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  1. I cannot find the Jagdpanzer IV (Late) from the mission editor or the quick battle force purchase. Seems to me it is missing from the game even if it's in the manual.
  2. Thanks for help, they indeed work just fine.
  3. Hello, When I buy trenches in quick battles I can't change their facing during setup, is this a bug or intended? Sandbag walls for example allow me to change the facing. This makes it hard to utilize trenches because I can't put them side to side to make long trenches. Other than this little oddity I've enjoyed the game very much
  4. I love this game! Big Thank you to everyone who was involved in the development.
  5. I think during the WW2 because of the static defense doctrine the attacker often could anticipate where the main defense position was. Thus they could precalculate a suitable trajectory solution prior to an attack for every fire unit. The defender also knew where the attack would likely come from and could do some predetermined firing solutions aswell.
  6. Yeah hamachi is a handy tool to find opponents, it has a chat feature too so makes matches easy to choose sides and map etc. I would like to request someone with editor skills to make a Human vs. Human multiplayer mappack for Marines module. Similar to MarkEzra's multiplayer pack with many maps/sizes and I would be so grateful.
  7. Installed Marines. Fired up scenario USMC Day at the beach as Blue. It started with a bang, had very much fun with it. Best CMSF expirience(so far) ended with 1 KIA 6 Wounded. I'm very impressed so far! The game has really taken big step(s) forward!
  8. I get the out of memory error if I have Fraps running. Closing Fraps solves the problem for me. I hope this helps.
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