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  1. Hi rocketman, I used gmaps for terrain and satellite overlays, and then relied on MacDonald's descriptions (and my own experience of the area) to add foliage and terrain tiles. I'm not especially pleased with the end result but it should do. I'll probably go over it several times before I'm fully satisfied. If you want to check it out, any suggestions are more than welcome! The master map is 1520x2000. Ideally I would like to reduce foliage and add craters (caused by US arty) in subsequent scenarios as the battle progresses. True, the inclines are too steep in many places even for infantry, which, while historical, makes the map unplayable in many areas. To avoid that, I spaced the "direct" input in elevation mode (black tiles) when following the altitude lines of the overlay map. If you draw a continuous line of "black" altitude markers on each and every tile, you will see a lot of horizontal lines of impassable rock slabs in 3D preview that make the map look horrible and prevent any vertical movement of infantry trying to climb the hill. If you space those "black direct inputs" every four or five map tiles, some of the slabs will be pierced here and there and the overall effect is a more "rounded" map. However, you still have to deal with impassable tiles and horrid-looking spikes everywhere... To try to solve that, a trick I used in one battle in particular was to draw vertical footpaths wherever those rock slabs prevented movement or created choke points. Again, not aesthetically ideal but it works. I'll send you a message for those resources, yes!
  2. Hi everyone, I've had an obsession with "Monte Altuzzo" for quite a while after reading MacDonald's book Three Battles a few years ago. With RtV out, I couldn't resist temptation and had a go (once again) at the scenario editor. I drew a master map of the entire area and then carved out small maps to create four scenarios depicting the action that took place on Sept. 13, 1944, which I've almost finished. (The actual battle went on for four more days. I might keep going if I have the energy...) These are Allied v. AI scenarios with a feeble attempt at A.I. plans for the Germans. Rather than actual scenarios I would call them "companion scenarios" to Three Battles following MacDonald's narrative as closely as possible. Just to give you a better idea, this is the Designer's Notes I will probably include in all four: "This battle is part of a series called “Break-Through at Monte Altuzzo” depicting the action described in the book Three Battles: Arnaville, Altuzzo and Schmidt (pgs. 103-247) by Charles B. MacDonald. All scenarios are historical and should be played as Allied v. AI. No balancing effort has been made in terms of forces available for h2h purposes. The scenarios are an attempt at a historical depiction of the 338th Infantry Reg. assault on the Gothic Line between Sept. 13 and Sept. 17, 1944. This means that in some battles you might, for example, be facing overwhelming odds, while in other scenarios you will be fighting against a broken enemy previously wiped out by an artillery barrage (which was in fact a major factor in the American Army's ultimate success). Historical participants are marked with an asterisk (*)." While they are "historical" scenarios (i.e. very possibly unbalanced) I still need general feedback and would like them to be enjoyable for the single player. How does one go about searching for testers and publishing scenarios these days? Is anyone here interested? Thanks! enrico
  3. Hi! These look great. I'd like to use the "F flag patch" portraits if only I knew how. So I unzipped the downloaded file and dropped the "F flag patch" folders (G folders for the Germans?) into my z folder, but nothing happens. Then I dropped all the single files into the z folder, directly, putting them all together without their F folders and still nothing happens. I know my z folder is the correct one as I use a modded splashscreen and it works fine. I must be doing something wrong. Do I have to rename files? Do I have to use rezexplode and rezpack (that would be a bridge too far for me I'm afraid)? Sorry, old fogey here. Thanks for your help.
  4. Freyberg, These look great. Nice job! I wish the real places looked like that! Have you uploaded the maps somewhere?
  5. Yes! He did not just write it as a side remark. He made an official announcement! The wait is on. And I will throw an epic tantrum (complete with foot-stomping, head-banging, fist-waiving, ugly mug-displaying) if CMPTO is not out by March 1, 2027. 😉
  6. Interesting thoughts and what-if scenario. Although Mussolini was a bloviating anti-communist, anti-capitalist revolutionaire bent on heroic conquests in imitation of Alexander the Great as if he were an ancient Roman emperor. He had to go out with a bang! Check out this recently found footage that has baffled historians.
  7. Great CMFI modules and add-ons to look forward to! Other features I'd really be happy about in a Gothic Line module (as a beginner-level map designer of sorts...): - CMFI-GL foliage upgraded to a northern Italian climate, more lush and green. - slopes, a Gothic Line module should be able to represent the historical battles fought on the steep inclines of the northern Apennines (Altuzzo, Monte Battaglia, etc.). Right now the map editor seems to be more suitable to flat land or smooth rises. It allows all types of slopes of course, but when you go over a certain gradient, the editor creates a terraced map that is impassible both for vehicles and infantry in many places (unless you build a road). In most cases it doesn't look right and prevents the representation of historical engagements. - houses: a revamp for northern Italy. I know these things can be modded but I'd be surprised to see the same set of Sicilian modular houses in a Gothic Line module. - churches and steeples: Right now the map editor only provides one type of church and one type of steeple. That might be okay for Holland but not Italy!!! I'd also add an array of monasteries and chapels to the editor if at all possible. They do form an essential part of the Italian landscape, whether in the north or in the south. - roads: I'd be glad to see some sort of mountain footpath in dense forest (thinking of partisan warfare here). I'd also be happy to see a "switchback" tile added. That would be great for the mountain scenarios I expect to see in a Gothic Line module. Also, when drawing roads that are not at a right angle you are forced to draw zig-zagging lines. Any improvements here? Perhaps in CM 4.0? - Italian partisans: great! My grandfather just gave a sigh of relief. He didn't really feel like turning on the left side... in his grave Great job!
  8. Unfortunately I coudn't get this to work. Always had a CTD.
  9. More screenshots at the WeBob website! :cool:
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