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  1. As far as land targets vs carrier strikes are concerned I can say from my games with Nupremal and the AI, the mod shows correct loss figures for both carriers air and land units. In most case, soft targets can resist carrier strikes long enough to ensure a player react and bring in air or naval response to the threat. Even 3 carriers can hardly destroy a corps without other forces contribution . Regarding air fleets vs carriers or naval combats more testing are needed in different conditions ( experience level, tech level, interaction with nearby fighter cover for one or both sides). One major progress i underlined earlier is the increased vulnerability of carriers. You have to be absolutly sure you have full sea and air supremacy before you try any land strikes.
  2. Hi nupremal. I am glad you agree for a game and even flattered to test it with you. Don't expect miracles on my end for 2 reasons. First, I got a heavy busy schedule all upside down as a security guard. So I worked almost every day mostly on assigments OUT of town! So I must leave my appartment for many days in row and can be back usually on weekends. I don't have a laptop so no turn can be done while I am away. The other reason: I am sort of a crazy general going for low odds attempts thus loosing badly many times. Not the best partner for testing but I will try to play by the book with you. Here is the situation for the next 24 hours. I have now 4 hours in front of me ( 9.30 am US Eastern GMT) then I go to work. At night around 1.00 -3.00 am, got a 2 hours for gaming and the next morning from 9.00 AM-12.00 AM another 3 hours. After that I'm gone until Friday. If you want to postpone the starting turns to next week-end, no problem otherwise we can start now with sept-oct 39 turns. I just downloaded 1.03 and no tech problem either. I don't mind which side. Never played against the Axis though so might be interesting unless you prefer I play the Bad guys for whatever reasons but my feeling is, since the Axis player has the burden of offensive in the first 2-3 years, the most experienced player should take it and it's not me! You designed that mod after all! That said, your testing priority matters most. I'm just an assistant in this respect. Send messages and turns before noon, Monday 21st at: desmarais_claude@videotron.ca Thanks and have a nice day!
  3. Hello Mr. Cater! This one is for you! Alas !More work, sorry for that! I met an unusual event in a mod of mine. It's strange enough to deserve a look. The Axis AI destroyed a russian unit in a village leaving a vacant tile. So it was still Russian owned as far as I remember. Later within the same turn, the AI moved a german fighter in the village. On my turn, as the Russian player, I could not attack this fighter and its supply state has remained 0 for many turns now and the AI has not moved it yet. Even stranger, new russian units production could be put around this village just like I still own it. Have you ever seen such a case? First occurence on my end, maybe not a big issue. Thank you for your time. I'm not sure I have the specific turn I'm refering to but I have a subsequent one. Btw, enyoy the sunny week-end instead no need to rush for this one. masterclaude
  4. Nupremal, I guess you are right. Harder settings may explain some abnomalies like my subwarfare failures and unbalanced mpp income. Given the abstractions of SC2, You did a good job with the evaluation of all the major country capacities. Against common opinions, war economy is , in fact, the main and toughest variable to set in a grand strategy wargame where raw material, industry and manpower cannot be simply added on statistical basis. Know-how and generally speaking, educated population with efficient administration and political stability are few of several prerequisites for true mass production. This mod ( with few tweaks down the road) is a convincing start for what may become the most serious attempt to get a credible and exciting WW2 global fight. I know the word START might look out of place after the gigantic work done to offer this beta version. Well, as we all know, it has to be played extensively before we can drink champaign with Nupremal and celebrate so, let's go wargamers , raise your hand and join us now. I can start a pbem game as soon as 1.03 is ready but unfortunatly I have no more than 1 or 2 evenings a week to devote on gaming. So my opponent will have to be patient and keep in mind that we wiil be mainly testing the mod, not looking for competition ( no reason to be dumb though!). Anyone interested, please leave a message in this thread and we'll set a starting date! Have a good night! masterclaude
