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  1. Brit

    Tis a shame

    Thanks, glad you're liking the game!
  2. Brit

    Submitted Orders - then what?

    Cool. Glad it's working for you. I thought there might be a bug when I read your first post.
  3. Brit

    Bombing Resourses

    Hi Hairog. That was something that was originally in the design, but never ended up getting implemented.
  4. Brit

    How Do I Find Other Eos Players?

    Sorry you haven't gotten more of a response. It's been kind of quiet on the forums, but maybe some people people check the forums occasionally, so hopefully you'll get more responses in the near future.
  5. Brit

    How Do I Find Other Eos Players?

    This is a good place to start. I'd generally avoid posting your email in the forums, since bots might read it and collect your email address for spamming. But, if people respond to your message in the forums, you can private message them and send your email address (which will keep it out of sight from spam bots).
  6. Brit

    How can I get back into a PBEM game

    Okay, you have the *.game file. Did you save the *.pbem_tracker file or *.event files? (You probably won't have any event files for the game.) The tracker and event files are stored in the PBEM directory. If you don't have them, there are ways to recreate them, but I'll have to do it for you. Email me the name of the game and your player number.
  7. Brit

    downloaded scenarios

    You'll need to choose "new game" and then in the game setup window, change "generate random map" to "load scenario".
  8. Has been pushed to an open source project using Mercurial source control: http://code.google.com/p/eosai/ The AI has been split off into a separate dll. The code is there for educational purposes (if you want to see how an AI works), for the possibility of having a modifiable version of the AI for EOS, and for potential use in third-party games. Splitting the code out of the executable caused some things to break, so it's not fully functional right now. The current version of EOS.exe does not use the dll, which means you can't currently modify the AI and get it working inside your EOS game. You should be able to download the code, but not be able to upload changes to the repository. If you can upload changes, let me know. If the code won't compile, it means I missed something. Again, let me know. And let me know if there's much interest in this and I'll devote more attention to it (including getting it working with EOS).
  9. Brit

    EOS Artificial Intelligence

    Also, if you open the project inside Visual Studio, the files are organized by category. If you don't have Visual Studio, though, it's going to be especially confusing to look at the files individually.
  10. Brit

    EOS Artificial Intelligence

    BTW, there's a certain amount of documentation in the google.code wiki, but it's not down to the individual file level or a mid-level summary of the AI. http://code.google.com/p/eosai/wiki/Main
  11. Hi Hans. Tonight, I tracked down the reason why new PBEM games couldn't be started and fixed it. Let me know if you run into any other problems.
  12. I just wanted to post an update to this. Recently, my webhost moved me to a new server and (unbeknownst to me) it had the side-effect of breaking my gmail access to the bugreport emails. This means I haven't seen any of the bug reports sent in the last few weeks. I've fixed the problem now. I'll respond tonight to all the emails.
  13. Yes, I still check the forums and respond to bug report messages sent via the game's bug report tool. If you have bugs, I'll either fix them in the saved-game file or will create a fix and push out a new version.
  14. Brit

    Blast radius for artillery

    That's right - only units that self-destruct can have a blast radius.
  15. Brit

    Jet speed > range

    Yes, the speed is being used in the interception calculation. I don't think there are any issues with setting the speed higher than the range. It just means that the aircraft will return to base earlier in the turn.
  16. Brit

    Open source for EOS

    The latest update has improvements to make the PBEM games more stable (the game will automatically re-download game events if they are corrupted during download; the game autodetects corrupt events using a checksum), but that particular problem wasn't addressed. I have an idea about how to fix it, but haven't thought through the fix enough and haven't changed any code. (Sorry)
  17. Brit

    Open source for EOS

    Wait, which PBEM sync thing?
  18. Brit

    Open source for EOS

    By the way, a few weeks ago, I created an open-source project for the AI. I'm still working through getting the code to work properly (mostly problems with naming collisions), though, so the project doesn't actually have any source code in it. I figured I'd delay mentioning it until there's actually some code there to play around with. The new AI will run in a separate DLL, so players with C++ knowledge can have compile a new AI and get their copy of EOS to run their version of the AI.
  19. Brit

    Open source for EOS

    Hi Jeep. I have a contract with Battlefront for a period of three years. We're currently getting close to the two-year period (it was released in November 2009). There may also be some third-party deals as well. While I don't have any particular problem transitioning to open-source, I want to make sure I'm not harming or undermining any of the other parties involved. So, transitioning the entire game to open-source* is unlikely to happen before November 2012. * I say "transitioning the entire game to open-source" specifically because it would probably be fine to release parts of it as open-source.
  20. Brit

    Resync of PBEM games

    I'm carving some time out to fix some of the issues with PBEM. In particular, sometimes people email me because their game is not progressing and it turns out the game-events were downloaded incompletely. There's really no way to recover from that situation. I still don't know if that's a network issue or a server issue. Either way, I'm going to set it up so that the game will automatically delete and re-download events when they aren't accurately downloaded. There's a few other issues to clear up with PBEM game I'll address, as well.
  21. Brit


    Well, no. The analysis section of the Rules Editor helps when you're comparing a lot of numbers, though.
  22. Brit

    Resync of PBEM games

    Actually, there is already a password system in place to prevent players from getting each other's events. Maybe it could use that same password. I should look into that a little more in a few weeks. I have some other projects due at the end of this month.
  23. Brit

    Resync of PBEM games

    Ah, I see what you're saying. Right now, there is no way to resend all the data. This can be a particular problem if the host sends out the turn updates to everyone then crashes, since the client-players will get a turn-update that the host doesn't know about. And then the host will have to reprocess the turn (sending, yet another turn update to the clients for the exact same turn). I think I've seen that problem in some people's bad games that were sent to me. I had thought about writing exactly this type of function a while ago (I have some initial code in the game), but I never ended up writing it. The idea was to output a whole new *.game file for a player (although there could be some security problems with that, since the host could dump out a client-file for another player and open it himself to see what other players are doing).
  24. Brit

    Missile damage

    In the rules editor, there is a "damage radius". If a missile has a damage radius, then it hits everything within that radius.
  25. Brit

    Missile damage

    When a missile hits a group, it randomly hits one unit, unless it's an area-effect missile (I think nukes are the only ones in this category), in which case, it hits all units. When a missile hits a city, it will randomly target either the city or a unit inside the city. If it targets the city itself, then it has a random chance to apply damage to each of the individual sub-targets: population (deaths and refugees), in-production, or building damage. For example, a missile might have a 40% chance to damage the population, a 30% change to damage items in production, and a 20% chance to cause building damage. Each damage is calculated separately, so damage might be applied to none, one, two, or all three. Also, missiles will never target a unit they can't hit. For example, if a missile can't hit units, but can damage cities, then it will always be targeting the city itself, rather than a unit inside. On the other hand, if a missile has no damage-city ability, then it will always target one of the units it can hit inside the city.