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  1. Nope, you're wrong. Go play one quick armor battle and see for yourself- your junk will be only designated as "Destroyed", enemies - "KO".
  2. "Destroyed" means the very same as "Knocked out", the difference is that the first one is only used for firenldy vehicles, the latter- for hostile.
  3. From my experience, it definitely does.
  4. I played this one H2H at 1.08 version as Blue and won tactical victory. I bypassed enemy moving deeply through forest at right flank, leaving small overwatch forces at a tall building at the road. My M1s, Strykers and arty smashed enemy with overwhelming concentrated firepower at distances of 300-1000m while infantry relatively easy took ground from suppressed Syrians.
  5. I've played a few PBEM games (v1.08) recently and I found that ammunition in certain weapons never ends. This includes: - machine guns (both crew-served and vehicle mounted) - BMP weapons (ATGM and autocannon) - 40mm Stryker-mounted grenade launcher Are there any chances that this will be fixed in 1.10?
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