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  1. O.K. I'm good with the up dated version numbering now. Thanks for the input.
  2. I think my Black Sea upgrade has gone O.K. but to be sure what version number and engine number should it should show on its' start up page? Right now I have version 1.04 and engine 3. Thanks for any input.
  3. I'm presently doing a mission where some of the units are described as breach units. Each consists of three soldiers and tend to be mounted on a vehicle. What is a breach unit and what are their speciality if any? Sorry but I'm not up on military terms or unit descriptions. Thanatoast
  4. Hello, Like many I've tried to activate the new 3.11 patch with out luck. I note in opening the program it say at the bottom of the start page 3.11. I suspect this means the new patch has been applied even though it wouldn't accept the passwords for activation.
  5. How do I up load these picture to this forum? Thank you for your time. Thanatoast
  6. Thanks very much for your answers. I kind of thought that was the case but didn't want to go any further without knowing for sure. BB
  7. Hello, I just purchased this game and I'm confused about the game set-up phrase "stick to scenario default". Obviously this pertains to computer AI, troop numbers, equipment, weather conditions etc. What is not clear to me is ... does the player (ie: myself) have to accept how my troops and equipment are origanized by the designer or can I place my forces anywhere within their particular coloured zone(s)? The manual does mention a phrase "free to place troops etc" but I think this is meant for the computer? I've been playing the game by starting the engagement with placing my forces within their colour zones at the start. I think when it says "stick to the scenario default" I may be doing something the designer didn't want the player to do? In such a case the true or proper unflolding of the battle could be lost. Any help in clarifying this term is appreciated. BB
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