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  1. GLynn41

    How accurate *is* CMBS?

    We will never have the real feel of a battle. We do not lose territory, we do not have towns destroyed. No one is killed, injured,or maimed. It does not cast billions of euro dollars or US. With out these the cost, the price of war, finality of war, is not endured. This is good because we want to enjoy it, and control it and learn from. As far as it goes CMBS give us a great game experience, that can be repeatable or nearly always different. This is a game that is different than any other in the right ways.
  2. GLynn41

    I need some help

    I have now sent in two tickets. I will try one more time after that, then I will wait I guess. I will also check on my Avast. Normally it ignores my games and I have had it for years. I had cleaned out my trash etc from email -- so I do not know if an answer was in there, but I will look this time
  3. I would really like this one too
  4. GLynn41

    I need some help

    had not thought about that -- I will thanks
  5. GLynn41

    CMSF2 Release Update

    rare poster here-- What got me to move into these newer versions of CM over these last years was the original Shock force. At the time I thought it was the best of the bunch. I really appreciate Battlefront in giving these what if...CMBS and SF2 , and hope their might be more. I also hope for the next game engine soon as possible. Currently CM does many things in a wonderful way. I can not imagine what the next level will look like and do. but I look forward to it.. thanks guys
  6. GLynn41

    I need some help

    i have all 4.0 upgrade-- been a while since i have done any of this -- so tonight or may during the elections --I early voted I will jump in again. I did make ticket about 2 weeks ago but got no response. I f needed I will do so again thanks gentlemen
  7. GLynn41

    I need some help

    I have a new puter and can not get CMBN to start. Everything is down loaded a while back-- any way CMRT is good, CMBS is good. Here is the issue when I try to start it says" UI files not found ." It then closes down. Help?
  8. GLynn41

    CMRT will not activate

    ah ha-- I will try that later to night thanks for the 411
  9. I just now went to game engine 4 Yes I had 2.0 when prompted to activate I copied and paste the code from my email as well as from my account will not activate from either place any thoughts
  10. GLynn41

    Best Computer for CM?

    I just purchased this Dell and it will play anything I have tried in CMBS, CMRT, which is as far as I have gotten-- specs are as follows i7-6700 cpu,3.40-3.41--16 gig mem--64 bit win 10 Nvidia GTX-745 1.8 Tera Byte--all I remember it was a dell refurb -- my younger brother found it --he is the family C puter guy -- it looks good and plays very well fast and quiet --
  11. GLynn41

    I need some help

    BTW as to the question before- I usually play RT-- but that is with the smaller scenarios --until it was asked I realized that I tended to play wego in the CMBS battles with the larger battles-- so I will in CMRT and CMBN /CW also-- again thanks for the answers and encouragement -- the fun you were having was easily seen in your answers and that is nice
  12. GLynn41

    I need some help

    I will try to use your suggestions. thanks again thanks for the thoughts-- I did see the larger battles as a number of smaller ones-- and I try make a couple battle groups to contain and use the forces-- -- -- I have been using CM since it was CM by big time software -- not planning on stopping any time soon-- thanks again
  13. I have a new Cputer-- so far it will run any size CM game-- my problem is that when you have a large battle field --dozens of armor pieces -- 100's of men -- I get lost-all I seem to do is run around trying to maintain C&C- so for me it is more fun with smaller size battles-- so how can i improve the ability to handle the larger battles--
  14. i am trying to make a ticket-- I keep getting "custom field version number value not decimal." i have tried to change anything with a decimal -- no go help
  15. GLynn41


    I looked at the helps and -but -did not see that will ----give a go to morrow thanks