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  1. Like Najibullah, it depends on the money methinks. It had better not implode or things will be a tad cheeky for me next year.
  2. Sadly she retired on May 22 - I always looked out for what she had to say for my reporting. IMHO she knew her stuff and unfortunately for Afghanistan got side lined by that twit 'zero for two' Khalilzad.
  3. No worries - I stumbled across it because I was having the same issues with point balance so that the human player could achieve a Total Victory. Having a massive Friendly Bonus for the AI meant allocating massive VPs for the human player objectives it was a bit like calling in artillery 'add 100' etc. Even then, because of the high human objective scores testing would reveal that I could not balance the points to give what I had deemed a 'fair result' either midway through or at the end of the scenario. Then I hit on the AI Friendly Bonus thing and it made the whole process a lot easier. Also, in case you aren't aware @Ithikial_AU has made a VP Calculator spreadsheet which is awesome - you just plug the numbers in and it works out all of your VPs. I can't find a link to it at present but it is well worth the download.
  4. Helmets are definitely too dark - the covers tend to fade more than the uniform as well because they get the most attention from the sun and rain so I would go one shade lighter than whatever you end up going with on the uniform - unless it ends up looking totally weird of course. I think the uniforms are just a shade too dark but they probably look right at distance but to be fair they're close enough if you don't want to muck about with them anymore.
  5. @puje a Friendly Casualty parameter for the AI force might have helped you here - say you set it at 50% it means that the AI side gets the points if the player ceasefires at start or without inflicting 50% casualties. It is more flexible than the Friendly Bonus trick. Obviously setting your percentage threshold requires a few tests but I often use it in conjunction with the Friendly Bonus to give the AI force a points score at the start which automatically results in a player loss if a turn one ceasefire is selected. Clearly if the human player plays the scenario through then they will reach a point (in this instance 50%) where they have killed the required number of enemy and the AI force no longer gets the VPs for the Friendly Casualty parameter.
  6. While a TRP speeds things up, soft factors come into play as well such as observer experience and firing unit experience. Otherwise a lot will depend on whether your opponent is AI or human controlled and the distance between the direct fire engagement area and your indirect fire engagement area. Ideally they should be one and the same because that enables you to concentrate the effects of your firepower. In planning terms you would have a Decision Point (DP) that would trigger those fires so that when the enemy met the DP conditions you know to execute the fire order (or whatever other action you planned to take) which would ensure that the rounds landed in the engagement area or Target Area of Interest (TAI).
  7. Ask how that went for R2V - or put another way, the TO&E is not a little touch-up.
  8. Free stuff here: http://cgsc.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/search/collection/p4013coll11/searchterm/vietnam war/field/all/mode/all/conn/and/order/nosort/page/1
  9. This thread answers some of those questions if you download @Lt Bull's pdf - while I appreciate it is a different bit of Belgium there are wire fences aplenty. Also check out the master maps in the title - they are extremely well researched and well executed and therefore worth a study to get a feel for what looks right and what doesn't.
  10. @Lt Bull - have a like mate for the pdf … which shows off how accurate the map is. I've done the Peiper trail heaps of times and it was great to be a tester for CMFB. I still maintain that the campaigns and scenarios that bundled with that title were the best researched and best executed of all of the titles.
  11. I suspect you're in the wrong forum - my guess is that is a CMBS map. Maybe try asking the question there. My suspicion is that the map was just a map with no AI plans. QB maps need both the map and AI plans to work in QBs, the simple act of dropping a map into the QB folder doesn't turn it into a QB map.
  12. Highland Games is the British campaign.
  13. Not the one that's being asked for - the updated SF2 British Campaign which is not finished.
  14. That is my understanding too. If you want to see both go into 'Scenario Author Mode' and you should be able to see the lot.
  15. Will he get captured by pirates again?
  16. If you want a scenario Call that a scenario … 😉 see the attached which is something I knocked up 10 years ago … 😀 Ex Red Wolf Scenario.pdf
  17. Unlike me - you've come a long way in your scenario designing career. It was a pleasure being by your side as you took your baby steps in the editor.
  18. Beat me to it … I'm guessing its not Peace Studies 😏
  19. I wouldn't know to be honest - I don't know much more about Warsaw other than the reason Steve knocked it back for the module. With all of these things beauty is in the eye of the creator - whoever wants a Warsaw scenario/campaign is going to have to put in the research, examine the possibilities of historical vs semi-historical within the capabilities of the engine and then crank it out. To me it seems that this is just more of 'ooh a battle everyone's heard of - it must be in the game'. In the same vein I can't for the life of me understand why everyone bangs on about their lives being over because there is no CM game with Stalingrad or Kursk in it. Massive city meatgrinder (and we all love how troops behave in CM in cities) or massive set piece attack against a set piece defence (a generalisation I admit). There was a sh1t tin of interesting stuff on the Eastern Front in the time frame of the base game but because there haven't been 20 million books written about them nobody cares - even though there'd be some great scenarios. To be honest - there is a lot in what @MikeyD was getting at - somebody could probably map one Warsaw city block (or as he said - chop up one from Berlin) - chuck down some modded Volkssturm on one side and SS on the other - call it "Battle of Warsaw" and a lot of players wouldn't give much of a sh1t about the details so long as they got to blow stuff up. Warsaw isn't something I fancy but I might make a map as part of an H&E type collaborative project if I ever have time.
  20. Wouldn't need much modding to be honest - mix up some Volkssturm and Partisans by doing the old Axis vs Axis, Axis vs Allies switch around in the unit editor and then plonk them on the beautifully crafted map of Warsaw that you/ or another scenario designer make(s). The modding could be as simple as changing a Volkssturm armband to a red and white armband.
  21. Click where the red arrow is pointing:
  22. He withdrew his candidacy about 24 hours ago so it would be a stretch.
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