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  1. Hi guys, Having successfully upgraded my copy of the base game, marines and British forces I was expecting to see a campaign available for the Marines. I remember playing this campaign a long time ago. (I have the campigns unlocked for both the base game and the British forces...) After the upgrade, the game seems to think I need the 'Nato forces' module in order to play the 'Semper-Fi' campaign which I presume is the marines campaign. I'm confused - why did I bother paying to upgrade my marines module if I cant play any campaign with it?! Please advise
  2. As the title says ; Beta tester needed for my mission which I'm sure you'll enjoy! The mission is simple enough. 1. Rescue the Green soldiers who are wounded, low on ammo and currently hiding an outhouse - presumed too scared to attempt an escape. 2. Kill the Rebel leader. He is located, we believe, somewhere inside the main hideout building. To make your life easier, you should know there is an crack team of Marines currently observing the hideout. They will remain invisble and outside of communications until they choose to reveal themseleves. Use them wisely! The area in and around the Hideout is boggy, so not all of the ground is traverseable. You are very near a local town, who we believe to be fiercely loyal to the Hideout and it's rebel leader. Expect a backlash at some point. One of our Sniper's reported a small convoy of Technicals kicking up some dust in the distance ; Expect them to arrive on the scene at some point. Your enemy is tooled up to say the least, but they spend much time drinking and smoking so don't expect too much in the way of an organised fightback. Punish their foolishness in capturing and torturing the hostages. http://rapidshare.com/files/192104816/ocdV2.btt.html Your help and advice would be much appreciated! Likewise I would be happy to test another mission for you! Cheers
  3. Thanks - sorted - i wasn;t patched. Sorry for being a bit of a timewaster ; I'm usually up to date but i thought the marines module brought it all up to date so i didnt think to check! Cheers
  4. HI - yes they are extracted - Like i said I have done this before I bought the marines module and it worked fine..??? For some reason the mission ' Rock around the block' is in there - but not the campaigns? -Forging steel and the road to dinas do not appear? - nor does the red pepper mission in the mission folder?
  5. Can anybody help please. I have just downloaded a selection of campaigns and missions and put them in the correct folders - they are all recently made missions - some for marines etc. When I load up shock force with the marines module they dont show up in the menus - even though before I purchased the marines module this process worked fine. Any ideas? Thanks!
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