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  1. Yes - I do. Send me an email: ant2man<at>iinet.net.au And will send it to you.
  2. And beyond the stock Battles & Ops that come with CMBB are HUNDREDS more made by us fans - many of very high quality. You can DL entire packages of them sorted by year (1941-45; and outside that box as well) from CMMODS. Use the Search term 'Sorted'. To find even more - many with detailed reviews - go to: http://the-scenario-depot.com/ You can sort these by rating, most downloaded, etc.
  3. I make back-ups of my BMP folders so I can easily swap Theater Mods. For example, I've got a BMP folder for CMBB that I use to play Spanish Civil War scenarios - it's a combination of Magomar's SCW Mods and Eichenbaum's Storfang Mods - looks great - as much like Spain as CMBB can Ditto, I've got a CM:Pacific BMP folder for CMAK that Mods that game to look like jungle islands and coral atolls. I've got Streety's excellent Western Front Mod package in another CMAK BMP folder. I find it easy to just switch the various BMP folders, depending on how I want the game to look.
  4. Very handy info, Blazing 88's - I've had a bit of fun with ROQC. Just wanted to add as well that although CMBB looks graphically primitive straight out of the box, when Modded it can look a hell of a lot better. On the left hand side of the main CMMODS page, you can click on 'Downloads' under CMBB, and this will take you to the most popular mods - for example the various Sky Mods that will improve the look of your game immensely. Ditto the Uniform Mods - e.g. the ones by AndrewTF. When choosing Terrain Mods, you may want to try out a few packages - personal taste will determine which scheme you like. DON'T FORGET TO BACK UP YOUR BMP FOLDER.
  5. You're not crazy, Gerry. If you are, so am I - and I'm pretty sure about me. CMBB is a great game - so much scope - the armies of 7 different nations plus Partisans, and 4 years worth of TO & E's to play with. Your first stop for Mods is GAJ's Mod Warehouse: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/ You need to Register here - it's easy - so that you can DL Mods. I don't use elevation Mods myself, so I can't guide you there, but if you search 'grid' in the 'search mods' box, you will find the whole range - the ones for CMBB are clearly marked as such in the 'mod type' column. Before messing with Mods, MAKE A BACKUP COPY of the BMP Folder in your CMBB directory, and put it somewhere safe - this is your Original, Untouched one. Do this every time that you are about to try new Mods - so that if you don't like the new look, you can revert back to your last saved BMP folder. You will also want to eventually Mod all your game for Winter - this is one of those undertakings that is pretty exhausting, but once it's done, it's done. You could always get someone to send you a copy of their BMP folder via Dropbox, if you like the look of the Mods they've chosen - there's a LOT OF MODS - and whole schools of styles! The Club Erwin and I belong to - WeBoB: http://webandofbrothers.yuku.com/ has many members still very actively playing CMBB - we're currently just wrapping up a huge tournament, and there will be more soon. You may wish to join - if so, you will need a Sponsor. Feel free to ask if & when you're interested. Meanwhile, best of luck with Modding - but don't let it replace actually playing the game!
  6. One possibility is that people could be physically wired into the Internet - so that a painful shock can be administered. Actually, nowadays this should be possible via Wireless. I'm VERY OLD - over 40 - and I occasionally have critical thoughts about The Younger Generation - when I'm not staring at their tits - as in 'they're all becoming totally crazy - peering into gadgets all the time'. But really, I don't think that people are becoming more socially inept - anonymity has always brought out the worst in people, and the Internet just allows more anonymity. Wargamers by their nature tend to be immature and socially inept - present company excepted, of course. All this War Talk the general public gets constantly on the TV and at the movies also has a certain effect. Men especially are prone to a lot of deceptive posturing - a biological imperative that is hard-wired. You can see it it any gym - guys suffering from ILS - Imaginary Lat Syndrome. Or on any freeway - VLSS - Very Loud Stereo Syndrome. Here at BFC it's often expressed via memorizing (or Googling) more about the official narrative than the other guy, and expressing your opinion as vehemently as possible - pretending to have some special qualification or RL experience is part of the game as well.
  7. The script demands it. Just realized that I've fallen into what is apparently a well-established BFC Forums sport - poking John Kettler with a stick. I hear Mom calling - I'm going in for supper. Best of luck to you, Mr Kettler. Keep up the Good Fight!
