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  1. GLynn41

    I need some help

    I have now sent in two tickets. I will try one more time after that, then I will wait I guess. I will also check on my Avast. Normally it ignores my games and I have had it for years. I had cleaned out my trash etc from email -- so I do not know if an answer was in there, but I will look this time
  2. I would really like this one too
  3. GLynn41

    I need some help

    had not thought about that -- I will thanks
  4. GLynn41

    CMSF2 Release Update

    rare poster here-- What got me to move into these newer versions of CM over these last years was the original Shock force. At the time I thought it was the best of the bunch. I really appreciate Battlefront in giving these what if...CMBS and SF2 , and hope their might be more. I also hope for the next game engine soon as possible. Currently CM does many things in a wonderful way. I can not imagine what the next level will look like and do. but I look forward to it.. thanks guys
  5. GLynn41

    I need some help

    i have all 4.0 upgrade-- been a while since i have done any of this -- so tonight or may during the elections --I early voted I will jump in again. I did make ticket about 2 weeks ago but got no response. I f needed I will do so again thanks gentlemen
  6. GLynn41

    I need some help

    I have a new puter and can not get CMBN to start. Everything is down loaded a while back-- any way CMRT is good, CMBS is good. Here is the issue when I try to start it says" UI files not found ." It then closes down. Help?
  7. GLynn41

    CMRT will not activate

    ah ha-- I will try that later to night thanks for the 411
  8. I just now went to game engine 4 Yes I had 2.0 when prompted to activate I copied and paste the code from my email as well as from my account will not activate from either place any thoughts
  9. GLynn41

    Best Computer for CM?

    I just purchased this Dell and it will play anything I have tried in CMBS, CMRT, which is as far as I have gotten-- specs are as follows i7-6700 cpu,3.40-3.41--16 gig mem--64 bit win 10 Nvidia GTX-745 1.8 Tera Byte--all I remember it was a dell refurb -- my younger brother found it --he is the family C puter guy -- it looks good and plays very well fast and quiet --
  10. GLynn41

    I need some help

    BTW as to the question before- I usually play RT-- but that is with the smaller scenarios --until it was asked I realized that I tended to play wego in the CMBS battles with the larger battles-- so I will in CMRT and CMBN /CW also-- again thanks for the answers and encouragement -- the fun you were having was easily seen in your answers and that is nice
  11. GLynn41

    I need some help

    I will try to use your suggestions. thanks again thanks for the thoughts-- I did see the larger battles as a number of smaller ones-- and I try make a couple battle groups to contain and use the forces-- -- -- I have been using CM since it was CM by big time software -- not planning on stopping any time soon-- thanks again
  12. I have a new Cputer-- so far it will run any size CM game-- my problem is that when you have a large battle field --dozens of armor pieces -- 100's of men -- I get lost-all I seem to do is run around trying to maintain C&C- so for me it is more fun with smaller size battles-- so how can i improve the ability to handle the larger battles--
  13. i am trying to make a ticket-- I keep getting "custom field version number value not decimal." i have tried to change anything with a decimal -- no go help
  14. GLynn41


    I looked at the helps and -but -did not see that will ----give a go to morrow thanks
  15. GLynn41


    I uninstalled everything and put it back --it installed as 1.03-- I added 1.04 everything works and plays --then i installed the 4.0 upgrade and here is what it says License failure-- must have base game 4.0 --run activate utility-enter License key -- but I have never been offered a place to do that thanks for your reply