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  1. Don't hesitate. CW module is worth every extra euro.
  2. Mondinen

    Graphics Problem

    alt+w in the battle map turns shadows on/off
  3. Mondinen

    So who here is enjoying this?

    Love it(CMSF & CMx1 too). Whenever I have free time I feel the urge to fire it up. My biggest issue is whether to play WeGo or RT? Can't wait for the modules.
  4. Mondinen

    "smart" pause

    You can turn it of in the settings menu.
  5. Mondinen

    TF Lightning / Thunder

    I think the Lightning is for the Paradox version and Thunder is for the Battlefront version. Of course I could be wrong...
  6. Hi guys, I was playing TF Thunder campaign mission: Screen part 1 and noticed that after watching WeGo replay, icons of arriving enemy reinforcements flashed briefly as I pressed button to proceed command phase. Some of my units might had LOS to reinforcements entry location but none of them was spotted instantly as action phase started:confused: I'm playing wego, elite skill level and v. 1.08