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  1. I bought Tow ages ago via download off the site but uninstalled it becuase of a fault but i only just relised if i want to reinstall the game ill have to purchase it again is there a way how i can get my game back because i refuse to buy it again.
  2. Football is the most played game around the world and the only hope of bringing the world to piece in some cases, look at Iraq when they won the Asian Cup there was'nt a single death by explotion or shooting but anyway back to the game LOL is there any possibility of Battlefront making a patch for it or is it all to good to be true lol p.s. again sorry for any bad spelling
  3. Every one is crying out for a surrender patch it would make TOW a whole new game and alot more better and real. Could'nt they just have it when if morale is at its lowest and the opponent is within a couple of metres they surrender it would be alot better than just 150 inf v 10 surviving inf fighting to the death were is the realisem. Don't get me wrong i think its possibly one of the best RTS games but it would make the game so much better. P.S. Sorry for any wrong spelling.
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