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  1. hi i am looking for about two new opponents who will be willing to play iether a mirror battle or two games, one Allied one German. Only problem is i am normaly away on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, but on the other 4 days i can play a number of turns a day. i hope i hear from someone soon as can not wait to play some CW Forces PBEMs
  2. i agree with Para, when i want to blast wall or bocage, i quick move to where i want to blast, give a blast comand to troops but not through wall or bocage but perpendicular to it, on the same side, the troops will then blast a hole and not go through it.
  3. hi i have seen in previous games that even if you can spot a target, with your tank, but not get a line of sight in PBEM, the tank will still fire on the taget it can see without LOS, and this is okay and all good. The problem i have had in one or two Pbem games is that i have two situations i do not understand; I have a 75mm sherman hidden behind a bocage 203m directly infront of a STUG III G (mid), i have LOS but indicates Partially Hull Down so i target the Stug and wait, over 3 turns went by and my tank never fired, just sat there with a red taget line to the Stug and never changed from spotting to aiming, at the end of three turns i gave the targeting order again with the same result, my tank never fired. The exact same thing happened to a 76mm sherman targeting a Panther at 431m directly infront of my tank hidden behind bocage. Both german tanks where facing directly at my tanks so it was a shot to the frontal armour of there tanks. The only reason i can think of is that in the game the tank crew will not fire unless they are within kill range of there main gun of the specific target, if so could someone from bfc please, sometime after the release of Common Wealth Forces model, give us some details on the effective kill ranges that are used in the game, just generaly. As it would be very usefull in game play to know your 75mm or 76mm sherman will not fire until within a certain distance of a panthers frontal armour. Before anyone asks i lost the saved games that show it but am still playing the game so i have details of distances and vehicles involved, but can not show actual events.
  4. maybe we should get our very own BFC groundhog, like Punxsutawney Phil, to forcast the arrival of CM games, the only problem is i think groundhogs only predict 6 weeks, and i can not wait 6 weeks :mad:
  5. hi moon i take from the above comment that we get a printed common weath forces manual, if we choose hard copy and download option, is this correct as it makes a big difference to me as if we get a disc only i will download only and if we get a printed manual i will buy hard copy and download. i know it sounds wierd that a simple few page printed booklet means so much to me but it does and i am willing to pay the extra in shipping for it eventhough i live in uk so shipping is not cheap. thanks
  6. i run win7 but i always change the directory to c: directly when installing then everything goes under c:CMSF, all files even incoming and outgoing files for pbem games also gets around win7 restrictions and keeps everything to do with the game in one place and is easy to access.
  7. hi all i am the one who pointed this out to chaos49, but lost my password to forum so he posted for me, i will try and explain what i mean by the bug if you have a Canadian squad of 8 men armed with two light support weapons, two granade launchers, and 4 men with standard assult rifles, and you arm them with two SRAAW rocket launchers, then you have a squad armed with two SRAAW's, two granade launchers, and 4 men with standard assult rifles. in a firefight i have not seen SRAAW armed troops put down SRAAW and change to thier light support weapon, so in the game if you arm yourself with SRAAWs you lose the use of the light support weapons, surely it would be better if the SRAAWs where aquired by the standard assult rifle armed troops instead of the light support weapon armed troops.
  8. hi Scipio, the main difference is that quick battles, i have played are normaly good maps but have setup zones that are somewhat limiting and the objectives are normaly train objectives, in especialy quick battles that have both sides attacking, it becomes more a case of race to the objective and hold, as you normaly know where the oponents troops will start from. with this system you can even give setup zones where not expected thus giving greater flexability, while still letting the person choose there own troops and giving more objectives and troop scoring factores that are left out of quick battles. hi Stingray unfortunately i do not get much time anymore to make maps except the odd occasion and then normaly big maps but if you get time try playing with quick battle maps in editor, all you need to change is the setup zones and and objectives, then save under new name, the editor is really fun to use, but abit tricky at first.
  9. First let me explain, i hate quick battles because they are normaly in my opinion like capture the flag type battles, so what i did was make my own map, set proper objectives, and setup zones in editor (all the usual things except choosing troops) then rename file to make it into a quick battle map and place it in the quick battle folder. then i start it up letting both sides see map preview (only problem i found was that setup zones for german forces did not show up in preview on german side but solved by choosing any troops and entering set up phase to see setup zones, then exiting and restarting to choose troops.) i set to huge battle so you get most points to purchase troops with and set to max time (which is 2 hours) can this please be increased ? in future patches. it may sound a complicated way of setting up battle but it gives a whole new dimention to pbem play as you get to see objectives and then also get to chose your own troops for the battle. something a normal game does not have, so it is a mix between a good battle map and being able to chose troops like quick battle. Thanks again to bfc for a epic game and a fully functional quick battle system
  10. using flashget been running for about 30 min and half way through download all i did was open fastget and open add file then went to download link bfc gave me and right clicked and copy as shortcut and fastget opened it
  11. hi chaos49 has asked me to help clarify his question as he is not completely fluent in english what his question is we have started pbem battles in the normandy demo and are asking when the game is released will we be able to transfer our demo EMA files to the full game and play them to completion in full game or will we have to finnish it in the demo game thus having to switch between demo and full games
  12. hi i was just wondering if i have hit a bug or am just hitting the size limates of CMSF game engine. i have designed a few battles over the years but never published them as i never feel they are ready but i designed one battle lately that is giving me problems in testing, its a 2500m by 1400m map and is a blue side is over a battalion in strenth and red has abit more troops. the latest PBEM save is 134mb, so it is a bit of a large battle. My computer handles it fine with no freezing but sometimes the saved game shows up in the incoming folder but not in the in the saved games list in the game its self, thus i have to play the turn again and make less moves. is this a bug or is it just that i am reaching the limits in size of PBEM battles ? thank paul
  13. i install different versions on my computer so at pressent i have cmsf 1.21 (marines and british) and nato 1.30, so i can finnish old games, just install them to a different folder on your hard drive and name differently. saved games are transferable but looks like some building in transfered games now have no windows and doors, so i don't think it is posable to properly play v1.21 games in v1.30
  14. hi anyone interested in a PBEM battle in afghanistan ? if you are please reply here or email me at pkjsmith.cmsf.pbem@googlemail.com. thanks paul
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