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  1. MANoWAR.U51

    How much do you roleplay?

    We commit a lot of resources (smoke, diverting vehicles to cover, helping hands) to attend the wounded even when it may endanger mission objectives no matter how much time is left on the mission. If I would be forced to choose get the wounded or an additional objective I probably would decide for the first. Thats what I would also do in reality. We even "waste" precious time to secure reported dead (dark red) casualties for roleplay reasons. Long ago somebody proposed to have the option to give first aid to enemy combatants for roleplay reasons. Don´t know if this comes with issues coding-wise but really great idea nevertheless. Some may think this doesn´t happen and while I have no exact idea how often this was seen in WW2 -mid combat -, on a modern battlefield like for example potrayed in Shock Force this happens more often than you think. But to sum up our CM philosophy, Erwin nailed it pretty much on point with following statement:
  2. MANoWAR.U51

    How much do you roleplay?

    I also try to avoid certain tactics like map edge hogging or specific exploits like for example spraying unspotted enemy AI vehicles with MG area fire in order to trigger a retreat reaction. I also try to use every asset and unit for its intended role and job i. e. recon units for localizing and screening enemy units. Also try to keep units like platoons together and relieve units that suffered. Keeping C2 intact is also important for me. Really enjoy the fact that CM awards you for most of these considerations. However sometimes time limits or mission goals force me to utilize every resource available. A situation a real commander could also face. What I also don´t do is things like sacrifcing units in a unrealistic way. When playing multiplayer with my colleagues nobody gives a damn about "competitiveness". We play serious and fight hard but primarly we do it in order to experience "realistic fun". We don´t have a problem to play asymmetric scenarios or self-planned campaigns where one is pitted against an opponent´s superior force. We often define for ourselves how to interpret the scenario outcome. We also never use cheap tactics like baiting long range weapons, "sound whoring" for fences, or holding objectives with shaken canteen truck drivers just in order to score a win.
  3. MANoWAR.U51

    What will the next CM be?

    I can also add Dangerous Waters and Distant Guns to the list but these are probably obsolete by now. However I never will forget the exciting hours in my beloved Kilo submarine in Dangerous Waters.
  4. MANoWAR.U51

    Do Schtora and APS beneftit close-by tanks?

    Well the trick is with an active transmitting radar on the target you may not need your own radar to pick up its position, just a passive radar receiver, that is exactly how anti radiation missiles these days work which are designed to knock out AA radars. The missile´s sensor head picks up the radar´s emission, at best the pilot invests further time to allow for a better target solution, next you launch the missile and it homes onto the enemy radar source, going fire-and-forget at some point, and hits without the target noticing in most cases. AA radars have also Radar-Warning-Receivers but these don´t react to these passive emission-guided weapons. Although newer ARM´s often have an additional radar which is often used to pinpoint its terminal guidance. This also makes it possible to hit the target even when it goes dark i. e. switches of its active radar. To get back to topic, if it is really an effective way to combat tanks on basis of their APS emissions I can´t tell for sure but for now it looks like this has no priority. Sure it brings the huge possible advantage of engaging ground vehicles un-assisted beyond visible or IR range but at the moment combat aircraft nevertheless have complete superiority over tanks (when enemy SAM and Air threats are covered of course). A conventional optical/infared AGM (like Maverick or KH-29) needs a closer distance but can do the same job, probably cost less then an ARM, and can engage a bigger variety of targets with or without APS. However the ability to pick up these enemy APS emissions with passive radar receivers could come with a huge tactical advantage alone already for ground and air forces. But never say never when it comes to military technology, who knows, as this systems become continuous proliferated somebody may one day see reason to design specific weapons to exploit the radar emission of APS systems.
  5. MANoWAR.U51

    What will the next CM be?

