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  1. Now you've done it. Of course I had to go watch the video, now I am itching to get CMFI, as well. I've been trying to hold out until they release the unified installer for it. Must, have, patience...
  2. That wouldn't be any challenge... I'm garbage at these games, even though I've played for years. I can barely make a dent in the AI, a human opponent would destroy me. For some reason I keep playing, and I'm slowly starting to study some tactics and learn the equipment, but it's like I'm still a kid playing with (virtual) army men.
  3. To paraphrase your own reply... I don't know where you got that I was angry, but I didn't ever suggest anything regarding that. If you can't see that a clearly snarky reply to a question that was already politely answered over 4 hours before said reply would be viewed as condescending, then I got nothin'. My reference to the older post was merely surprise that an issue that affected more than a few users that merited an 11 page thread was never confirmed as fixed, and the new poster left hanging was a little ominous. I was not looking for an immediate answer, but I think it is safe to assume a four month old question from another poster was not going to be answered on it's own, so I reiterated it to bump it to the top and get more eyes on it. Whaddaya know, it worked, before your intervention. Yet, you still felt the need to "correct" me, even though the question was already answered. Since we're sharing self-help, here's a site you might find helpful, and you are welcome, as well. http://www.wikihow.com/Stop-Being-a-Condescending-Person Have a super day, yourself.
  4. Wow, many years too late, but somehow I missed your question at the time. I doubt you care about this anymore, but just in case, and in case someone new stumbles across this looking for a solution... Yes, I did notice a big change in performance. I think the problem you encountered is because your folder settings in Windows had "Hide extensions for known file types" selected. When you renamed it "Africa.bin.exe" the OS was hiding the .exe and showing you "Africa.bin" as an application even though that wasn't the full file name. If you unselect the "Hide extensions" option, you'd then see the full filename, and would have the ability to delete the .exe after whitelisting it in the NVidia control panel. I don't know the repercussions of leaving the .bin file with an .exe extension when running the game, but possibly that accounted for you not noticing a performance increase.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to compose a completely condescending, and non-helpful reply, but someone not so full of themselves already politely answered my question with useful information. Having been a Battlefront fan since CMBO, I am well aware of the purpose of the forum structure, and given that this was a problem that seemed to be largely reported by end users, and at least not initially reproducible by Battlefront, I assumed those users would be the best place to determine if the problem had been solved. I fully researched the knowledgebase and the forums and did not find the answer before posting. I would think the fact that I found an over four month dormant thread to post in rather than starting a new topic would be evidence that I had tried to research the problem on my own, but I guess not. I also dug deeply into "main forum pages" that you, for some reason, assumed I didn't want to read, and found the cryptically titled thread "Any news?" that dealt with this issue, and that thread devolved into joke telling without ever providing an answer as to whether the problem had been fixed. Since that thread's last post was more than eight months dormant, and since this was a technical issue, I made the judgment call that this would be the proper forum for my question... forgive me. Finally, since I don't yet own CMRT, I didn't think it was necessarily appropriate to open a support ticket on my experience with the demo as a first attempt. I figured a solution to a problem first reported by users would best be answered by the users that experienced the problem. Crazy me. But please, resume your thread-policing, and dressing down low post-count members that aren't conforming to your view of the forum structure. Sorry to disturb you.
  6. Great news. It was really disconcerting to come across in the CMRT demo, but since I didn't have the same problem in my full CMBN 3.11 build I was hopeful it had been fixed in RT, as well. Thanks for the information.
  7. No one responded to nslcole's post from four months ago, and I, too, have experienced this bug trying the CMRT demo. Has it been fixed yet in the full version of RT? I know Battlefront does not typically update demo's, but in this case, someone new to the series that gets this bug could be really turned off by the experience, and that could lead to lost sales. Most importantly, though, I want to make sure it has been fixed in the full version before I consider buying.
  8. Thanks. Everything went smoothly, and 3.11 is up and running.
  9. Sorry to start a new topic, but after reading the knowledge base and previous forum posts about upgrading, it still gets confusing with all the different permutations possible. I just want to make sure I do this right the first time. A year ago I bought the CMBN Big Bundle, which included the Commonwealth and MG modules and the v2 update. It only came with one license key, which for some reason (documented in another thread) was never used, as it never asked for activation. So, I currently have a working install on my computer that is version 2.12. I am purchasing the version 3 update and the vehicle pack. I gather I will have to download the large unified installer, and will get two new license keys (one for v3 and one for the vehicle pack). I understand there is no un-license procedure like there was with CMSF, but do I need to uninstall my current game, or do I just re-install the new package over my old installation? Assuming I am correct so far, after the reinstallation, is this the correct activation procedure... First run, enter the v3 license key, close program. Use Activate Modules shortcut and enter the vehicle pack license key. Use Activate Modules again and enter the Big Bundle license key, which should activate both modules. Is this correct, and should that cover everything?
  10. I would like to add that I purchased the big bundle yesterday and had the same experience. I followed the installation instructions included in the download, no errors on the install, and no activation request on first load. The game loads, and seems to play, just fine. The title screen shows v2.12 and both modules, and content from both modules is in the Battle list. I share the OP's concern, do we need to be worried about never activating the game?
  11. Don't know if you are still around or looking for the answer, but I found the quick fix you asked about... http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=105272
  12. I don't know if anyone still plays or cares, but I found a fix for notebooks with nVidia Optimus chipsets that can't get the TOW series to use the discrete graphics. For the original TOW, it is a simple matter of whitelisting the exe in the nVidia control panel, but for the later games, this has no effect due to the bin files used. Today, however, I discovered a simple workaround. In each games directory there is an executable file for the game, and a bin file with the same name (i.e. Africa1943.exe and Africa1943.bin for TOW2 - Africa). The nVidia control panel only lets you whitelist exe files, not the bin files needed here. To get around this simply rename the bin file to add '.exe' to the end (i.e. change Africa1943.bin to Africa1943.bin.exe). Next, add the renamed .bin.exe file to the nVidia control panel whitelist. Finally, rename the .bin.exe file back to it's original name *.bin (i.e. Africa1943.bin). The nVidia control panel won't care about the rename, and will still recognize and use the .bin file. That's all there is to it, and repeating that process for all the TOW games will give you full benefit of your Optimus chipset.
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