  5. Since Nupremal has come up with a new version, this AAR isn't so relevant anymore but here's the last views. Battle of Atlantic was a no event even though I had 5 subs with lev2 (all destroyed within 4-5 turns once they reached a convoy lane. Allied destroyers were everywhere ( I mean everywhere!) and way too fast! On a typical turn, 3 subs would exact around 25-30 mpp of the 600 mpp UK received through convoys in early 42. At a cost of 200 mpp, just forget U-boats. Simply not worth it against the AI with its 2 tiles range spotting and level 3 ASW. Germany need every mpp anyway for the Eastern front. At best subs could be kept in reserve to disrupt D-day, otherwise I don't see how they could survive past 43 even in greater number. So far, the USN has not showed up anywhere except for a sub and 2 cruisers in the pacific. I underline this is March 43 and USA has been at war for 14 months without any Pearl Harbour disaster. Naval scripts calendar should be adjusted. Although the Axis powers are in pretty good shape here with a viable income and a comfortable advance in most areas, I doubt an Axis player can replicate that against a human player ( I wonder how many free units the AI got here and there?). The weak starting Russian-chinese units sure give the Axis a chance but anyone can see with the screenshots that a real player would quickly draw both German and japanese forces in a stalemate around 42. The Western Allies could then do much whatever they want. I noticed that USSR gets a very big lend-lease ( something like 2/3 of the 43 income). What is the point to go in Caucasus or deep in Russia if taking the ports makes the difference in the end? . Shouldn't it be more mpp on the russian land itself ? Losses suffered by the AI were high but not so decisive since at least half of it could be rebuilt easily with the impressive income of the allies (something like 900 mpp for each major powers.)
  6. Hello wargamers, I'm back! Finaly got screnshots! Thanks a lot Bill! Much appreciated! You will get here general situation in may 42. Fog is on so we can't see the numerous soviet and chinese units. At this point, German offensive had somewhat slowed down and Japan is stucked in China with evergrowing resistance. All in all a very good emulation od the historical events.
  7. BARBAROSSA I had to start barbarossa in August.. Getting ready all the 7 tankcorps with tech( lev2) - the 8th one was in Egypt- took more time than expected. Even though I was on schedule to conquer Yougoslavia ( 1 turn May), I gave up on Greece being too well defended. Speed! Speed Speed! The most precious value for the Axis. Starting Barbarossa in 42 was out of question, USSR had already a 55-60% activation level and showed on graphics more units than the Germans ( 56 vs 48). As a minus, Rumania ( 75-79 % activation level in summer 41)) despite 300 mpp diplomacy investment did not join in even after Barbarossa started, nor did it Bulgaria at 88%. With a smaller window on Ukraine, initial deployment proved a bit inadequate for optimal result. Russian forces actually were not so reachable except for a 10 units line closing the northern front from the Baltic to the Pripet marsh. Ukraine was wide open up to Kiev with only Brest-litovsk garrisoned on the border. Only 2 tankcorps could be seen by my lone bomber ( the other one in Egypt). I started an historical pincer with an AG North going to Riga and bording the Dvina river behind the Russian lines. Along the Minsk-Smolensk road I sent over another AG Center. Both had 2 tankcorps, 2 armies and many corps. Having located Russian fighters in the Northern half of Russia, I put my 2 tac bombers in front of Ukraine to pounder Brest-litovsk. Along with AG South, Italian contribution around Lvov was 1 tankcorps, 2 armies,2 corps and 1 HQ. This first turn was not so successful. Only 4 russian land units were destroyed and 1 fighter. Light loss for the German since the Red army has no tech except Inf level1 for some units. (Germany has infantry level 3 for ¾ of its inf units.). A big pocket was forming but not closed around Vilnius and Minsk. German units had reached Kiev but could not take it. In Sept-Oct , rain prevented Air force strike. Not a bad thing! Germany has not a single fighter on the East front. Because I hit no Adv Air tech upgrade so far so Luftwaffe cannot face foreign Fighter forces ( British has lev3, Russia level 1, Japan level 2, USA level 1, even Italy has lev1). Maybe Germany should start with level 1 in 39. The Russian AI was pretty passiv. It sent few units to