    You´re welcome, don´t be too hard on yourself.
  6. MANoWAR.U51

    New Scenario: Tactical Operations Center

    What is the scenario time limit for this?
  7. MANoWAR.U51

    Reduction of Ghouta

    Would be great to see some of this homebrew vehicles for Syrian uncons in CMSF2
  8. Windows 10 Home here 1709 16299.431 running SF with all modules 1.32 and CMA 1.03 in admin modes (they´ll launch even without admin mode) with active avast without problems and no exceptions were needed. This machine went trough the same windows update cycles last year like yours. I just peeked at the rest of the comments so perhaps you already answered these: - what is the current error message - You mentioned a reinstall was attempted. Where on the hdd is it excactly installed with complete path? - You´re sure you´re running a correctly patched CMSF 1.32 and CMA 1.03? How many .brz files are in your data folders. - Did you try to kill off any background processes in the task manager that are not crucial for operating windows? I am also talking about can things like additional management software provided from your computer/hardware manufactures. - supplementary to the previous suggestion, did you check the software list if there is any unwanted installed? - is your value 1 or 0 for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\LoadAppInit_DLLs
  9. MANoWAR.U51

    A long delayed update

    Some years ago I would be the first on the frontline to argue that BF should put his games on Steam. I always thought "this game is so great and unique, a lot more people have to know" which place is better suited than Steam, also would generate a lot of income (despite the 30% steam share). However in the meantime I changed my mind and aren´t sure about it anymore. I am not sure if BF were allowed to bring its License system to Steam, never saw such a system on a Steam game so I guess probably not. So it would be basically protected by rudimentary Steam DRM which poses absolutely zero resistance to getting cracked in no time. Especially due to the perceived higher price in contrast to the casual games many may choose to go pirate which could then end devastating for business. Regarding the BF website getting updated... No offense the current website, especially the navigation elements look somewhat retro 90´style and I can imagine that it acts as an deterrent to some. Never undererstimate how extremely important the look of a website is for your (video game) online store. Glad to hear that they work on getting a new out soon.
  10. MANoWAR.U51

    CMFB Campaign: Fields of Tears

    Here additional things that come to my mind sorted from "check first" to "unlikely". - how big is your .cam file in the documents folder? Mine is 9.60MB 10.070.951 bytes under file properities. - Did you ever install something on top of engine 4 (i.e. an patch)? Are there exactly 10 .brz files in your "Data folder"? - Did you remove ALL mods from Z folder and try if the campaign works? Keep in mind mods can be located in the "mods" folder in "Documents/Battlefront" or in the "data/z" folder in your blitzkrieg game dir. Remove all CUSTOM .cam files except this one. - try the ol but gold "launch as admin" - kill all background processes, overlays, whatever running in the background in the task manager, disable antivir... everything that is not cruicial to operate Windows and CM in order to test if the problem is there located. - set all ingame performance related settings on low, disable shaders, change high priority process - Do you have different hdd´s and partitions? If so, cut & paste the CM Blitzkrieg folder into another hdd/partition and see if a wonder happens. - did you ever tamper with windows pagefile settings? How big is your RAM? Does your windows partition AND the game partition have some free space left? (at least some GB) - test a windows 7 compatibilty mode - while the campaign loads check the combat mission process... Is it still causing hdd activity? - check your device manager for any alerts and upgrade your common drivers (this is bs but I have no other ideas)
  11. Have to try this, thanks. Sharpen also contributes a lot the game´s visual quality. Never seen a game profiting so much from it like the CM2 series.
  12. Hi! Thanks for trying to load and compute the file. Do you have dropbox? An email that I can invite to share the file? Its about 120 MB in size.




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    2. Fizou


      https://www.dropbox.com/s/fm6icd71d6l2id5/Rittersprung (H2H only) 102.ema?dl=0

      The password is: gold

      The file loads alright but the computing of the next turn gives me a CTD. Thanks for trying it, really appreciate it.



    3. MANoWAR.U51


      Gives me also a ctd, try to contact support perhaps they can fix the savefile

    4. Fizou


      Thanks for checking, appreciate it! 

  13. And do you see advantages of using HE ammo against tanks instead of (insufficient) AP ammo? For example when talking about LAV.
  14. MANoWAR.U51

    Status update on "Black Sea"

    I had the impression of an ongoing discussion here but are now confronted with the fact that the last post is from 2014, what a necro .
  15. MANoWAR.U51

    What will the next CM be?

    Sounds like an outstanding idea, seeing a campaign like this would be awesome. I also noticed the detail you put into the briefing on that Golden Division scenario. While I understand that it is somewhat dangerous waters for an official game release to include real world factions like religious faiths (Sunnis, Shiites) as a custom scenario designer you have much more freedom to model such important aspects. Especially in such an environment it isn´t just about knowing and defeating your enemy anymore but about knowing the country and the population there. Some hard lessons were learned in the not very successful "hearts and minds" campaigns seen in AFG and Iraq and some may even argue that it contributed to the partial failure of these operations. Keep this good work up.