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    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    This one will get locked if people don't give their head a wobble.
  2. Combatintman

    Vega Force Small Scenario Released

    Yes but you have beaten @Bil Hardenberger … this makes you an extraordinary player 😉
  3. Combatintman

    Modding Buildings

    When you pick foliage you should see an option with a picture of a tree on it and a linear grid. If you click that and place your tree, when you go into the 3D preview you will see that the tree is placed exactly in the middle of the action spot. Rinse and repeat and you have yourself an orchard.
  4. Some of my early stuff was pretty shonky though …. that was the thrust of my comment really - more tools for CMSF designers now. Otherwise I don't have anything in the mix yet due to that pesky Beta testing stuff; however, I have heaps of scenario/campaign ideas so we'll see.
  5. Combatintman

    Building degradation upgraded?

    Why? It was essentially a siege battle. From recollection, the project was abandoned because of various issues around troop behaviour in entrenchments/fortifications. I would love to see the work that was put in to modding CMBN to generate the Viet Minh, CEFEO and the Vietnam environment updated to the current engine and released. The first Indochina war was more than DBP, which CM is not optimised to replicate on many levels, so I hope that this project gets revisited.
  6. Why worry about old scenarios when new ones can be created …
  7. Combatintman

    CMSF2 Editor

    Complex compounds and walls are actually pretty prevalent.
  8. Combatintman

    The state of CMSF2

    The screenshot in your link is pretty average as well 😉
  9. Combatintman

    The state of CMSF2

    If it isn't complicated then why don't you understand it?
  10. Combatintman

    The state of CMSF2

    No date announced - no date to deliver on. I'll let you work out the second and third order effects.
  11. Combatintman

    The state of CMSF2

    Kind of proves Steve's oft made point about not giving out dates ...
  12. Combatintman

    Scenario designing with AI

    AI planning for indirect fire (apart from Turn 1 bombardments) is extremely tricky to get working exactly how you want it to work. To that end I have given up on trying to do so in order to focus on the AI plan as a whole. In most of my CMSF scenarios which have insurgents as the AI controlled force, I include mortars with limited ammunition supplies arriving as off map reinforcements every 20 minutes or so. These combined with a good smattering of insurgent observer spy units with eyes on the likely avenues of approach will generally achieve the effect that I am after. That effect being to realistically represent an insurgent mortar threat and to keep the blue player honest. Generally, I find this approach works and I am happy with it because it is quick and easy and doesn't require much if any specific testing. Contrast that with a plan where you absolutely want a specific AI controlled off map 105mm battery to fire anti-personnel rounds for 5 minutes onto a specific 100m long trench line 20 minutes into the game. If this is what you want to achieve then I wish you the best of luck because the tools in the editor just do not exist to control AI artillery to that level of detail. If your mission hinges on this happening then you need to revisit your mission design concept and the mission narrative. However, by all means you can try to fine tune and here would be my tips: Have your artillery arrive as a reinforcement just before you want the rounds to come in. Purchase TRPs and place them in your desired target area. Purchase more artillery observers than you would ordinarily need. Put them in positions where they can observe the desired target or ensure that the AI plan gets them to positions where they can observe the target. Give your observers high equipment quality, experience and motivation ratings. Test, test, test. Good luck.
  13. Combatintman

    Scenario designing with AI

    The fatigue option in the editor determines how tired the troops are which is something that the scenario designer has to choose. Picking a straggler unit does not automatically make a unit tired.
  14. In RL, my experience has been that Lt Jones would be the -1, while Sgt Baker would be the +2 😉
  15. Combatintman

    CMSF2 New Belligerent ?

    Pretty much this …. combined with the fact that we have a pretty good idea of what we're getting. So why not see what is possible in the editor when the title is released before making judgements?
  16. Combatintman

    CMSF2 Editor

    But according to JonS - the requested tiles cause problems for dismounted movement. He mentions it somewhere in the Sheriff of Oosterbeek tutorial.
  17. Combatintman

    British,German,Canadian,Dutch trucks.

    Generally the British Army was using a mix of Leyland/DAFs and Bedford TMs, there were still some Bedford MK/MJs kicking around though.
  18. Combatintman

    Turkish Leopard 2A4 mod preview

    Yep - totally agree with @MOS:96B2Pabout reviving your Africa pack for the updated CMSF - I plan to do a bunch of scenarios set there and a new version of your excellent Mod would be absolutely great.
  19. Combatintman

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    Read Steve' first post in the thread for Indian troops. His mention of Free French would imply, but does not confirm French North African elements.
  20. Combatintman

    First try at a scenario: questions

    @Holditgood luck with your plans. Don't sweat the briefing graphics thing - it is easy peasy. I do mine in Powerpoint and most are generally a Google Earth image of the map or an overhead CM screenshot of the map in preview mode. All I do then is draw a few arrows, add some military symbols and write in some text or other annotations. Once I've done that, I just 'select all' on the slide and copy into Paint where I resize them to the correct dimensions and save them as 24 bit Bitmaps. I think that many people have this perception that you have to use some Gucci graphics program like Paintshop Pro, be a ninja at using it and spend hours at it. Utterly not true - most of my Mission graphics I can knock up in under an hour using Powerpoint and Paint. All explained here in my CMSF mission design tutorial. If you look at the eighth post down on this thread, you will see two examples of briefing graphics that I put together using the method above:
  21. Combatintman

    RAMADI (Iraq): Mother of All MOUT Maps

    Yeah they should do - the map that the AAR is being fought over is a modified CMSF 1 map that seems to have survived contact from transitioning to CMSF 2 from CMSF 1. You will probably need to revisit the Ramadi map though to take advantage of some of the new terrain types (eg low wire fences, water and bridges which can be clearly seen in the AAR screenies).
  22. Combatintman

    History accuracy

    That's where I was going with my post as well.
  23. Combatintman


    How was the sandwich though?
  24. Combatintman

    Mouse disappearance

    Do any of you guys have cats? As you can tell, I am an expert in these new-fangled computer matters ... Hope you get it solved through more traditional means involving clever people with sensible advice.
  25. Combatintman

    CM Community Map?

    My couple of cents/tuppence worth then ... As I said earlier, you seem to be tracking pretty well as you are so I wouldn't stress too much about your ability to make maps. My approach has evolved as most other people's approaches have evolved through experience in the editor and becoming aware of new tools to assist the process but I generally like my mission briefing maps to be Google Earth images or topographical map images. As a result, my default is to try and create a CM map that is compatible with that real world imagery. Inevitably compromises have to be made and other posters have touched on these issues - things like guessing what a place looked like in 1944 in comparison to what a place looks like now or making judgements about what buildings to put down. You've already heard some great tips about looking for handheld imagery/street view to fill in those gaps but ultimately they are not always going to solve the problem and you also have to contend with the building types in the editor. A top imagery analyst tip for looking at overhead imagery is to look at the shadows - they will often tell you more about what is going on than the structures themselves and will certainly give you an idea about the relative heights of buildings. The other imagery analyst trick is to understand what things should look like. When I did my course, we spent time crawling over bridges, power stations, airfields, dockyards etc for this very reason. As an example, it is no good putting down a railway line and chucking a platform next to it and calling the place 'Railway Station' if it doesn't look like one. You've got to consider the size of the village/town that the station is servicing and know train lengths to get the platform lengths right plus a whole bunch of other factors. Ultimately though, your map is just one piece of your scenario jigsaw - I'd have a scenario in mind before you start the map. Good luck with it and keep the questions coming.