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  1. You're right Moon. If i execute it in Admin mode, no problems at all. But if i execute the game in normal mode, get the "bug" and THEN, in Admin mode, the problem persists until i reboot my PC. Only mention it in case anyone else is suffering this issue. Anyway, problem solved. Thanks again Moon, the thread can be closed.
  2. I've recently updated my system wo Win7 x64 and when i launch the CMSF and get to the game menu, my comp automatically switches to desktop, the same way it would do if i hit Alt-Tab. This happens all the time until I close the application. Why is happening this and how can i fix it? By the way, I own the base CMSF and the Marines module, both updated to 1.21a.
  3. I don't really care about fighters and bombers, but choppers should be modelled, as well as AA weapons to take them down. Wouldn't it be cool if a platoon of infantry reinforcements arrived in a blackhawk doing fast roping?
  4. Well, i don't know you, but i'm tired of all that sand and arabian enemies. Why not taking the Theater to Europe? I miss the kommies
  5. Heh, Tank Commanders with suicidal tendencies (or perhaps with the guts that gunners lack?) xD. Then the solution should be easy: change the behaviour between TC and gunners. I'd rather have a suicidal Humvee gunner than a coward one.
  6. @Pandur: Really? Never noticed that. In fact, i suspected that BF modified the button-unbutton issue to increase survival of tank commanders... If you are right, then i don't understand why they had to change the behaviour of gunners.
  7. I'm gonna take a look at it right now EDIT: The link is not working for me, i get the following message: Fatal error - attempt to access unpublished file by non-admin user
  8. Glad to hear that Steve, i hope we get that soon De Savage, i'd rather have a percentage probability of casualties on reinforcements, just to add a bit more challenge and to simulate unpredictable battlefield events, like armor breakdowns, casualties taken in ambushes, etc. That way you'd never get the same amount of reinforcements.
  9. Well, it's a damn good idea, but don't count to see that in CMSF. Those would involve major changes and they're not going to do that at this point. Maybe in the next CM game, hopefully.
  10. I guess the problem with unbuttoning gunners is as follows: their quick unbuttoning doesn't match the behaviour of all other units in the game. I'll explain myself: You have an infantry platoon which has clear LOS on an enemy MG team (for example). The enemies haven't seen them yet, and you send your platoon on a frontal assault. As soon as they begin running, the MG would kill them in no time, so a realistic behaviour would have the leader of the platoon calling you SOB or something and refusing to acomplish that order. He's not going to commit suicide in such a ridicule way. Nevertheless, ingame your pixel troops will begin the assault. After a few shots they will probably begin running for cover, but they DO charge the MG position. In my opinion, gunners should work the same way. Even in a situation when common sense advises you to leave the gun unmanned and hide in the relative safety of your armor (call SOB your leader xD) , the pixel soldier should keep firing until you give him the order to button up, at least while he still has a high or average morale. If the gunner of a Humvee hides after the first shots, then the platoon should refuse to even stand up in front of that MG. Well, i have some problems with the language, but i hope i made myself clear
  11. Stupid cuestion... What is a Meta Campaign?
  12. Neither do i, but in the mission i'm using as example i had only a few infantry platoons without javelin missiles or even a single vehicle. My options were: Begin a long and probably hard flanking manouver with one of my squads and praying the tank don't see them until they can safely use their AT-4s (and pray again to destroy or incapacitate the tank on one single shot); Or using my arty . Call me lazy, but i'd like to do it the simple way xD EDIT: stoex, the 1st mission of the marines campaign was the example i was using . Then it wasn't a 81 mm mortar, but naval batteries.
  13. Damn, didn't know that. It certainly solves the issue... Thanks for the tip Flanker15, and thanks to stoex and purpheart23 for your responses.
  14. Well, i don't rely on that "cease fire" function as i have noticed, at least in early stages of the game (1.07 mostly), that even when the cease fire order was given, arty just kept wasting some ammo, that's why now i try to use the most exact duration. I don't know if this has been changed in the current version, or if it hasn't because is more accurate and reallistic :S.
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