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  1. I like CMSF. I got CMBO CMBB CMAK. I got CMSF and CMSF Marines too. I gonna buy CMSF Brits. I will love play with spanish units in the NATO Module. Thanks.
  2. Erw

    Looking for CMSF Opponent

    I want. Email to juandeacre2003athotmaildotcom I prefer use the Marines module. Regards
  3. Erw

    cmsf opponents!!!!

    Stromb Mail received. Looking for a good small battle for PBEM. MarkEra I'm interested in play with you and comment the impressions. ¿Could we play a PBEM game? I like a lot yours scenaries.
  4. Erw

    CMSF playroom :-)

    I can't edit my post about the 3th network. Ali Baba the only form to solve our differences is playing Tcps
  5. Erw

    CMSF playroom :-)

    Finally I can joined the 2nd NetWork. The problem was with non comercial and comercial evaluation versions.
  6. Erw

    CMSF playroom :-)

    Hamachi say me that the 2nd NetWork is full. I can't join. Don't know why. That's it because I create a 3th room. Salutes
  7. Erw

    cmsf opponents!!!!

    To Stromb and McBane. I want Those PBEM games. No more than 40 minutes, please. No problem with size, except Huge Scenarios and too much troops. I got CMSF and CMSF: Marines 1.11. Contact: juandeacre2003athotmail.com
  8. I got both and i love both too. But I prefer CMBB.
  9. Erw

    CMSF playroom :-)

    In the 1st Lobby of Hamachi there's no one. In the 2nd i can't join. I gonna begin another Hamachi Lobby Name CMSFLobby2 Pw: Air
  10. Erw

    CMSF playroom :-)

    Now in the first network looking for CMSF Marines 1.11 Tcp game. The 2nd network Hamachi tell that is full (only 50 members).
  11. Thx for the answer Moon. I only posted this with the intention of BTF knows the problem. Maybe contacting with Friendawe the problem could be resolved. I'm sorry with this situation and the problems of Russians fans, too. I know the better option is buy in BTF but casual players (or pro players who don't understand english) normally buy in Stores. Regards
  12. I'm saying that the buyers with this version of the game must use the crack with CMSF 1.08 to play ONWING the original game of the spanish version, of course. The other reality is simply that you can't play a game that you purchased. I got CMBO, CMBB, CMAK, ToW, 2 copies of CMSF (spanish and BTF version) and CMSF Marines. All originals, dude. I support BTF. I only want that BTF knows that the spanishs players who purchase the Paradox version in the spanish edition of Friendware can't play with the 1.08v and 1.10v because the game's protection don't run the game. The solution is purchase CMSF Marines but from the forums i come from (spanish CM sites) the people who got this problem is annoyed and this cause discomfort to buy the Marines when your original CMSF original don't run. I think thar BTF needs know this because the damage final is for BTF that is the developer. No all the people in Spain speaks english and they want buy the game in phisical Cd and the Instruccion in his native language. ¿If you got one game that don't run, do you gonna buy the modules that come after? Thx
  13. Pd. The game tells that the CD is not correct, don't recognize it and don't run.
  14. Hi The Spanish version of CMSF published by Friendware (Paradox Version) don't work with the patch 1.08 and 1.10. The spanish buyers are deceptionated and angry about this. The game manual is cutted (no Editor Tutorial, and Usa and Siria Units and weapons description). I got the two versions of the game, The BTF edition and Paradox (Friendware edition) i can play but the people is hot about this. They coming playing CMSF 1.08 using the crack when they got the original game. Please Help. Thx
  15. Congratulations Just Played. Very Nice Scenary. I obteined a Draw.