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  1. In this game from what I've seen,Trees are probably the best cover around,I swear they stop everything,from MK's to Sabot,HEAT to whatever,i also swear those trees must be made of super steel,they provide better armor then armor itself!In my PBEM games and in other scenarios,I watched as a single tree denied me heavy fire to my target,it's not that i did not have a field of view to target,it's that the combined rounds(MK19,Heavy MG,cannon fire etc) would slam into this one single tree and after many many rounds, the tree was still standing,and this is including the same rounds that can pass through several houses and walls.Realistically that tree would have been shattered down to a bunch of tooth picks.Some rounds eventually missed the tree and hit the targeted area,but at a very low success rate,I was basically wasting ammo,due to what seemed to be an indestructible tree. I also had a couple extremely long firefights from one forest to another across the open.Both sides were not on the edge of the forest,but a little deeper in it and the fire fight lasted a very long time with both sides prone and behind trees.Ammo was getting low and there was no casualties being produced in this fight,it was a stalemate firefight that I find to be extremely rare in CMSF and it had me stumped on how to proceed.No one could accurately shoot anyone and it was actually cool to watch,until the ammo got low.
  2. Good post's with great advise in this thread. Yes there is a chance of friendly casualties if your vehicles are firing on the door your men are going to charge through.With good timing, you can lift the vehicle fire off the targeted house and then quickly rush your troops in to take advantage of the enemy being pinned down, shocked and confused.When enemy are completely suppressed they have very little battlefield awareness and reaction time,and your men will clean them out without loss when they catch them in the building in this state of mind. This is one big battle puzzle we play and requires us at times to try and think 10 steps ahead if possible,you simply cannot just walk into and take your objective with ease all the time,just like in chess you cannot jump right to the King and take him out.There will be enemy at the objective,enemy covering and backing up those enemy at the objective,enemy backing up and covering the enemy who are backing up and covering the objective,and also enemy will use and cover key terrain to deny you use of them, and so on and so on.Depending on the circumstances,all these outside threats should be dealt with before the dedicated assault,unravel the defense first so you gain territorial advantage,and then when you have secured its surrounding area,concentrate and secure the objective after when all threats that cover the objective are gone.If the objective is a house, take a page from the SWAT guy's or a page from laying Siege to a castle.Destroy the outside forces around the objective to take control of the AO,surround the objective,gain and hold the best ground in the AO to get fields of fire that can see in and around the objective,and lock it down tight with many guns and eyes pointed to it.If any enemy dares to shoot from it they will have lots of incoming fire from several angles by your forces.Sometimes you got to move the forces secretly into position and then when you have many men hidden in areas around the Objective able to get a field of fire,you can tell them to stop hiding and face the enemy all at once with maximum fire power at one time. If the only way is forward and you cannot go around and flank or control the surrounding terrain without getting your objective first,put a hell of a lot of bullets and firepower at your foes area,the stronger the weapon the better.It will break down walls,it will create panic and make men flee,or it will force the enemy to abandon his position because they are receiving to much incoming.Sometimes you don't need to do fancy maneuvering, you just need to pour on the fire from where you are and let the enemy cook On another note,One good strategy I have learned that helped me well with planning the execution of a mission,is to task each Platoon to take their own separate objectives.
  3. Been very busy lately,and its going to take a little time,but I do have another AAR coming up for this Red Campaign,that's still a work in progress.These red missions are challenging and a lot of fun to play.I think many of you will enjoy them when released.Stay tuned.
