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  1. It stands less chance of getting through than an ASM though - particularly when you look at the composition of the maritime component TGs.
  2. And then no doubt tells you to fix the garden/some shelves or anything else to keep you away from fun stuff like drinking beer, playing games, watching sport 😉.
  3. Yeah - make sure you go through it in detail - there is a nuance with the upgrade which involves you having to put your original keys in. I think there's a sticky on it if the instructions aren't clear in your download bundle.
  4. You can buy what you like my friend but you can only get discounts on those modules that you had for the original CM, which in your case are the Base Game and USMC module.
  5. Talk to the scenario designer then.
  6. That and making sense of barely decipherable threads on the forum.
  7. Boiling Vessel or BV is the correct term: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boiling_vessel
  8. The preferred procedure is to get the hell out of dodge once the self-loading cargo has disembarked. If a quick extraction is needed then they will go to a previously secured forward LZ close by.
  9. I'm time poor at the moment mate - @37mmhas already hit me up. If I get a window, I will be all over this project like a rash.
  10. If you're looking for some inspiration try this awesome site I've just found about the Australian involvement in SVN: https://vietnam.unsw.adfa.edu.au/battlemap/?basemap=mapbox-terrain&layers=contact-individual&timeline=1965-04-30,1971-11-01&at=10.94051456370687,106.87067499999999,8 While it takes a while to load, it is worth the wait. You can toggle Vietnam era military mapping overlays, get action summaries by clicking on the red spots on the map, view geo-referenced Vietnam imagery and other analytics. If you get bored with the map, go to the home page and navigate your way around various articles about combat and heaps of other stuff. See screenshot to get a feel for it: This has been bookmarked by me - a definite keeper.
  11. Yeah ok captured mate … I studied the place very intensely in 2016 in a professional capacity.
  12. Yes … I tried to map it in CMSF-1 - I recognised it instantly 😉.
  13. Me neither - I always use Paint which has less tricky saving options (24 bit BMP), I've never come across the issue. The only time I've had dramas with overlays is if I have CM running when I add an overlay to my Z Folder. As a result, I always close the program before adding or removing any special editor overlays. I don't think overlay size is the issue here as it is smaller than 2km x 2km. @ncc1701e is your map going to be called Fallujah by any chance?
  14. I've got multiple titles on both my laptops - I've had no issues with licencing so based on my experience you should be able to install each title twice without having to hit up the helpdesk for extra activations.
  15. Let's get back to the issues - how many beers did you have, how many oxygen thieves did you meet and how did this impact the planet?
  16. I had a LCpl like that - we'd send him off to the NAAFI for the section pie run at 0945 and by 1045 we'd be starving giving it 'Where the f@*! is LCpl X?' He'd usually roll back at about 1100 and explain that he'd been collared by a number of staff officers on the way to the NAAFI and on the way back and done odd jobs for them. LCpl X was 'moved on' a few months later...
  17. Of course - I made them with what was the 'trench' tile in CMSF-1 which would be cancelled out as you say. You've come up with a clever fix, have a like.
  18. Presumably by filling them with a shallow ford tile? I've not tried it, but conceptually that is how I would see it being done. Grateful if you could confirm that this was your solution.
  19. Nice work but, Hescos are filled with sand, rocks and dirt generally so to make your models more realistic I would change the colour of the tops of your Hesco models to a colour that best reflects those materials.
  20. A literal translation of 'Hammertime' into German = 'Hammerzeit' so from memory it is essentially the same scenario but with those pesky Germans vice the original Americans as the Blue Force. @George MCwill be able to confirm.
  21. I see my Qarmat Ali map is getting a good workout - quite flattered that my maps are being used to test @Aquila-CM's awesome work and @37mm's Heaven and Earth / Vietnam project.
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