  8. 'Don't know whether or not you know this, but the remains of a Spetsnaz soldier, face smashed in, teeth knocked out and fingers cut off to prevent identification, was found in Alaska during the Cold War. I believe his body was found hastily buried under the rails on a section of track near the Trans Alaska Pipeline.' I've seen that movie - it had Rock Hudson as the President: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_III_%28TV_miniseries%29 I would imagine that as an analyst you spend much time watching such things for subliminal clues to Soviet intentions - given that Hollywood has been under Communist control since the assassination of James Forrestal in 1949. May I recommend the film 'Red Dawn'? There is much to be gleaned there concerning the exact invasion tactics of the Horde.
  9. It's worth remembering as well that the Russian word 'spetznaz' only means 'special forces' - so when one talks about 'The Spetznaz', you need to be clear what it is you are talking about. The Spetznaz of Russian Military Intelligence, the GRU? Or one of the other spetznaz that the various Russian government ministries operate? What we would call a SWAT team - crisis-resolving police with military-style weaponry and training - might in Russia also sometimes be called spetznaz. Before WW2, the Bolsheviks had plenty of different kinds of spetznaz - some part of the NKVD, others not. I would guess (but I don't know) that the various secret police organizations of the Czarist era also deployed spetznaz. If you examine the other National Security states - like the USA for example - you will find all kinds of spetznaz, operated by the various police, military and intelligence agencies. This is why I say that Suvorov's book is propaganda - it's designed to impress upon the reader the unique nature of the 'soviet threat' - when there's nothing unique about it. All armies and security agencies train their special forces hard - that's what works.
  10. The Soviets seldom get decent credit for their use of special forces and deception during WW2. You can read about one such unit - the Independent Special Purpose Motorized Rifle Brigade - here: http://english.battlefield.ru/omsbon.html 'More than 800 athletes, selected by the central councils of the volunteer sports societies "Dynamo", "Spartak", "Lokomotiv", and others joined the brigade. Among them were merited masters and masters of sports, trainers, USSR champions, European champions, and world champions: track and field brothers S. I. and G. I. Znamenskiy, skater A. K. Kapchinskiy, boxers N. F. Korolev and S. S. Shcherbakov, wrestler G. D. Pyl'nov, skier L. V. Kulakova, rower A. M. Dolgushin, members of the "Minsk Dynamo" soccer team, 150 students and instructors of the Central State Institute of Physical Culture, as well as students of Moscow Historical-Archival, Leather Processing, Mining, Machine Tool, and Medical Institutes, and the Institute of History, Philosophy, and Literature......More than 300 women, who became agents, radio operators, and nurses entered into OMSBON...' 'The program of combat training included instruction in firing from various types of weapons, combat tactics, topography, orientation skills, demolitions skills, hand-to-hand combat, unarmed self defense, parachuting, radio communications, automobile and motorcycle driving, and first aid. Special attention was devoted to survival skills and the struggle in the austere partisan environment, and the ability to operate alone.Much time was given to physical hardening of the soldiers....'
  11. The Military Arm of the Walmart-Ikea-BP Cartel has not yet finished pacifying Afghanistan. Flower production HAS been restored, but large areas of Hell Province remain sulphurically unstable - retail sales at the local level are currently still problematic. In current English usage, a 'cyclist' is someone on a bicycle. To denote a rider of the internal-combustion engine version of the velocipede, we use the term 'Motorcyclist'. There is however a gray (or grey) area when it comes to mopeds. Hope this helps.
  12. I'm a a fairly tough individual, but I have to say that I found the IKEA Megastore psychologically overpowering - seemingly endless ranks of shelves and pallet racking offering their ubiquitous product: The 'Raskolnikov' dishtowels, the 'Belsen' cookware, the 'Bjorn-Again' home altar etc etc. Also after 'borrowing' a cup for $2.50, I drank 9 short blacks from their machine and experienced a caffeine hallucination that I was Count Bernadotte. I find those excellent Spetznaz vids you have so kindly supplied a refreshing antidote to the horrors of 'Smaland' - the IKEA creche where the young ones can play with stuffed fauna while their elders quarrel at knifepoint in the Cutlery and Homewares section... My confidential sources tell me that Vasili P. is now serving an indeterminate term in Long Bay, after a murderous encounter with a female cyclist.