  4. I remember this scenario,I was over run,and I remember a lot of crazy moments,it was intense.First couple times I played was a failure and I was to disappointed at my loss over at the house area,I didn't even continue with the rescue effort when the ANA reinforcements arrived.I didn't take it seriously in the beginning and this was at the time I bought CMSF,so I know more about the game now.Thought it was more or less going to be a, put troops in place and sit back and watch the firefight happen kind of scenario,but heck no,it did not play out that way,you have to be very hands on and that's one reason why I look at every scenario closely and plan thoroughly from here on out. That scenario kicked my chair out from under me,and I now have a grudge against it.I'm going to play it again,because I really liked that scenario and the challenge, and because the loss of the first couple tries still stains my CMSF memory. The hard thing for me in that scenario, was to get the troops to stay and fight.They would withdraw a lot,even when I had them all together in the same area supporting each other perfectly waiting for the enemy to pop up around corners and enter their kill zones.It did make for a good show watching virtual soldiers move around in panic as they get swarmed,then suddenly have a wild west showdown with an enemy that pops around a corner on the streets and in the houses a few meters away. I hope you can keep those men alive long enough for the ANA reinforcements to get there to help out.I liked this scenario and this AAR will be a good treat to see how someone else handles this kind of situation and what happened in the ferocious fight. Get those mortars out there ASAP:)
  5. This looks very interesting, and when all is said and done and completed,and the NATO Mod released,I suspect a lot of people will sign up.
  6. Ha! You got that right. We can always settle for ye plain ol' English tho with a little touch of Franglais.
  7. Very nice work Snake eye and I like the Dam, very creative.I will give this one a good try when it's released,and I also like the look of those bush areas with the ditches, looks like good terrain that would be able to preserve and mask Infantry in a fire fight,red or blue.Also I like the look of the bushes near the houses,gonna be tricky to get eyes on the enemy when they start shooting from there, if they are there. Keep up the good work,
  8. Now you got me very curious on this cool engine discovery you made.I like good tips and new discoveries when it comes to tactics and strategies so please,do share your findings I always enjoyed your missions Paper Tiger and I will no doubt download this campaign when it's ready and play it when I have time.Keep up the good work,and keep it up often:D:)
  9. At the moment, I use Syrian Army Ragtag Mod v1.1 (Dirty) Regular Army Uniform Pack and Syrian Army Ragtag Mod v1.1 (Dirty) Reserve Army Uniform Pack I also use the Faces of Syria Mods and Ruyjin SF. Old pic of Marines I took that i thought looked cinematic,
  10. Smile,someone has you in their scope. Might need new trousers,either these ones are dirty or theirs plenty of holes in 'em. Shot in the gut,they say it's the most painful spot to get shot, but then again any spot to get shot is painful, maybe we can ask him and see what he thinks... The fire is in their eyes, let em have it lads! X marks the spot, and I bet your girlfriend made you feel like this at one point... your X girlfriend that is.
  11. I'm trying to find some documentaries on this one and it seems like there was a series made about this battle.I can't find anything yet and I don't get the military channel so I'm still looking while I get the chance. I did find a small tense sniper scene described in this battle. http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/combat-zone-battle-of-tal-afar-part-1.html Clever use of smoke, and what a bad spot to try and get casualties from.My heart dropped when i saw those ANA climbing the water tower.Not a good move at all, poor guys.
  12. Picture of some enemy Infantry on the roof of the Mosque. Fighting stops all over the map and the Syrian forces defense has more or less been broken through, but the Coalition forces has suffered tremendously for this effort, and there are still pockets of Syrian resistence around the area, and also any ground that the Coalition forces captured, was later filled back up with Syrian forces.Even though the Coalition forces are powerful, a very real threat still lurks around them and as everything falls to a stand still and as time runs out the Syrian Forces are given a Tactical Victory and the results of the battle has been gathered by various sources and shown to Syrian Command. A view of the outskirts of the city Al-Qaryatayn from far.All the smoke is a clear sign that a fierce battle took place.
