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  1. ok thanks, from the first scrennshoots it seemed to me, but evidently I was wrong. I will look forward to new updates on the game!
  2. I have a question: the infantry 3d models, I saw from the images that are the same as before. in the release of the game will be updated? I personally would like to see some 3d infantry models for new ! thank you
  3. I agree I too have had problems. I can not download more than 70 kb / s and are the fifth attempt. patience I hope that tomorrow can do it we hope
  4. I can not disable these keys: Alt H and Alt J is a problem of the game? thanks
  5. I wanted to change the file explosion, to make the game a little more immersive and I removed the tracers, which I think were bad enough, all to make it a little more realistic. my little experience in military artillery, pointed out to me as the original explosions were too "poor", but I do not know if you put it in reposity do not believe that the interests of both.
  6. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/145/image5a.png/]
  7. I wanted to create a small mod to play with the Italians September 9, 1943 south of Rome, when the 21 Divisione di Fanteria "Granatieri di Sardegna" opposed to the Germans coming. In addition I have also uploaded images of my mod for the explosions that I think are much more realistic and immersive.
  8. the fact is that very often there were no ways do deal with enemy tanks and as a result it often happened that the campaign batteries were used in action against tank. the 75/27 was not a very effective anti-tank weapon and we relied almost exclusively the useless cannone da 47(inutile contro i carri americani)
  9. I do not understand why it continues to define, the hat, the Bersaglieri "funny"! the bersaglieri were and still are, a specialty of the Italian infantry, as are the Alpini and have a great reputation. the fact that the feathers are represented in the game, just makes the game more realistic.
  10. We agree, but I really have never said they were not worse or equal to line infantry, I just say that I think could not be considered fully Elite, like Parà or Alpini or for example at the XXXI or XXXII Btg.Guastatori in North Africa just one example. Anyway, I was referring only to the period of WW2. The batt. carabinieri at that time not played combat roles worthy of being placed in a context like that of a game. However, it was an interesting discussion regards
  11. When you were conceived, the Bersaglieri were born as elite troops, like the tiragliatori,volteggiatori , Jager ecc. ,but later took on the role of troops "celeri", it is no coincidence that the various bersaglieri regiments were placed in so-called divisions Celeri. the paratroopers they cost 45 times what it cost the training of a line unit. therefore agree that the paratroopers were an elite or Alpine, but not very much agree on bersaglieri. regarding the carabinieri, were and remain, military police, so do not think they get well in the context of the argument. However, you are right about the rest, we can finally see the piumetto in the game. regards
  12. The previous picture was actually taken during the attack on the monastery hill in Greece. The piumetto was applied to the helmet, and was Gallo Cedrone though once there were two differences: the officers had the reflex blue, while the troops were green. Even for the Alpine applied ,and still applies, black pen. in the image below is my cappello when I was officer with black pen. Bersaglieri troops also were not elite, but they arise as light infantry and motorized infantry later. would also be interesting to see in the game also FEZ The fez was used very little in combat but was only supplied to the troops. The fez was a type of cap given by the French Zouaves sharpshooters during the Crimean War in honor of the bravery to bersaglieri.after became a hat used mainly in barracks or services not operating. but it would be nice to see him in the game! also had the Blackshirts but Fez was black http://home.comcast.net/~babela29/fez.html
  13. Waiting to see the new 3D models of the Italian infantry, I would like to bring to the attention the typical equipment of the Italian infantry. important was the "Zainetto tattico" (tactical backpack) m39. I hope that in the 3d models we have entered these details! a greeting
  14. I'm really curious to see 3D models of the Italian soldiers! From the first screen that appears above the ground is very well done and also the Italian veichle, although the 90/53 were very few! I believe that playing with the Italians would be very funny, especially because there were many divisions of infantry with a few really heavy armaments. I am really very happy that I'm Italian, you can play CM in this theater. I wait to see what they look like 3D models of the Italians. a greeting
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