  13. Having just spent the last 2 days wandering around the huge IKEA superstore at Tempe, anything Swedish is hateful to me at present. It is true that the Russians are a lachrymose, brutal people, whose poetic soulfulness is only equaled by their propensity for extreme violence. We know a man here - let's call him Vasili P. - who drives a garbage truck. Perhaps ex-Spetznaz, Vasili is in any event a frightening-looking fellow - over 7 feet tall, built like a bear, and with a pair of brightly mad blue eyes that can shift from joviality to insane fury in less time than it takes to remove a litter of unborn kittens from their mother. Vasili killed a man in his native Tomsk - just to see him die - and his family had to pay 150 000 US Dollars to smuggle him out of the country ahead of the dread FSB, who became involved after Vasili's victim's daughter was sold into concubinage to a Federal official. Vasilli did his best to leave his murderous past behind and begin a new life in Sydney, but trouble has a way of following the Russians, and Vasilli soon fell foul of the very impatient white-collar class that infest our fair antipodean city, constantly bipping their horns at any large vehicle that even slightly delays their headlong commute each morning. Vasilli was to my certain knowledge driving his garbage truck in Kippax St Surry Hills as part of his normal run, when bipped by a pencil-neck in a Lexus. A witness tells me that Vasilli leapt from the cab of his truck, snatched down the shovel fastened to the side of the compactor (its edge honed to razor sharpness, of course) and yelled at the pencil-neck: "You Fock, you! I cut your Focking head off!" - And he MEANT IT.
  14. "These are the sorts of women you'd find in the Spetsnaz mixed gender VIP assassination unit" > I love it! - They can kill me anytime. Thank you, Mr Kettler, for those links - I will peruse them with great enjoyment. Praise Be, our Nuclear Umbrella keeps us safe!
  15. I'm not qualified to make a judgement on whether or not Suvorov alerted the the West to stuff that its intelligence services didn't know about - or whether he may have done so via other means than mass-market paperbacks with shiny covers and a tantalizing blurb. What I'm saying is that the tone of 'Spetnaz' made me instantly think it was part of the 'Evil Empire' paradigm that was pushed from the 1980's until the West's post-2000 switch to focusing on Muslim Terrorism. When I say 'anti-Soviet propaganda' it's because I'm aware that deception and psyops is everywhere, and that the perception of people in the so-called democracies is every bit as subject to manipulation as in nakedly oligarchic regimes like the USSR. I'm not a fan of any of these national security states - not the USSR, the UK or the USA neither - so when you write 'In doing so, he rendered a tremendous service to us and a devastating blow to his homeland' - my response is: what do you mean 'us'? You mean Soviet Threat Analysts as a group? It's been 25 years since I read 'Spetznaz'. What I remember is an emphasis on scary stuff - that the Spetznaz trained endlessly with the sharpened spade - there is even a photograph of a trooper throwing the razor-sharp spade with uncanny accuracy as he leaps through the air... Told with great relish is the story that each Spetznaz trooper has to look after a pregnant mother cat, and then personally cut it open and remove the kittens. With equal relish, Suvorov details the various coercive interrogation methods that Spetznaz are trained in - including breaking a man's spine by forcing his body into a U-shape. He also states that all the Olympic contestants for the USSR in such sports as Ski-ing and Shooting are Spetznaz. And that Russian sleeper cells exist in countries like the UK - ready to assist para-dropped or submarine-inserted Spetznaz in the event of war - and of course, these sleeper cells - who appear to be ordinary middle-aged Britons - will be be killed by the Spetznaz teams to ensure their silence as soon as they have served their purpose. Regardless of what useful information may or may not be contained in the book, the tone is that of propaganda. I'm not even arguing the factual basis of Suvorov's revelations - perhaps it actually is SOP for Spetznaz to carry out ad-hoc veterinary procedures to toughen them up. It is the way the information is presented that for me is the giveaway as to its intent. Similarly, when one watches the news in our Free Society, keeping an eye on tone will tell you what intent is behind the information offered. DISCLAIMER: its been a long time since I read any of Suvorov's books - I enjoyed them, that's what I remember most - like I enjoyed Sven Hassel's books. If I am completely mistaken in my memories of the content and tone of 'Spetznaz', then please let me know.
