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  1. They appear as a build option once you've research higher classes of infantry (may be level 3 or 4).
  2. If it wasn't much I probably wouldn't mind - but it is not at all.
  3. I've tried it on all difficulty levels many times, and with one, two, three and more opponents. Following up on Brit's comments about AI personality, I almost always play as the US, and my opponents are almost always China and the EU. I wonder if that might be the issue, as perhaps these personalities don't use airpower much.
  4. I didn't want to hijack the AI airstrike thread, so I thought I'd ask this question here: are the AI personality settings Brit mentioned in that thread user configurable? I couldn't see an option for it in the editor.
  5. It looks like some people are seeing it, but some people aren't. That's why it's a problem.
  6. Hi Brit, thanks for the reply. If that is the case it must be set exceedingly low. I've played dozens of hours and not seen a single one, nor any air defence (fighter or AA). I agree with Rich that it would be nice if these core AI functions were your priority if you are planning another update. I've had this game pretty much since it first came out, and I play it for a few hours and then put it away again for a months or more in disappointment with the AI's competitiveness, even at Elite difficulty. I keep coming back to it because there is nothing else like it on the market, but then put it aside again after a couple of games hoping the patches will improve its competitiveness.
  7. I might just add that I saw an AI city once, in their rear area, that had a few planes stacked up, so I know they build them sometimes. However, I never saw them fly, even in defence of their city when I was about to capture it.
  8. In all the many hours I've played this game I've yet to see the AI conduct a single airstrike or use a fighter in defence. I'm surprised after so many patches this hasn't been addressed, and I'm wondering if it ever will be. This is after playing on all the difficulty settings several times.
  9. I want to play a friend of mine online. I have the retail version, but he has the demo version. Is it possible for us to play together? The game says he has build 248 and I have 249, and won't let me select him as a player, even though he has the most recent update.
  10. Hi Brit, I've been a supporter of this game since it first came out, as you can tell from my post history, so I hope you take my following comments in that spirit. Also, I've appreciated your responsiveness and regular updates: a lot of more established developers could learn something from you in that regard. I very rarely play multi-player, so the performance of the AI is key for me in any game I play. Although it doesn't do a bad job, several months post-release the AI seems unable to do some things I would typically expect of it in a game like this. Most importantly, I've yet to see the AI effectively use airpower consistently, and it does not appear to be able to engage in meaningful diplomacy. Hopefully these will be addressed in the future, but I'll put the game aside until then I think. Now, of course, I understand the "there is no perfect AI" argument. But I would argue that the current AI does not push the limits of what is technically feasible in a PC game. The question comes down to an allocation of resources of course. Here Plugger might have a point (although I thought most of his observations were worth consideration): So, going forward, perhaps an investment of what I expect are very limited marketing and development resources to promote and extend the game in either the single-player or multi-player direction might make your proposition clearer to potential buyers. Good luck with it!
  11. Well I guess I'm in the minority with regard to disagreeing with this. Since there never seems to be a way to trade maps with the AI no matter what you offer, you spend the whole game playing blind. I suppose some players enjoy that, but I don't. I agree that in Civ when you get a player ranking very early on, before you've ever made contact or even know who the other races are, that is a bit of a spolier. But once you've been in contact over a number of years basic information about another player seems quite natural. In my opinion, in EoS, not having even the most basic information about which cities the other players own seems forced and unrealistic. Still, no one seems to be agreeing, so I guess I'll leave it at that.
  12. One way to handle it without lots of extra AI code might be to make the penalty for doing such a thing really high. I'm not sure if the game tracks reputation, but someone who pulls that kind of stunt (e.g. using the alliance to move troops in then do a sneak attack) should be a pariah for the rest of the game, e.g. ejected from the community of nations and not able to trade with other players or make diplomatic agreements unless they were strongly in the interest of the other party.
  13. "Are you saying that you wanted to nuke a city which is owned by PlayerX, but that city has already been captured by PlayerY, and now your nuking the other PlayerY instead of PlayerX - but you don't find out until the turn is processing?" I think you mean this is in the sense that Player X actually owned the city and Player Y captured it mid-turn while the missile was inbound. I don't mean that case (although it is an interesting one), I mean the case when my intel tells me Player X owns the city but after the turn is over the game tells me I've just conducted a sneak attack against Player Y (since they were the actual owners of the city since it had changed hands some time ago). "If you have sneaked attacked a player once, the next attack is automatically set as sneak attack without any warning. Could that be the issue here?" That's certainly possible, but I don't remember exactly: I had conducted a sneak attack a lot earlier in the game and it may have been against them. "The other option would just be to say that players should be very sure of who they're nuking." I'm wondering if this isn't the right answer the more I think about it, otherwise I could use the nukes as an exploit to check who owned what cities. However, this brings up another issue. It would be nice to have an option to make city ownership, and even estimates of overall economic and military strength of an opponent, available at all times regardless of intel status. IRL, I don't need to send spy planes and satellites over Beijing to know it is Chinese, or what their GDP or rough army size is, but I do to find out specific military deployments and facilities information.
  14. When I select to attack a city with a nuke it doesn't give the sneak attack warning that allows me to cancel the attack as with conventional weapons. I only get the message after the turn starts executing which is of course too late. I've twice now accidentally started wars with unintended sneak attacks as I though I was attacking another player (based on old intel). Is it possible to fix this?
  15. Thanks for pitching in on this Osprey. Although the AI might have some reasons in the case you mention above not to ally (e.g. it perceives you as weak and wants to attack), the case I had was that I was the biggest kid on the block, it was the smallest, we didn't share a border, and it was at war with two bigger nations, it was about to be destroyed, and I wasn't at war with anyone (plus we were BFF and I was giving tons of oil). Surely, this has to be a very good reason to ally. I must say, I'm a bit surprised after so many months after release that diplomacy is still not WAD.
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