  13. I won't be able to get a pic of the whole battlefield at this point, because I have no save for that moment to go back to, but the best I can do for now is show this strategical map and hopefully you guys can make some sense of it. Final movements are shown and Syrian Command thinks back on what happened. At this point, it seems that all the Coalition Forces have moved into the city,and did not hold any ground on the outskirts.2nd Platoon(Mulazim Al Mahalel) from B Command (Al Hakim) who stayed hidden at the Al-Abakar Farm as all the Coalition Forces swarmed past them in the opening phases of the battle, was now able to move around to get more sense of what is happening in their area.After looking around, it was realized that now is the best time to get 2nd Platoon(Mulazim Al Mahalel) moving and retake the School and Motor Station and to get help to the wounded and to retrieve the dead (as well as get the points for those 2 compounds).2nd Platoon(Mulazim Al Mahalel) managed to move across the open fields where the Coalition forces had a massive armor build up before in the beginning of the battle,and 2nd Platoon(Mulazim Al Mahalel) managed to get one squad in both Compounds,the School and Motor Station.From there they were ordered to concentrate on their fallen comrades and not engage or shoot at any enemy they see. As 2nd Platoon(Mulazim Al Mahalel) from B Command (Al Hakim) was moving to the School and Motor Station,a BTR Syrian APC from 1st RW Wessel Mech Inf Platoon (Mulazim Al Hakim) was ordered to move to the School area to support 2nd Platoon(Mulazim Al Mahalel) as they moved and got at the Syrian casualties.As the BTR moved up through alley ways to avoid detection from the enemy, and as the BTR raced across the open to the North East side of the School compound, enemy Infantry was suddenly spotted running across the same open ground, but on the South West side of the School compound.The BTR moved around the School compound to get at the enemy Infantry from the rear and as the BTR positioned himself on the South West side of the School compound he started to open fire at the backs of the enemy Infantry in the open.The enemy Infantry didn't stop, and kept on running as fast they could while heavy BTR fire impacted all around them and flew past their heads in the open.The BTR fired as often as he could at the enemy Infantry, but as luck would have it,the BTR needed to reload,and as the BTR reloaded,the enemy slipped away out of their field of fire and into the city without a single casualty.The BTR then moved into the School compound and held. As the enemy Infantry broke contact with the BTR and started to make their way into the city, they found themselves in the view of Al-ilias Mudjaheddin (Mulazim Maro) and were looking to pass their compound West of the Cotton Mill.With the enemy close and still on open terrain, Al-ilias Mudjaheddin (Mulazim Maro) positioned themselves to get a good line of fire on the enemy and then started to fire on the enemy.As AK fire rang out with a thunderous clap, some enemy Infantry fell victim to the sudden strike,but the enemy would quickly get down in the dirt and fired back.Even though the enemy were in the open, it did not make them as vulnerable as one would think,because now with all the enemy inf laying prone,every single enemy Infantry was able to fire back,and the Coalition Infantry returned a storm of bullets of their own onto the positions of Al-ilias Mudjaheddin (Mulazim Maro).As casualties mounted up for Al-ilias Mudjaheddin (Mulazim Maro), they were forced to break contact and find cover to protect themselves just in case the enemy infantry stormed their compound.The quick and ferocious firefight lasted a short while and now the guns fell silent as the enemy Infantry pushed past Al-ilias Mudjaheddin (Mulazim Maro) on to the South West, to regroup with their vehicles. The remaining Syrian tank from 1st Tank Platoon(Mulazim Amer) near the Post Office,tried to move into a position to get at the enemy Infantry in the open that avoided the BTR fire,but as he pulled out of the Cotton Mill and moved out he was hit by unknown fire and completely destroyed.Only 1 Syrian tank remains,and he is at the Hospital area. (This pic is of the VBIED blowing up) There is a massive cluster of enemy vehicles spotted at a cross road South West of the Mosque where 4th Pick Up DSKM(Akwal) and 7th Pick Up SPG-9(Abou Masid) was destroyed earlier and the cluster of vehicles do not have their Infantry around to support them yet.2nd Group VBIED(Abu Haddad) had received information of this enemy cluster and saw it as a perfect opportunity to strike and cause great fear and damage to the foe.After a quick prayer, 2nd Group VBIED(Abu Haddad) got in his blue car that was loaded and rigged with explosives.He pulled out and was told about what roads he should take.There was a specific path that was to expose the weakness in the armor cluster at the cross roads, and that weakness was that the enemy tanks would have the enemy APC's blocking their field of fire as the VBIED raced forward, and the enemy APC's would have their rear facing the VBIED,so they would not have time to react to the sudden threat that pulled around the corner.As 2nd Group VBIED(Abu Haddad) started to get closer to his target he found himself on