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  1. Not according to the manual ... "Note: Incapacitated (red base) soldiers who have not received “buddy aid” (i.e. disappeared) by the end of the game have a 25% chance of becoming KIA in the final tally." Page 36 of the manual refers.
  2. Yeah I remember seeing a few USMC wagons sporting them. Not for the Brits though - most of the Brit wagons had their respective versions of the Jerboa, Red for 7 Armoured Brigade (including mine) and Black for 4 Armoured Brigade. Not the clearest image (taken just north of Kuwait City on Objective Cobalt about an hour after the ceasefire and you can see from the colour of the sky just how bad the oil fires were after Saddam set all the oilfields alight) but here it is: The Red Jerboa is on the exhaust port above the second road wheel. I'm the bloke with the woolly hat in the commander's hatch. And no - even though it looks distinctly otherwise, I had shaved that morning. I struggle to think that it was nearly 30 years ago.
  3. The Germans started looking for them in 1941 so probably not.
  4. No such thing as a dumb question mate - glad you worked it out.
  5. Not seen it but it apparently is so so according to some who have.
  6. Not the KZ Lager so probably not as harsh as the very depths of that regime.
  7. There is a thread somewhere that discusses the nuances of campaigns including a question similar to yours. Otherwise it might be worth hitting up some campaign designers direct. Sorry I can't help but, while I know the ins and outs of scenarios, I've still to make the campaign leap. @George MC or @benpark might be able to help.
  8. Try using hide combined with a short arc of fire, however the soft settings such as experience and motivation will sometimes cause the tac AI to override those commands. Nevertheless, most people seem to find that these commands should solve your problem.
  9. They're some of the buildings in the second image in your second post containing pictures. They're in the Independent Buildings buildings set in the editor.
  10. Sorry mate - forgot to add, I like what you're doing with this and there is real creativity and attention to detail.
  11. Nothing that the Royal Navy and a 16" gun can't fix ...
  12. Raise a ticket with the support desk - there were heaps of of people in a similar situation when CMSF-2 first released who got fixed up.
  13. Which units in particular mate? - I know back in the day, there was an issue with these being unable to fire using the indirect fire artillery dialogue, it might have crept back with the patch. A savegame will also be handy.
  14. You are the gift that keeps on giving mate 😉
  15. English with 'O's on the end amigo - no es muy dificil ... 😉 One piece of now useless vocab from my military days was el cluster bomb which strangely has stuck in my mind.
  16. As one of the 'voices' for that module and a serving soldier (not officer) in the army portrayed at the time perhaps it isn't such a good point after all.
  17. People were just trying to help ... Assumptions are always dangerous which is possibly why you are confused but surprisingly you now want to make two without censure.
  18. To be honest mate if I knew the answer to that I'd have Kham Duc up and running. The manual or received knowledge (I can't recall which) does however clearly state that the more 'direct' elevation inputs you make in the editor, the more impact it has on load times/processor power.
  19. Like your spreadsheet mate - looks like you've put a lot of thought into this.
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