  16. I'll have to take your word about the sensitive sources, but have you read Suvorov's book 'Spetznaz'? One outrageous exaggeration after another. Smelled like anti-Soviet propaganda to me. He's a defector - a spook - whose agenda does he serve? Who owns his publisher? Are we really expected to believe that his mass-market paperbacks contain privileged info that couldn't be obtained by Western intelligence services? Or was Suvorov acting as a mouthpiece for said intelligence services, releasing that kind of info in a pop format to aid the propaganda war? Maybe it suited your superiors to have the 'SAM count' go up. Or maybe Suvorov is a double agent, leaking certain info to the West that suits his superiors - the Russian ones. I don't pretend to have inside knowledge, but common sense tells me that things are not always what they seem.
  17. I've read that book - I remember the anecdote. Normally I regard Suvorov as a writer of entertaining fiction, but there may be some truth in that story - because in RL people have to find ways to make systems work, and sometimes problems aren't immediately obvious until something goes wrong. All armies must face similar nightmares, and will find ways to make things crystal-clear. Hell, any reasonably complex endeavour has this issue. I myself long ago at work learned not to just ask to be passed a screwdriver, but to specify whether I want a Phillips, a Straight-Edge, or the one that we filed down to a point - the Podger.
  18. One would imagine that in RL, serious communications on the subject of missiles use words and designations designed to eliminate any chance of ambiguity. For the same reason, RL armies have ways to clearly differentiate between (for example) 105mm AP ammo for tanks and 105mm HE for howitzers... Using the Internets (Patent Pending) one might even discover what the official designations of the two varieties of Javelins are - and how armies that use both (Canada and the UK?) manage to tell them apart.
  19. Single Pink Pixel seeks same, VTPR. GSOH, SD. No time-wasters please.
  20. Hello fiaros - The idea of The Proving Grounds is that new scenarios are posted there first, so that they can be tested before they graduate to The Scenario Depot. Since this is your first 'official' scenario, you really need to get a bit of feedback before you post it to The Scenario Depot (TSD) - and the place to do this is The Proving Grounds (TPG). Have you played it through against the computer, and then with a PBEM or TCP/IP opponent? These are very important things to do. I've had a quick look at Hill 1967, and I must tell you that I think it does need a bit of work to make it into an interesting battle. Please don't be discouraged - it can take a bit of practice to learn how to make fun scenarios - and you must remember that so many scenarios have already been made that you need show some new ideas - things that haven't been seen hundreds of times before. If you are Greek, you might want to research and recreate a battle that occurred in mainland Greece (vs the Italians or Germans) or on one of the islands in the Mediterranean - there are not enough of such scenarios, IMHO. You can substitute another Allied army (the French?) for the Greek Army - I believe there may even be Mods to make the uniforms look right (I live in a a suburb that has a lot of Greeks - Kogarah, in Sydney, Australia ) Too many units is a mistake that all of us have made in our early scenario attempts. Best way is to start small - no more than a company on each side, plus a couple of vehicles. Do plenty of testing yourself, and download and play some of the top-rated scenarios from TSD to see what kinds of things people like. Best wishes, and have fun.
  21. Got to agree here with the many experts who've taken time out from their normally breathless discussions of Which Things Can Penetrate Which Other Things to signify their approval of the necessity for the deliberate targetting of enemy non-combatants. The simple fact of the matter is that the millions of German and Japanese civilians who were shredded, burned and maimed en masse brought it upon themselves by stubbornly refusing to rise up against the brutal totalitarian regimes that ruled them by terror. Nor did these people take the obvious and logical step of simply leaving the evil nations that they were foolishly resident in. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the fire.
  22. I don't know if my own problem can shed any light on yours, Azathoth. My issue was almost certainly the onboard video adapter malfunctioning - so a definite hardware problem. Hopefully others here can offer you useful advice.
  23. Thanks for your thoughts, Streety. I came to more or less the same conclusion after sending emails to 3 different addys and getting 'undeliverable' reports. Full credit to Eichenbaum, and thanks so much for all his work. Re-packaged for convenience only. I DID get in contact with Magomar, who authored the rest of the Mods I want to use, and he was very supportive and encouraging - pleased that his art is getting another airing.
  24. If you know of any vids showing similar simple anti-tank techniques in use against modern AFV, please post - I guess in the Shock Force forums to be OT (?). The aerosol paint spray-can has got to be useful in regard to vision blocks, surely?
  25. That's great footage! Very instructional; especially the use of the crowbar.
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