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  1. Thanks Schrullenhaft that DEP thing was the problem. Everything sorted out. Thanks all:)
  2. OK So far I've done the following; Turned off Deep Guard, Turned off F-Secure. I even uninstalled F-Secure. Still No difference. I then tried to "run as administrator" (I cracked the pass word I had thanks to Schrullenhafts suggestion of a cool program) unfortunately I still get the same error message. Should I try to re-install the game now that I don't have a anti-virus installed? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I did disable the deep guard. Perhaps I should disable F-secure processes by the ctrl-alt-del function and turning off every F-secure process? I do not have any other software security programs running. I tried to just leave the password blank but that was not accepted.
  4. I can load the game (Afghanistan) on to the hard drive, but when I try to launch it I get a message that tells me that there is a program error and that the program could not be initiated. I think something is interfering with the licencing so I turned off my f-secure anti-virus but the problem remained. I tried to run the program as administrator but was promted for a pass word. I have never entered a pass word. Is there a default pass word? If I do have a pass word would this solve the problem with the licencing? XP professional SP3 F-secure 2010
  5. I must say I agree with donnieitaly. The last time I paid the extra 25 dollars i actually got the manual in a nice cover with a nice picture of the marine emblem. This time I got a CD and nothing else. I think it would have been fair to notify buyers of the CD that you would receive only the CD and no manual.
  6. Forget my question it's already answered in the thread below
  7. I'm still playing on ATI 9.3 drivers for may graphics card. Has anyone successfully updated to a later driver? If so Which one. I tried the 9.5 but CM crashed repeatedly.:mad:
  8. I would like to be able to hover with the cursor over the squads load out and actually get a tag of what weapon or ammo it is I'm pointing at.
  9. I actually had infantry spotting for me, well actually two FO:s and a AT4 team. I tried (on another ridge) to inch forward real slow to get fields of fire with two tanks and a BMP1 when the opposing tankers were moving. But as soon as I showed myself to the red force I got hammered.
  10. There's your problem. Use the 9-3 catalyst instead of 9-5. I had crashes all the time with the 9-5 catalyst. Hope it helps.
  11. Playing the Perdition campaign (red vs red) I noticed something I thought odd. I was lying in wait with my T55MV:s and on rolls the opposing armour T-72 (next best uppgrade to Turms-T) and BMP 1:s. They first stop outside my LOS. Then as game turns go by they edge in to my LOS. Now here's what I think is strange. My tanks can only see ? while his moving armour and even BMP:s can see my stationary tanks and blow them to kingdom come. I tried both button up and down with my tankers but didn't seem to make a difference. Are the optics and sighting equipment so much better on the T-72:s or is there another explanation?
  12. Does any one know of a couple of good scenarios who are suitable for PBEM? cheers
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