the forward threaten cities. I understood that most of the 55-60 russian units were, in fact, garrisons for all the numerous cities and villages around the country so only a fraction of those were used to man the East front properly. Soon, Germany could encircled cities from Riga to Odessa and stopped reinforcement by cutting rails forward. The big pocket with 2 HQ around Minsk was destroyed within 3-4 turns. Kiev was taken in October 41 and Krivoi rog occupied by an italian corps. I accepted the Ukrainian state for 1000 mpp. Don't know what it worth though. By november 41 Axis forces were bording the Dniepr River despite mud slowing advance quite a bit. Russia gathered 7-8 units there. After Riga fell, AG North resumed its advance toward Leningrad taking Novgorod but failed to take Tallin before Winter. So the Winter Frontline ran from the outskirts of Leningrad to Smolensk ( only taken in March42) to Bryansk , Kharkov and Stalino( not taken). Russia losses were high ( no unit loss for the German and no winter event) but Germany had to replenish units steadily. Germany had only 3 HQ supporting East front units. 2 others came to the rescue in spring 42 and the general ensuing offensive made good progress. Leningrad was cut off ( but it is an Ind Center – good idea- I wish I knew because I sacrificed one airborne for that, again destroyed by 3 naval units hit from the Ladoga lake) Land units NEED a naval attack evasion %, it is just a matter of plain logic. Naval units should not wipe out a 30 000-50 000 men army no more than Air forces should. A german corps send in place shared the same fate right after. There is no way out. Ship land attack must be reduced but, knowing the Ai behavior, I favor a naval attack evasion minimaly 25% and I wish even up to 50% in the case of air units, all common sense in a 14 days turn not 14 hours with 20 warships battering a beachhead. We are talking here of 50 km square area. Ship guns effective range is around 20-25 km for BB. How could they destroy armies! Even on D-Day Allied naval pounding only shaked German defense, no annihilation then. Same thing in Tarawa, Iwo Jima and so on. Ships land attack should, like artillery setting in Nupremal mod, affects mainly entrenchement and morale. Evasion rate of naval units for a better tactical naval warfare simulation should be considered too, more on this in the next post. Spring brought German attack forward with Kharkov fall and a general retreat of Russian armies behind the Don River. Moscow, Leningrad and now Stalingrad are well fortified but the russian engineers are now used as inf on the front. Russian Air, Tac namely, are very strong. One corps strength 10 was wipe out by 2 tac strikes near Toula. My Tac with Hq support are not even able to take more than 1-2 points from a PARTISAN unit and still suffering losses then. If partisans have any air defense value in combat data factored in, it should be set to 0. Terrain type have already air defense bonuses. Japaneses experienced the same problem where Bombers and Fighters would take up to 3 point loss for a strike on partisans., not realistic at all. Partisans have 4 action points. Ok for the chinese theater with its rough landscape but not for European countries. I saw partisans zapping like Panzers over Russia land ( maybe justifiable in a very abstract way) but certanly incorrect when they start invading enemy countries like Austria. Partisans should be a very local event ( reduced action point to 2-3 depending on the country). By the way, Japanese took Chunking but no surrender or capital transfer was seen. I am in June 42 and cannot find any chinese flag over any cities. Where is the capital now? Is it a bug or a design decision? I reiterate what i wrote up there. Screenshots for any decent game forum are a must, Please would any gentleman from Fury or Battlefront give us instructions to send screenshots. If, for any technical reason, it cannot be done by posters or it needs some special request or authorization would you explain why. As i said, screenshots are as useful as good press reviews to have wargaming audience give a look at your product. It is in your own interest to make it possible. So, have a good week and i am back next friday. masterclaude
  8. Great! Nupremal, i am glad you have kept improving your mod, already the best campaign I have played in all SC2 version. Interesting to compare how is developping Axis advance in our paralel AAR. Yours is by far, much more entertaining but mine is about finding out how well the political dynamic and military operations gives the right feel of WW2 as events unfold. So far, I am not disapointed, not a second! I even forget to take notes while i am playing...too much fun! I had like to hear from Samiclaus about it, a pionner who first adapted the 2007 Global mod to Weapons&Warfare. Bravo! Cant wait to play few more turns... masterclaude
