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  1. Yeah, I'm curious about this too. I have all the expansions but I had the paradox version of the base game. Problem is I have no idea where the box or the manual are now, and I assume the keycode was printed on one of them. I didn't even know about this $1 patch until a few days back. Suspect it might be fun few months for Battlefront! :)
  2. Yeah, something certainly feels like it's changed around here recently. Having said that, it's still a damn site better forum than most of the others out there.
  3. Lol, Maybe! I hope so anyway. My number one desire for a graphics overhaul in CM right now would be for urban graphics. But that is more than just textures. I'd love more varieties of buildings, urban flavour objects, chain fences. At the moment we can get some really beautiful rural maps but most towns and cities still look lifeless and boxy.
  4. I think I might be a bit of a rarity amongst sim/strat game players in that I really do like to see good graphics. While I think they are certainly more important in sims where they should provide a level of immersion that goes hand in glove with the technical simulation of systems etc I still think they have a major place in games like this. Although there are a lot of things from my personal wish list I would love to see added to Combat Mission, I have to say I do really like the graphics. As much as I would love to see more variety ( and this is as much about the availability of terrain features and doodads as how they look), there have been more times than I can remember when I've been caught by just how atmospheric the current engine - as dated as it is - manages to be. Would I like better graphics at the expense of features? Well probably not, but it would depend on what the feature was and what the graphical improvements were going to be. At the moment I think BFC have struck a good balance between looks and brains and I hope future games make this balance even better.
  5. I have it too. Win 64, I7 920, ATI 7979. Like I said in the thread in tech support, I also have this in the scen editor on a map I've been working on. Question: Do all the maps that are affected use the Ditch Lock function? I'm sure it's nothing, but I notice this quick battle map uses is, as does my map. My other maps that don't use it don't have any problem.
  6. Just came to report much the same thing. Working on a map I started pre-patch in the scenario editor. Opened it up to find all the elevation data totally screwy. Huge spikes under squares anchored in the elevation editor (the created gentle slopes yesterday) and changing individual squares seems to have no effect on the surrounding terrain any more. Seems a pretty big bug I'm afraid. It's a double shame because I got the feel from doing elevation work before the patch that it had been optimized in Black Sea.
  7. Heh! You know what? That's quite a fun sounding idea. I always wanted to play big battles on that Chernarus (was that the name?) map.
  8. Yeah, me too. I think I'll wait until I get home from work tomorrow to DL.
  9. I'd like to see anyone getting up enough speed on that road for the cameras to be a issue! The bottom two both look like every road in the west end here in Glasgow.
  10. This. I love all the WW2 titles so far, but SF was special in a completely different way. I would go right back to it now, but I think I've been spoiled too much by all the new tricks in the newer titles. That and North Africa regardless of whether it's a module for FI or a new family.
  11. Don't know about the mac, but the PC installer was 26 meg.
  12. As it should be according to Moon. No, I haven't tried the new cameras yet. Thinking about trying to made a couple of JuJu's Dutch cobblestone textures Tag compliant.
  13. Installed already. Still showing as v2.20 on the front screen but everything seems to be there in the editor. I wonder if we can port over the rubble textures from RT?
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