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  1. Hi, I'm interested in playing CMRT, or CMBN+CW+MG (no BP or VP), PBEM QB or scenario. I'm relatively inexperienced. Is there a CMHelper type program still maintained? Thanks Tom
  2. Hi I'm enjoying the new AI for 4.0 - infantry on the whole seem a load better. I couldn't find a I have been playing through the campaign - I know the troops are not experienced, so they are a bit brittle. Nonetheless, I've noted some odd things when a squad bugs out: 1- Running towards the enemy - I had a piat team ambush an enemy tank, then have fire returned which killed the piat operator. The other member bugged out - fair enough. Rather than running backwards, or trying to bury himself, he ran towards the tank, past it, over a courtyard and into a house on the other side of the street. This seems unlikely. 2 - Running out of cover back into the kill field - here a squad, assulting a position, gets a couple of casualties. Again, fair enough that they bug out, but rather than hunkering down in the bocage they were in, and trying to stay out of the fire, they all leap up and run back over the field of fire of a MG, all getting killed. I'd have expected them to basically try to hide in position, as they were pinned. 3 - bugging out after killing entire enemy squad -squad loses a couple of men, but manage to kill all germans, having killed all germans, run back 50 yards, past a load of available cover. Right in front of them was a house with friendly troops in. If they were going to bug out, they'd have surely gone into the house they'd just seen their squad mates go into.
  3. Hey, I'm up for PBEM, medium QB ideally if you'd like one, send me a message. I am, however, often away at weekends so I can't necessarily manage a 48 hour turnover. Usually within 24 though. Thanks Tom
  4. The only thing that I can think of as a downside for the multiple base games thing is the sheer number of executables and patches you'll have to maintain. Hopefully the new launcher will help with this - keeping all of the fronts grouped together would be useful.
  5. If we're already up to 3.11 do we redownload the update & install again?
  6. Hi There seem to be a few probe maps where the setup zones have been switched. I can provide a save. Thanks
  7. I was talking about the British Battlecruisers. The ammo handling was a cause, but the lighter armour certainly didn't help in a fleet battle situation. The point remains that they didn't fare well when used outside of the situations they were specced for.
  8. Of course, in defense of the swivellers, for a thin armoured ship to be in a place where armour matters, or a HUMVEE to be in direct fire, some sort of misuse of that thing is happening. The Battlecruisers are a good example - made to defend and attack merchant shipping - excelled at that. Not designed to go head to head in a line of battle situation - blew up.
  9. Hmm, I know BF have their reasons for this but it is annoying - how many base games will we have to own in the end! Maintaining and upgrading each one, figuring out who has what when playing PBEM. I'd much prefer it if there was a generic East Front, West Front, Italy base game, that modules expanded through the years. It's not like they don't have the ability to select different times/theatres for the different TOEs. It'd make maintaining the games much easier for everyone. Either that, or having a common launcher with news feed and auto patching would go some way towards helping. But I'm pretty sure this has been discussed many thousands of times.
  10. I see - I've got a lovely image of my 19 man scout platoon carrying 3000m of cabling with them now
  11. Hi I know these 'lumped together' question threads can be a bit cumbersome, but I've been searching the forums and can't find answers to them easily! So here goes: I was surprised to find that HQ units with no coms to higher units (say a scout platoon a couple of km into the map) were still able to communicate with mortars. This seems odd - unless they had some very very fast runners! Is this WAD? I was under the impression that you'd have to have some sort of c2 to call in a fire support mission. Playing through the Russian campaign, currently on the mission where you have to defend the river crossing until the heavy tank company turned up. Well, they turned up... directly under fire from the stugs, and with the tank descent company still perched on top. Now this is fine - although you'd have thought they might have scouted and not just driven up as if on parade. What's tricky is this - I want to dismount the company, there's no point them sitting on top in a tank battle, but I can't seem to work out how to order them off before the tanks move -if both units have movement orders, the vehicle executes its ones first - even if I pop a pause in. This means the tanks sit there and get pelted by 75mm AT rounds, which mostly bounce, but every time I've tried to get the 'meta order' (order of orders) correct, I've lost at least one to a lucky penetration. Or should I just be engaging with my troops perched like lemmings? Third question - would anyone like a PBEM QB? Thanks in advance
  12. Ok, well, scenario is Evil Be to Him - and I'm playing German forces defending against a variety of different British Armoured cars. I have 2 20mm armed armoured cars, and 2 MG armed ones, I think 7.9mm. I also have infantry who have a number of 7.9mm machine guns. I'm having trouble getting the machine gunners to engage the British armoured cars - even with clear LOS and LOF (although I admit that this can be hard to check), and this includes both the car mounted machine guns and the infantry ones. I assume that there is some point in them attacking the armoured cars, as they don't have complete protection against MG bullets - or even rifle bullets for that matter - as far as the little diagrams go.
  13. Does no-one have any idea what I'm doing wrong? It's making my current scenario very tricky, as I've got to repel armoured cars with infantry, and none of the MGs seem interested in shooting at them!
  14. They were already opened up - and as far as I'm aware, unsighted by the enemy, in a partial hull down position.. I guess that might be the problem - no LOF, but it looks reasonably clear.
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