  9. CHINESE FRONT Going to Lanchow was not a problem as far as chinese forces were mainly concentrated around southern cities. There was still a lot of them. Despite easy kills here and there with no losses for the Japaneses, I was obviously running out of time in China. For the task of reducing cities I have built all the bombers and all the handy tank corps with their 3 action points and 2 strikes. One parenthesis here. Japan has only 3 tanks in its force pool. Fine. They do have 2 strikes and can get level 5. For game purpose, I agree while it is not so historical but given the Nupremal mod scale, I feel it is correct. Strangely enough, Germany can build only 8 tankcorps. There has to be consistency here. If Japan can field 3 full powered tank units, German should get a few more. Never Japan had more than a 1000 armored vehicules in dedicated units. Germany had most of the war 3 to 4 times more armoured vehicules in a variety of unit size much stronger than japanese ones . I underline such a peculiarity because on the European theater, even with the help of an italian and a rumanian armor, Germany is short of its tank strength possibility. Better standardization and a bit of common sense in Panzer production planning would have allowed for a much larger panzerwaffe. Players should have this option with the usual pro and con ( for instance, less subs or less tech, etc).. . Tac bombers , even German good ones with Antitank and Antinaval lev2 did not prove very useful. This is where weakening air strikes shows here, in terms of mpp investment vs actual impact on the front, some imbalance. Why a player would put 250 mpp on a Tac bomber with very limited range ( for this map), a 7 turns build delay and rather high vulnerability? More often than not, Tac bombers took one or 2 strength points only out of a land or naval unit target, even the German Tac, for the loss of 2 or 3 strength points, not a good deal. Heavy bombers though do their job right and for such a large map are definitly a priority. So far no units got experience beyond 3. I guess this mod won’t allow many high experienced undestructible units currently seen in SC2 because typical neverending stalemate in vanilla scenarios where units shoot at each other every turn with small losses seldom happen here. Nupremal changed this parameter, doubling loss range and the so refreshing room for tactical moves is now a fact. I had an Army group ( 5 corps, 1 HQ with IJN help) descending along the coastline and took Swatow and Nanning.( june 41) easily – no chinese HQ around these places. Unexpectadly , French Indochina surendered and I got another US boycot message even though I was not about to attack! Anyway, I swifly occupied that land but Thailand, contrary to what I thought, only got activation up to 67 toward Axis. In Nupremal mod, you will not get automaticaly traditionnal allies on your side with some moves. You must invest in diplomacy and , while you eventually get results, it takes time and money (4 to 5 ****s- talk more about this in my Barbarossa review.) Actually, I wanted to use Thailand as a neutral state to block British interference. The strategic situation with most of my land forces engaged deep in China involved a smaller East Asian campaign. So I focused on Brunei, Malaya and Singapour to lock the detroits down there in a first step, than I would go for the Philippins and in the end, Dutch Indies .5 units ( 1 sub, 1 SNLF, 2 corps and 1 bomber were watching the Pacific while I was building all the cheap AA and artillery for island garrison in 42) Well, all the corps and most air forces are needed in China because in such a big area, you cannot have a real frontline ( very realistic) and at any time partisans and chinese regular armies can raid on some villages and cities in the rear. The main battles with 2 tanks( lev2), 3 armies (lev 3), 6 corps, air units and 3 HQ were behind Chunking. The AI prepared fortifications facing the east with chineses units mostly entrenched in a mountainous area between Changsha and the capital. So the strategy worked but, althouh I was closing in with a lot of chinese armies destroyed, Winter 41-42 paralyzed operations quite a bit and by March42, Chunking was still holding. I wasted 6 turns with an HQ and 5 land units to take the communist capital. Mountains and partisans around prevented any move in there although it was