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  1. Lots of over thinking in this thread IMHO. Having your assault team wiped out due to them assaulting with almost empty mags is annoying and happened to me on numerous occasions. I don't need battlefront write complex logic for the AI to identify ideal reload times, I wouldn't mind sort of approximation like if the guys have been idling for a round or two, consider their guns reloaded and just pop a reloading animation that could be interrupted if they need to fire. I could live with that.
  2. My gripe is the unflinching nerve of TC and half track gunners when under fire. Unbutton should mean keep spotting and firing the MG if possible, but, same as with the infantry, if there is a hail of bullet flying your way take cover in the cupola. Suppressed is better than dead.
  3. kulik

    Targeting options/priorities

    If you think there is an underlying problem, recalculate and run the turn 50 times in a row and make a statistic of the results. Otherwise BF and their henchmen beta testers will come with dozens of plausible explanations why things unfolded like they unfolded. Remember that couple updates ago a mg-42 couldn't hold off a squad of infantrymen without cover charging that particular mg. But in this case, I'd say the result is plausible.
  4. kulik

    New Gameplay features ?

    Yup, that one hurt quite a bit.
  5. kulik

    New Gameplay features ?

    Steve, thank you for your reply. I'm not going to quote you, just some notes I jotted reading through your reply: 1. This isn't about Wiggum, although on the first page of this thread, some people are derogatory to Wiggum, before he got into the tantrum, the OP and his first replies are quite civil. It just struck me as mean. This is about some people in this thread that show attitude that, since CMBF has no new features, they didn't wanted any new features in the new game to begin with. This strikes me as hypocritical because as you've said everyone wants new features. 2. The analogy with the students was misunderstood, my fault, should have made it clearer. Again this wasn't about Wiggum, I was referring to the relation between playerbase and Battlefront. While we, as playerbase, should praise and support you, we also shouldn't cease to demand more and push you. Take for instance the machine gun patch that made machine guns lethal, I remember how adamant you were about the existing mechanics and how you slandered the "biliard pool" test somebody made demonstrating how in the game you could charge a squad against a mg. Yet, we annoyed you to a point when you gave way and the game is so so much better now. This is what I mean by demanding more and pushing you. 3. Your game, your terminology, your rules...my opinion, my disappointment, my problem. Fair enough. 4. I was describing that since CM games are the only wort wile 3D tactical squadbase wargames on the market, "Go play something else" isn't really an alternative at all. Its either play this or don't play the genre, you got us by the balls. This is how it is and needs no comment. Best regards.
  6. kulik

    New Gameplay features ?

    While wiggum's attitude was clearly inappropriate, I dislike it as much as I dislike the unctuous attitude of many people vindicating Battlefront's decision to release CMBF without any new features. If CMBF was announced to introduce operations, multiplayer or online wego and replays, wouldn't you be jumping from joy? Isn't it hypocritical to denounce him for wanting something you want too? I'm a teacher and I never praise a student to the point he would grow complacent with himself, I always wan't more from him. The reason why we are not living in caverns anymore is that we wanted more. Releasing a game without new functionality only content is a step backward. Now, I am a capitalist, I believe people are to be payed for their work, strange as it is, if BF would announced CMBF as a new module and said that content wise they value it at 55 bucks, I wouldn't mind, I wouldn't buy it of course, but it would fit their game-module-pack scheme. It's a question of principle. CMBF sets a dangerous precedence, from now on, if a new CM game is announced, we'll never now weather we'll get functionality and content or content only. Again I don't have to buy CMBF and save me 55 bucks, the problem is that I wan't to spend those 55 bucks, I'm spending something far more valuable to me than money, my time, I'm loosing day after day that I could enjoy a CM game with a new functionality or improved gameplay. "Go play something else" is not a valid argument as there are no other companies making decent 3D tactical squad based wargames. Best regards.
  7. kulik

    New Gameplay features ?