the last turn he was to make before hitting a straight path to the target.2nd Group VBIED(Abu Haddad) turned the corner and the target was now in plain sight and he slammed the pedal to the ground and the blue car dropped back and sagged low from all the weight of the explosives.As 2nd Group VBIED(Abu Haddad) raced towards the Coalition vehicles, enemy Inf could be seen in his rear view mirror running behind the car, desperatly trying to get closer and firing a burst in attempt to stop the VBIED, but it's to late,the tanks could not fire on him either and the enemy APC's could not react in time,and 2nd Group VBIED(Abu Haddad) at full speed slammed into the cluster of Coalition Vehicles and a massive explosion erupted, the biggest one seen in the battle,and it could be heard throughout Al-Qaryatayn as the deafening sound hit the ears of all who are there.The roar of Coalition vehicles on fire could be heard and as the smoke and dust settled, it was confirmed that 3 enemy APC's have been destroyed in the massive blast and theres high chance that the enemy tanks were also damaged as well as other enemy APC's in the area,and enemy crew members could have suffered also.2nd Group VBIED(Abu Haddad) has done well on this suicide attack and has caused much grief and damage to the enemy and has now taken his place in the Martyr kingdom.2nd Group VBIED(Abu Haddad) single handedly took out more enemy vehicles then any Syrian with an RPG who was shot after wards and also caused more damage in one blow then any Syrian platoon in the area. (This pic is the VBIED blowing up) The enemy who have gathered around the Mosque where Jiahad i Islami Mudjaheddin (Ta'anari) is sworn to protect, are now storming into the Mosque compound.With sudden anger,Jiahad i Islami Mudjaheddin (Ta'anari) move quickly to fire on this threat and bullets would start to impact all around the enemy infantry running into the Mosque compound.Heavy MG would show the Coalition Forces that the Mosque is well defended and it will not be taken by outside forces, but the enemy also showed they had a message of their own,and an enemy tank rolled into the compound and fired a cannon round at the Syrian MG,taking it out.Once again Jiahad i Islami Mudjaheddin (Ta'anari) withdrew deeper into the Mosque and fortified themselves in it.If enemy wants the Mosque they will need to fight in it and that was exactly the enemies intention.As Jiahad i Islami Mudjaheddin (Ta'anari) kept themselves deep in the Mosque,enemy infantry would infiltrate it and would be seen moving on the second floor and on the roof top above Jiahad i Islami Mudjaheddin (Ta'anari).Jiahad i Islami Mudjaheddin (Ta'anari) new this Mosque well.They new all the rooms and all the places where they could shoot to get at the enemy who have stepped into the Mosque.The Mosque would prove to be to good of a fortification and prove to be to difficult to clear with few numbers,and Jiahad i Islami Mudjaheddin (Ta'anari) was able to cut off and shoot down all enemy that went into the Mosque.Not one enemy who stepped into the Mosque will come out alive, and the enemy stop from assaulting the Mosque and they set up a perimeter around it.Jiahad i Islami Mudjaheddin (Ta'anari) still remains inside the Mosque, and is now besieged by the enemy and no more shots are traded.
  14. There will be some serious thoughts put together to come out with what the consequences could be for this action.In any other situation, it could have been war by now, but would it be wrong to say that tensions are so high and tight, that this incident might slide without a war being produced? I don't think this is the trigger people are looking for, in order to start a full out war and massive ground invasion into the North. It's weird to think about it like that, but if a war were to break out, a lot of people will die and where would the end be and how would all this chaos be put to rest with armed conflict.The war would last long and more starvation could hit the lands causing even more suffering then what there is now.Maybe an all out war can be prevented and some where down the line Korea can unite diplomatically when the North Regime has faded away of old age and no longer has the grip it once did over it's people.I think stalemating the North's ambitions is the best way to go, instead of an all out ground war. Clearly this is a serious situation that needs to be acted upon, and there needs to be hard consequences if the world is to send out a strong message, that this will not be tolerated with any Nation.You can't just kill one Nation's military men and women with your Nation's military weapons and get away with it. I would expect some real hard moves to be made against North Korea, and if North Korea pulls such an act again,then that could do it and the clash will begin again.This could very well produce a war also, but all we can do now is watch and see what the decision makers do and how people shift their alliances and views as well as partnerships. More conflict in the world could bread even more conflict,which will stretch forces thin around the world from all Nation's, which will naturally bread more conflict to come and strike.Then we get into WW3 talk and Battlefront will have to make a new WW game.
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