vacant. I thought, out of fustration, to bring the Airborne unit up there but finally the 3 action point HQ managed to get in just to see the capital moved to Kasghar deep in Sinkiang. At least, I thought it would take time before communist came back. Hum! 4-5 partisans popped up in the next turns and the communist HQ is already back . Communist even took Tsing Tsao, the only supply source not garrisonned in the entire continent. Believe me, you must garrison EVERYTHING there, so half of the japanese forces is stuck in such duties. I am confident Chunking will fall ( will the production be lost? this is my goal here) but since USA is at war I just noticed new tech level 3 for some chinese corps. It looks bad! Japan attacked Brunei,Malaya and the USA in January 42. Rabaul became a japanese base by some magic- or i never noticed it was! Landed in New guinea occupying the north coast villages. Put a bomber in Rabaul and took Guam. Set the IJN cruisers around philippins, The main naval TF with all the carriers was sent near Malaya where Japan landed 1 tank,1 Army,2 corps, 1 SNLF, 1 HQ covered by one fighter and one bomber. By the way, Japan had to that point more than 90 units and with Industrial lev2 kept a good mpp income . The malayan fighter resisted every land or air attack! Unbelievable! Uk counter-attacked at sea with 2 carriers,1 BB and american sub help. I set a trap with 2 tac mod carrier deployed in Brunei port ( Brunei fell to an amphibious assault earlier) and 2 fighter mod at sea. The AI as usual seem to focus on weaker units so it striked a destroyer and a sub from my escort. Then the 2 british carriers were easily sunk with normal losses for the Japaneses. My reinforcement on the way to formosa and Indochina for the philippin invasion had to be diverted on chinese land because 3-4 chinese armies suddenly irrupted around. Canton while another attack was on its way across the Yellow river threatening Air units put as garrison there. Fed 42 , USA got now more than 900 mpp. Germany ( Ind lev2) has around 750 mpp and Japan 380.. UK and USSR have something between 600-800 mpp depending on convoys % , sub raiding and seasons. Come back soon with Barbarossa August41-Fed42
  10. AAR sept 40- Oct 41 Allied AI vs inhuman masterclaude Overall 1941 strategy in Europe I had in mind once France surrendered: 1) Going for an historical Barbarossa in July 41. 2) Probe Atlantic convoys defence with 3-4 subs before more investment in naval activity 3) Conquer Egypt and close the Suez communication line. Overall 1941 strategy in Asia before US war entry 1) Conquer chinese coastline 2) Using central Chinese railway to Lanchow push as far as possible to cut China in two 3) Eventually attack Chunking from the rear area ( easier than a frontal attack) and/or taking Yenan , Communist China capital by mid-41 4) Not attacking East-Asia before USA has reached 80% activation. Since I don’t know what political events may fire and their probability ( I worked mainly on AI offensive scripts in the former Nupremal World version not the decision events or political ones.) I rely on classic WW2 calendar frame of events Nupremal probably implements in the scripts. Could USSR attack Japan in 41-42? Will we see an Iraq coup if I conquer Egypt or will it happen anyway? Will the Allies invade Persia once USSR is at war. Can I count on Finland and all other so called Minor Axis nations to join in for Barbarossa. I guessed so but I had some surprises, good and bad ones. MEDITERRANEAN FRONT I dispatched 4 German units for Med tasks. 1 HQ ( leeb) 1 Panzer 1 Army 1 Corps Maybe I would sent Air support if needed. Around Tobruk I gathered 6 italian units ( 2 armies, 1 corps, 1 Fighter, 1 Tac, 1 HQ) My secret card was the Italian corps coming from Chyprus. It landed in Palestin took Amman where no allied units could counter an invasion ( AI version needs a garrison there). Within the same turn I could bring the entire AfricaKorps there plus 1 italian bomber. The transport 24 action points may be tuned fine for Atlantic and Pacific moves but it is sort of easy to carry very big expeditionnary land forces on any Med shores in just one turn! I am not sure even a human player can react or prepare a defence against that unless he has uncontested air or naval supremacy or garrisons all around! Remember, unlike real life, the Axis units do not need a link to European ports. All I had to do is getting a port in the Middle-East! Suez naval communication was cut right away! Next turns saw a quick collapse of british forces. The 7th armoured was cut off at El-Alamein. Suez was taken. Cairo looked about to fall. Alexandria was pounded to rumbles. But it was not the end yet! All of sudden, Allied forces poored on Egypt. 