    Battlefront is still the only company which can and care to deliver a 3D squadbased tactical wargaming product. I think, that the problem is that, we, who are not satisfied deem CMFB as a wasted energy of Battlefront's development team. I definitely acknowledge that, in CMBF, there is a lot of new content with a LOT of work behind it, but we crave a new gaming experience not more content. Nobody forces us to spent money on CMFB, but we are upset because we actually want to spent our money, yet there is nothing we can spent it on. And a new CM line means that there will be even more content created for that line. As Waclaw said, we have been told that the module system is here to introduce new content without engine improvements and now we have here a whole new game which does exactly that. CMSF and CMBN are the only finished CMx2 games, so there are probably modules coming for all other CMx2 games and now CMBF, which didn't improve the engine, and which will get its own modules, i.e. we are loosing hope we will ever get CMx3 or significantly improved CMx2. Best regards. edit: I can see why BF lacks the impetus to try something new. I know that BF had to withstand a ****storm from the fanbase after they moved from CMx1 to CMx2. And that the long time period of patching CMSF without making any money had to be extremely tough, just compare it to the last few years when they could chug new content twice a year and cash-in heavily. In their shoes, I would never again consider to make a something new with player base which throws money at the screen without any demand for new engine or significant changes to original engine.
  8. kulik

    New Gameplay features ?

    Wiggum, while I agree with you, they have a point, you are not going to push anybody. You obviously care for the CM series, I know it's hard, but, just let it go.
  9. kulik

    New Gameplay features ?

    I'd like to raise my voice for that part of the fanbase which is unimpressed by CMFB due to lack of new major gameplay features. This is a cold statement without any peevishness or whining, I feel as much justified to make this statement as much as BF is justified to release their products as they see fit. However, I feel obliged to give BF my opinion, because giving feedback to company I like is the least I can do for them, and is something a true fan should do. As I see it, and I might by wrong, the current CM engine reached almost its full potential. The major features I would like to see were discarded by BF as beyond the engine capabilities. Fair enough, thus, I have no high hopes for upcoming CM games in this engine. If a setting catches my attention, I might buy it, chances are I won't. The game will give me more toys, but the gameplay experience will stay mostly the same. After I finish all campaigns and scenarios from previous games and modules, which happens in like 5 years, I might consider to buy a new CM game just to get more. Best regards.
  10. I found this site "http://www.arpastrategy.com/"and it claim to be an Operational game actually working with CMAK - building a scenario in CMAK according to the operational situation, which you can play and you can transfer the data back to the operational layer. From the description: Desert Fox can be played alone since you have an automatic resolution feature, but it is really interesting if you use it with Combat Mission Afrika Korps © Battlefront.com AS Desert Fox includes an automated interface program which will be started when you click on the button "Tactical game". This program will build the scenario in CMAK according to the operational situation. Terrain conditions, units strength, type, fitness, experience... are taken into account. Results of the battle have to be typed once you reenter the operational game. All the process has been worked and reworked and is now as much smooth as it can be, given the limitation of such a system. Here is the manual: http://www.arpastrategy.com/Portals/5/Repository/DesertFox/Manual_070.pdf Is this legit?
  11. Maybe the game should check cover values for the tile on which the men under fire are, value of cover for tile were they are ordered to go, and distance they need to reach it.
  12. Another tip would be to start each turn by zooming out to see the whole battlefield and fastforward by 5 sec increments the whole 60 seconds. Watch for flashing icons of your troops. It takes about 15 seconds and will save you from missing out important things that happen around the battlefield.
  13. kulik

    PBS Documentary on the Ukraine

    Sure, that can't be denied, the impetus I'm talking about however came from the Ukrajine-European Union Association Agreement which, as I understand it, was signed without a referendum. And, as I heard, was unnecessary for Ukraine's economy and trade, and which sole point was to put more pressure on Russia. I of course lack any solid ground for these allegations, that's only what I heard.
  14. kulik

    PBS Documentary on the Ukraine

    What do you guys think about the geopolitical situation prior to the conflict? I think that the impetus to make Ukrajine pro-western was a mistake, the preasure it puts on Russia was slowly ramping up, they had to take a stand somewhere. I mean, you can't get much closer to Russia than Ukrajine, it's like trying to make Canada pro-russian. On the other hand, I believe that no group of citizens has the right to split a country of which border sovereignity is guaranteed by international law, no matter their number in a given region of the country.
  15. kulik

    PBS Documentary on the Ukraine

    I concur, there is no way to get unbiased info on the issue, many topics are outright contradictory, you can read something on pro-western media and the exact opposite "facts" on Russia today.