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  1. Largely on a par with CMx1, now that the Kharkov game has come out, or so I'm told. (I haven't installed either one yet.) The PCK forum is here: http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tt.asp?forumid=478 The PCOWS forum is here: http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tt.asp?forumid=265 (Although since this is the older game, there hasn't been as much action here recently as at the PCK forum.) Edited to add: PCK, like the various HPS game systems, features patching which works backward with PCOWS, so PCOWS got a substantial update when PCK came out. Now that CMC has been, let us say, indefinitely postponed {g}, I'm looking much harder at the Panzer Command series. It's clear from the forums that the overall quality is better than what was achieved with Theater of War 1; and for all practical purposes it features RobO's random campaign generator already built in. (Note: Rob's spreadsheet system has actually been set up with some moderate amounts of automation already, as I discovered yesterday when I took a closer look at it.)
  2. While we're waiting for various programmers around the internet to look into the source code for CMC and try to suss out what can be fixed, salvaged, etc. -- how about someone working up a shell program for RobO's CMBB and CMAK campaign generators? Or has that been done already by someone? (Granted, it would be slightly redundant now that Panzer Command:Kharkov has introduced a random campaign generator for PC:K and its predecessor Winterstorm. But still, a program to generate the numbers and help with the bookkeeping should be a feasible mediant step while we're waiting.)
  3. DAF, btw, I just submitted to each of the repositories (CMBB and CMAK) a zipped htm version of your Excel file. It looks a little odd, since the descriptions (and some author notes) now show the original line-breaks, which means that many listings have what seems at first to be empty rows between them and their previous entry, but those rows are actually for the descriptions to fully read out with paragraph returns. There's still a little text overlap, too, between columns, but not much; and the little that's there shouldn't be problematic.
  4. Never mind, found the legend at the bottom of the main CMBB and CMAK pages!
  5. Also, for goodness' sakes, let the designers get it right as far as possible the first time! I realize patch-fixes are almost a certainty, but does anyone really want them to repeat the problems with TOW and CMSF? Five more years is fine, so long as it's done right (or a close facsimile thereof). Take all the time y'all need, Moon.
  6. Oh, followup question, DAF: I realize that the black color coding must mean original CMBB and CMAK scenarios (i.e. the ones that shipped with the games). But there seems to be no explanation for what the other color codings mean. Help?? (The colored distinction between months of each year is not a problem, of course.)
  7. Ah! But then, none of those are remakes of Battlefront's own original scenarios. (Apparently...?) Thanks for the clarification. It certainly looks fun anyway! Obviously, part of the problem of finding remakes of original CMBO scenarios, is that "original" can be taken to mean "scenarios originally designed for CMBO but not part of Battlefront's original set". Plus, the ScenDepot information markers (unlike at B&T) don't have a search category for "CMBO remake" or whatever. Incidentally, I've downloaded Philippe's monstrous set of scenario packs now, so I should now be updated on most scenarios written for CMBB and CMAK up through 4th quarter 2007. Since he topically arranged and sorted the CMAK things, I ought to be able to find out (with a lot of work {sigh}{s}) which scenarios and operations are remakes of the original CMBO missions. Thanks again muchly for your help!
  8. Well, I found "All Or Nothing" and "Nijmegen" there, under your name. Did you rename the others? At B&T I found: "To The Last Man" (which I suppose is "Last Defense"), "Chambois", "Death of Titans" ("Fire and Maneuver"??), "Ardennes--Team DeSobry", and "Wilitz" (by someone else. {g}) Thanks for those, anyway! If you can think of any at ScenDepotII that you renamed, let us know.
  9. I'm not sure about PJPaul, but I can't find many "converted scenarios" available at the depot. DAF's (otherwise beautiful) Excel spreadsheet listing doesn't help in this regard either. Does anyone know of a listing of converted CMBO scenarios?
  10. I absolutely love DAF's listing (with help from Jan, of course--thanks to both of you!!) Um... but I can't for the life of me find any CMBB or CMAK (or CMBO for that matter) scenarios at CMmods.com. I mean that there are no links (I'm registered there, so I can see links to e.g. Shock Force scenarios. Mods for all three CMx1 games, yes, out the wazoo--including DAF's list, btw. {g} But no scenarios that I can find...) Did everything get moved to scenario depot?? Am I supposed to go somewhere else for Philippe's list? Is there a button I should be pressing that I'm not? Halps??
  11. I've slept several times since giving the new de-html'd translation {wry g}... so I have no idea what more might need to be done. (I seem to recall there was in fact more that needed to be done... sigh...) I should note, by the way, that I was never able to play any scenario other than Dunkirk. Which was terribly frustrating. (I mean not being able to play any other scenario, not the Dunkirk scenario itself, though I think I did lose... ) I have no idea why, and eventually I just gave up and uninstalled the thing again, after playing around with the local pilot game for a while. (Which still requires server access of some sort, of course.) Ironically, I only just last night got tired of squinting at my screen in the unusual resolution mode that the game requires you to run in (rather than automatically tweaking your screen's mode itself like practically every other game known to man since the 90s), and put it back to normal high-res. Ah, bliss... It's a dang shame. I love the game, love the playing system, love the campaign concept, kind of love the local quasi-campaign-rpg-group-managing system... Oh well. Busily pondering how to find revised versions of the original CMBO missions that will play in CMAK (with the new ETO/Normandy mod-collection sets)... And working my way through the Brothers In Arms series for the first time.
  12. Since it's conceivably possible I'm not the only person who is seeing a bunch of html coding in Madmatt's instructions, here are the instructions again without the coding. Note that in my own servers.config file, the only two changes I recall having to make, were changing the word 'online' after 'downinflames' to 'games' (as in, there are two games now, with the Eastern Front expansion), and changing the default from 'false' to 'true'. It might be best not to touch any of the other characters, just in case the system needs to read one kind of quote mark and not another kind (or whatever). My original config file also included two extra lines at the top, not mentioned in Madmatt's instructions: the first line set up xml version 1.0, and the second line set up encoding utf-8. I have no idea whether these are supposed to be left alone yet, or deleted. I'll try leaving them alone first, and then I'll see what happens. Otherwise, in this file I think the only thing that changes is 'online' becomes 'games' (as in the previous file), with that port address ':8888' right after '.com' before the other folder names. Hope this was helpful! Edited to add: yep, that worked! Only, launching the game doesn't automatically check for updates. You'll have to do that within the game from the help tab at the top menu along the window, or else go to the 'start' menu for Windows, find the Battlefront list, the Down in Flames list, and finally the Check Updates command.
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