2 carriers, 2 BB and 4 cruisers showed in front of Alexandria . One unit debarked in Suez port still held by the British and a second tankcorps appeared near Cairo -UK industrial center?- plus many Air units . So I sent over 2 fighters and 1 more bomber ( Germany has 2 bombers, 5 fighters and 2 tac in all) There was undecisive fight going on for about 4 months but superior tech ( tank lev2, Inf lev4, Antitank lev2) finally gave the Axis Cairo. ( August 41) To my surprise I received then 3 free Egyptian units ( 1HQ,1corps ,1 Flak). The mop up phase was still pretty tough and the british Air units + the HQ managed to escape toward southern Egypt while in the meantime my Italians in Khartoum were trying to hold against a 3 units attack with a SA HQ. Addis Abeba had repulsed a lone corps few turns earlier. Italian fleets suffered badly ( 1BB reduced to 1, 1 cruiser sunk) but so did the RN ( 2 Carriers reduced to half strength plus 1 BB and 1 cruiser down to 4, thanks to Air supremacy ( Axis 3 fighters, 2 bombers). REMARKS Carrier Air attacks on ground units are less effective ( intended effect fully endorsed ) but still deadly against air units. As a result, Carrier Air attack on land targets( except unentrenched land based Air units) are not worth it and quite dangerous if your Carrier is away of any friendly port for refitting. Carrier Air losses ( even 2 or 3 points only) leave the ships too vulnerable in any hot sea areas so players will have to refrain using their task force in this manner. Egyptian units, if any, should not be available that fast. Instead, I would have prefered ( for realism issue) a supply script affecting some other cities or village in Egypt-Sudan so, once Cairo fell, the british units still around had some replenishment problem. More to come soon for other theaters! masterclaude
  11. Well Nupremal! congratulation! Again, you are right and things work as predicted. I'm in november40. Indeed, Allied Narvik now do affect Norway convoy. Yes, the British armor evacuated Brest just on time but the AntiAir got burned. The Commando in Norway moved to Trömso but I lost its track, maybe it came back to Narvik. Maybe the AI moved air units to Middle east where I'm bringing more stuff namely air units and soon the Afrikakorps. Italians invaded Chyprus and caught a cruiser. A British army probed Bardia and was reduced to one point. This time this lone point survived 3 ships attacks in contradiction with my first impression over ships land attack capacity. Although I destroyed 1 british HQ,1 Tac air and it seems to be no more response from its bomber and fighters, I wont go for a Seelöwe knowing which unclement weather this season and the AI equation prepare for me. Usually ,on AI expert or even intermediate , weather is as bad as it could get for your side. I said I lost track of events because I don't always follow what the AI does on screen as I am pretty busy and AI turns got longer and longer, specially for naval reorganisation which lead us to the question John DiFool the 2nd raised above: more naval units might bug down the mod with the AI. That said, Allied Naval units have made mostly sensible moves not risking too much. Once a british carrier came close to the Belgium shores but none of my sea units have been bombarded in port so far in Arcachon, Bergen or Oslo, not even in Wileshaven. Same thing in the Med. Nupremal, I know I will the pay the price of my overcommitment in China, I sure wouldn't have done that against a human player and again you are right. The easy japanese walk is probably over. More and more chinese units appears in the spotting range of my bombers and more partisans popped up in the rear. Well, I still have the initiave in every aspects( Sian and swatow should fall next turn, the communist HQ was buried in the desert). Without motorization, japanese units are desperatly slow in moutains and desert, so you are right, I may not reach my objectives on schedule and redeploy for the East Asia onslaught. By the way, your Swatow scripts work well. China received 2-3 units via Swatow as far as I remember. China even launched a surprise offensive in summer 40 with 3 land units and one HQ ( all destroyed). At first glance, not a good move but forcing me to keep many reserve units behind my main thrusts just in case my forwards units get cut off. We usualy do that with a real partner not the AI so not bad after all. Research finally delivers some candies. Japanese got Artillery Lev1, Tank Lev1, Italians Air Lev1, Germans InfWeap. Lev3, Sub Lev2 . Ok thanks for reading, I have to go and looking forward a real game as soon as I got time. See you next friday. masterclaude
