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  1. I seem to recall that both of my scenarios had reasonable reviews for H2H balance. To Verdenne and Victory is a battalion (ish) on each side and a big map or if you want something Coy-sized try Probing around Poteau.
  2. They've probably stopped for a brew 😉
  3. And finally from the extraction LZ at Son Tay 40 minutes after Callsign Blueboy's deliberate crash landing into the compound … Not even close to @Bud Backer's comic artistry I know, but I hope you like it.
  4. Possibly the Bin Laden thing but that was set in Pakistan and was an SF operation. A lot of my early Afghan stuff was based on actual operations conducted by 3 Commando Brigade during Op HERRICK 5 of which I have direct personal knowledge. Some of those were deliberate night operations with a specific goal, such as the raid on Jugroom Fort and were therefore set at night because the actual operation took place at night. As @Zveroboy1 has said, to get context, you should watch the documentary on which his mission is based. I think this is the first Episode:
  5. I've been three times, once with the British Army and twice with the Australian Army and I'm due out on a plane to Kabul this week. Essentially you are correct, your standard insurgent initiated fire fight would generally be a daytime only activity. Night time was generally reserved for sleeping, IED planting, intimidating locals and IDF attacks.
  6. Sh1t the bed mate … that's an area about four times larger than I would have gone for if I'd made that map. Good luck with that tree placement 😉
  7. Yes they will - banged a couple of large shell craters and a couple of junk Flavour Objects down … thanks for the idea and have a like.
  8. View from the SW Guard Tower as Callsign Blueboy deliberately crash lands into the Son Tay POW Camp Compound:
  9. Son Tay map is finished … Quite a compact map 560m wide x 928m high.
  10. Not an exact match but you get the idea: Compound and road orientation was an issue for this one hence the imperfect match, but good enough for government work as they say.
  11. Historically accurate too …. how many POW's did you count? 😉
  12. Yes - go into the Mission part of the editor and change the time of day. Whether it would mess anything up … I have no idea, try it and see.
  13. Possibly 😉... I've also heard it called Operation KINGPIN (page 441 onwards at the link below (flipping slow download btw)): https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a269484.pdf But yes we are talking about the same thing … should be a breeze doing this one after the Op NEPTUNE SPEAR mission
  14. No I need to do them - I was conscious of it when I was putting the map together, the later buildings should be good, but the initial ones I plonked down will need some Alt Click love … when I've finished this map of course …
  15. To add to @Michael Emryslist, the level of experience and motivation of the observer and the amount of suppression of the observer. There's also the command relationship between the firing unit and the observing unit to consider. I haven't fiddled with CMBN since I did my Assault on Port Cros scenario, but ISTR that the naval guns took 8 minutes to land rounds on target from initial call for fire. I will caveat that by saying that the observers were from the First Special Service Force so will have had high motivation and either the top or second top experience rating and the rounds were being called onto TRPs. I don't think any of the observers in my tests were suppressed. Someone will have better test data than me ( @MOS:96B2Pis generally a good bet for this) but a ballpark planning figure in game for average tube artillery called in by an average observer with an appropriate C2 link would be in the order of about 10-15 minutes from call for fire to rounds on target. In the absence of better figures for the time being, set the artillery unit to arrive as a reinforcement 10-15 minutes before you need it to get the effect that you want to achieve, which I'm assuming is for that battery to put rounds down as close to the historical time as possible.
  16. All good - I'll need another pass at the map because your video reminded me that I need to Alt Click the building facades to swap the ornate window frames for less fancy and more appropriate for peasant hut ones.
  17. Just finish it mate - nobody digs a map up for having sh1t flavour objects.
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