destroying an infantry that turn. This has been typical of my games and I have updated as they have become available. I don't know if there is a bombard city option for artillery or battleships. It seems to target units and any damage to population or infrastructure is collateral. Perhaps trying to target the city has somehow caused a problem and you need to kind of reset the battleships. Try and move them out of range and then back in range while leaving the orders at attack all units or attack land units. I'm only guessing but it may help.
  12. Regarding number one, battleships attacking ground units and cities. What are your ship's field orders set at? When I have them set at attack all enemies; my battleships and cruisers attack any land unit in range. Not sure if the game is set up just to attack cities. I have niticed collateral damge when attacking units inside cities.
  13. Thanks N3rull. I had missed that, but good to know.
  14. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but I just noticed it. It appears that transports will alter course and attack warships when they sight them if you have artillery on the transport that is set to attack all enemies. This is of course warships you are at war with. Unknown if the same happens when passing shore units or if other transported units ie tanks cause the same behavior. It would seem to be a much better arrangement to have the transport operate independently and have the ground units become inert while being transported. Also unknown if this occurs with air transports. May I suggest another level of autosave at least for the beta while we are figuring some of this out. An autosave that holds for three or five turns as well as the current one. I would have liked to go back and experiment with this but the autosave is as the turn ended and the transport is gone after attacking a destroyer. Brit, I saved this autosave file in another folder if you need to look at the unfortunate decision of my transport captain.
  15. Thanks Brit. I sent the autosave file as requested. I should have mentioned that the turn your looking for is in the 90 to 95 range as best I can remember. Very close to that anyway.
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