  12. France fell in september 40 even though Paris had been taken 4 turns ago. Since this mod has more units than vanilla scenarios, I wonder , according to the surrender formula including the number of units still in play for the country, how long a country capitulation could be delayed for that matter. Germany received a 399 mpp plunder. The British units in France will be doomed.- how about a Dunkirk script to reembark british units should Paris fall? I destroyed french units first to hasten Petain armistice. By the end, the French still held Lille and Vichy with Weygand HQ and and 4 land units mainly on the Maginot line. Italians occupied southern France up to Bordeaux. The landing of a british commando in Narvik was a good surprise but I did not bother chasing it for I saw no effect on the Norway mpp convoy and it cannot be a threat either way ( I have 4 land units in Norway ). I suggest here for the Allied AI a norwegian fall back capital in Bergen forcing german units to move inland and fight for few more turns The Royal navy did a good job to block my naval moves and keep me cautious with my transport because every now and then a ship unit would appear close to Norway or Denmark ( I lost a sub that way) I have 4 units as Eastern garrison in Poland.. The remainder is in or around France with 5 Panzercorps roughly equivalent to 2 panzerdivisions each ( historical strength) and 4 HQ. So far, Germany lost 2 armies( due mainly to naval bombardment on the shores, ships are still too strong in this regard and naval evasion rate of land units should be increased) and 1 Para corps. On the sea, I destroyed one BB with bombers and left many british destroyers depleted for the loss of the Scharnost and 1 sub. Graf spee still alive after a BB encounter reducing it from 8 to 5 but not very useful( taking on the average 3-4 mpp only per turn). A good and welcome change was the new land attack capacity of air units and carriers. They no longer erase units at will. Even a +1 experience didn’t give allied air forces enough punch to knock out any of the german land units. Same thing on my side where my Tac and 2 Heavy bombers and 4 fighters could not wipe out units, only substract a point strength here and there as it should be even on this scale. In Lybia, I brought some reinforcement but one corps got almost annihilited when it tried to bypass El alamein 7th armor position. The french fleet also hunted italian subs quite a bit reducing one to 4. On the diplomatic front, I have not tried anything but Hungary just joined in and the Allies can now count on South Africa and African British colonies.. I am really impressed by the depth and accuracy of this mod. Nupremal did not even forget the small french areas ( Nice and Savoie) annexed by the italian after the armistice. A couple of small abnomalies to adress here. Graziani HQ appears in the German OBB instead of the Italian one. There is 2 pop-up for the US neutrality zone. One for the Axis player, the other one for the allied player. I guess I should not be able to see the second one even though it is essentialy the same. On the chinese front, I brought in almost all available land units, bought all the corps and one more tank corps for an all out land offensive ( not my usual way there but for testing purpose). Results were achieved through early tech breakthrough in Inf weapons up to level 2. ( I invested maximum in tech both for Japan and Germany, only one **** possible at time. I feel in some areas, some countries should be allowed to 2 chits for instance USA- Industrial production, Lrange Air, Amphibious. Germany – Advanced Air- Rockets- UK – advanced AA, URSS – Production technology, Heavy tanks. So far, Germany despite its 1000 investment has not got much returns. Italy got nothing for its 500 investment ( sept40). In China Foochow fell and Swatow is soften. Good inland progress with many chinese units destroyed ( only 2 partisans pop-up so far) A vast pincer move is going on around communist China( using the rail to Baoto, I brought close to communist capital 5 land ( 2 armors) units and 1 HQ while in the Cheng Chow area 8 land units with 2 HQ and 6 air units ( 2 bombers, 2 tac , 2 fighters) crush the defenders. No losses for the Jap so far.. Nupremal did not put any road in central China, a wise choice because despite rough terrain and only few villages as staging supply sources, it was no problem to get deep inland. I suppose partisan activity should be intensified quite a lot. I had in a previous version of