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  1. There are OOB issues in (at least) the next two scenarios after this one too; watch out. It's really not good enough when part of a paid for bundle! The map is lovely, though I do agree that the forces you're given are rather low for the amount of enemy encountered - I only managed a tactical defeat in the end, I got the sawmill and the manor house/chateau and ran out of time. The Jellalabad objective is quite large and I didn't notice it went on up into the village which I neglected to clear.
  2. I believe that is false; All the modules are compatible with v4 of the engine. I also think that almost all (and possibly all - I've not checked them all) of the standalone missions have been updated - but I am not quite so sure. The campaigns have been updated with the exception of the Brit campaign which I'm assuming will be completed reasonably soon.
  3. Is ammo sharing only within platoon? Or can Company level assets share ammo?
  4. And presumably a reasonably quick one to fix if one has the campaign files unpacked?
  5. That sounds like my problem; are the troops supposed to be from the previous battle throughout or are they fresh each time? Who designed the scenarios?
  6. I've just completed the second mission - great map btw, loved it and loved the contrast after the huge battle in the 1st. However, I noticed that the platoon in the second mission was missing its HQ unit. When I finished it, the lorried infantry in the 3rd mission are also missing their platoon HQs. Is this deliberate? I'm fairly sure that I didn't lose any platoon HQs in the first mission, and in any case, I'm not sure it's the same regiment. So oversight? Or are all the lieutenants enjoying the local bars whilst they send their troops off to capture Amiens?
  7. That's weird - my game actually looks elsewhere for the files - is there a setting I changed?
  8. Hi, is there any way of changing the folder that CMBN looks in for scenarios, campaigns, saved games etc? I have a new hard drive and I'm hoping that a ssd will speed up loading times for the large files, but can't work out how to move it, Thanks
  9. My current opponent seems to have fallen through - does anyone have any room for a game? I like to play allied if possible, platoon up to reinforced company size ideally. I'm not keen on too many house rules, I've got the modules but no vehicle pack or scenario pack. Many thanks, 7thGalaxy
  10. @Warts 'n' all Thanks - I was wondering more about the non 'what if' versions of these - apparently the author made some - according to the scenario briefing at least.
  11. Thanks - I'll grab it. I notice that there are a few battles which have been made at the same time as MG but were released online only - the battle for the eerde dunes and cut off at koevereag - where can these be found now?
  12. I was wondering if anyone had any favorite scenarios for CMBN, particularly MG? I rather enjoy combined arms attacking scenarios, UK forces, but other than the ones released with MG there don't seem to be many out there? Cheers
  13. I'm playing through the Road to Monteburg, I'm having some trouble with my arty observation, it is quite clear that the units have line of sight, as they have line of fire and are spotting. I'm unable to use the same units (HQ units) to call indirect fire on the units which they themselves can use direct fire! This is quite frustrating, as it makes it very hard to call arty down on enemy positions in hedgerows, does anyone have any suggestions? I'm also struggling with having units get a man or two stuck and left behind . Are there any particular situations which cause this? Is it just this map? Thanks,
  14. Hi, I'm interested in playing CMRT, or CMBN+CW+MG (no BP or VP), PBEM QB or scenario. I'm relatively inexperienced. Is there a CMHelper type program still maintained? Thanks Tom
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