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  1. In fact this is the worst feeling. I have had many experiences when say a Sherman V dropped smoke and hid behind it just 200 meters from the Tiger. Then, instead of waiting for the smoke to clear, the Tiger coolly turns its back to the obvious location of Sherman V and focuses on some ridiculous infantry (not Bazookas or PIAT teams - these are at least understandable - it goes after some depleted infantry squad which has routed and can not pose an immediate threat). So the smoke clears and we have the Tiger turn into a Sitting Duck with its back to the Sherman V. (And me sitting here clenching my teeth and cursing the Tiger.) Of course the obvious question will be "Why do you allow the enemy tanks to close in at such a low distance?". But in hedgehog areas or even cities (e.g. the battle of Villers-Bocage) that's the farthest visibility on many occasions. And in any case that's not the point of discussion. I have also seen that on some occasions the enemy tanks just turn into nationality symbols without any smoke etc. And then when my tanks focus on some other target, mysterious fire comes from the nationality symbols and knocks out my tanks. Does this happen with all of you? Are the designers aware of these issues? Can these be fixed?
  2. Thanks Joe. But can I continue playing the scenarios of CMBO on the CMAK / modified engine that you are suggesting? I have CMBB in which the tanks seem to act much better. Can I play CMBO scenarios using CMBB engine? Would that be similar to your CMAK suggestion?
  3. I have been a keen follower / player of the CM series (CMBO and CMBB being the favourites). I really appreciate the efforts put in by the designers for the armour penetration models etc. But the German giants seem to lack some basic common sense. When suppose 1 x Tiger and 1 x Panther are facing 3 x Stuarts and 1 x Firefly at a distance of 800 m, the Tiger & Panther seem to focus exclusively on the Stuarts and leave the Firefly to pick them off one by one. Didn't they teach the Wehrmacht in the CMBO model to identify and neutralise the immediate threats first? Is there a patch which rectifies this basic inability to sense and neutrlalise the biggest threat first? (Particularly see scenarios like Death of the Titans, Exit Stage Right etc. - Even when the play balance is normal.)
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