Nupremal mod tested basic offensive scripts for the Axis. It did not work. Here is why: We know vanilla scenarios literally squeezed units in a smaller map scale with a high unit density clugging frontline, specially in China. It is not arbitrary but a consequence and necessity of the game design. The only way to make the Ai perform well is based on static warfare since manoeuvers ( the weak point of all AI opponent) favor the attackers. As such, AI offensives seldom resort to manoeuvers but a merciless attritionnal warfare with inflated OBB and other bonuses where the overwhelmed human player must use gamey tricks to stop the ever flooding AI flow of units. In Nupremal mod, unit density is much lower ( except in France). You then have plenty of opportunities to go around stronpoints and isolate them. That is what I did in China and so far, it was a bit too easy. There is no blocus zone though affecting resources or supply. I would have used it for the chinese coastline and Malta. I guess there should be some in critical points to reflect historical inteference of naval superiority around places like Abyssinia or pacific island,etc. I failed to send screenshots. Can anyone please help me with this. I tried the manage file attachment in all sort of ways never getting anywhere! I can’t stress enough how screenshots are good appetizers for wargamers. If you want more guys to have a glance at this forum and eventually buy the game, I strongly recommend any gentleman of Fury beta or even Mr. Cater devote some times to this through AAR or such. O.K. got to go for 3 days. See you then masterclaude
  13. If you are interested in Nupremal World mod, i will give here a look at how it plays and invite you to comment here and there ( not on my playstyle, it isn't the issue!) over tweaks needed or oddities you may notice. The AI was set at50%+1. I think Exp+2 would not have been the best way to find out imbalance matters. In this first post, I'm trying to show through attached screenshots how Axis offensives works in the opening stage ( Sept39 to June40). I'm not familiar with this so I hope the pictures will be sent correctly. From my first impression, Fall Weiss and Fall Gelb works well with the same historical pressure on the Germans both in schedule, weather constraints and resources available. I could build 2 more panzercorps just on time for May 10th , keep air superiority with an additionnal fighter and brought in another HQ for better unit support and more flexibility, all in all, a realistic western front struggle. Poland fell in due time ( 2 turns) with adequate losses ratio, same thing for Danemark and Norway ( maybe too easy in this latter case). While new fortification and physical obstacles in Belgium and Netherland do involve a more methodical approach, it tends to give the right feel for this campaign. On June 7th, panzers are now encircling Paris meanwhile the Maginot line is untouched. Piercing the center( like the real Fall Gelb) seems the fastest, although not the safest, attack. Allied units might be a bit overated in here, limiting french tankcorps to one strike seems more historical no matter how many tanks they fielded. Lille and Reims present a new challenge as they anchor the northern allied frontline very well to the maginot line. Given SC2 entrenchement emphasis, it sure is justified in a AI game,but not in man-to-man game. My panzers suffered a lot as they were the spearheads and took all the pounding. An allied player could surely delay french defeat by many months thus making later german expansion somewhat problematic. Italy came right on time in play but there was no french army in Marseille. Is there a garrison script or a unit pop-up for that city? The U-boat war, considering the scale of this mod, need some boost in raid multiplier or units available( I favor the latter). I know Germany had less than 20 U-boats ready for atlantic operation in fall39 but my estimation of this effect on convoy lanes and Allied strategy in this mod is still far from what could be seen in history and would call for at least another U-boat in UK surroundings. Considering the rather slow pace of naval warfare in SC2, it is preferable to have many units representing smaller groups of vessels otherwise naval units are too predictable, easy to spot and destroy even on such a large map. Until may40, Germany has not many ppm to spare for the kriegsmarine so, for a more exciting game as well, that 3rd U-boat is a must. I'm running out of time. Got to work next hour. I'll complete this tomorrow for japan and screenshots. masterclaude
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