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  1. Sorry guys have to ask I love the new textures BUT so many download links. Which ones to download?
  2. Bought CMBS today. A 5 gig download. And i have been trying to download all day. Living in AUstralia @50-60kb this is VERY bad. TBH there should be some sort of torrent file up. Certainly get what you paid for alot quicker. So not very happy atm on this. Regards
  3. @Fuser Hi mate LOVE the mods mate. Couldn't play vanilla if you paid me enough Question on the Mod front though. You made for CMFI Aris German Uniform Mod. Will you be looking at some point to make the same for CMBN per chance? I ported over the Aris German Uniform Mod from CMFI to CMBN works fine except the Sand covered Helmets look outta place Regards Mike
  4. Ok fair enough mate. Sorry don't read all posts in all topics etc. I was just saying from an outside view. BUT i think my point on the Graphic engine is STILL valid. It is out dated and needs a fresh coat of paint:). It has served you well, needs an overhaul.
  5. I think it has come that the Graphic engine being used is not doing BF any favours. Buy looking at some of the posters Specs its becoming laughable I REALIZE that the bulk is CPU intensive with all the calculations the AI does but on some maps BEFORE i even press play some maps Chug like old puffing Billy. Look at Achtung Panzer Operation Star. LOOKS wonderful and seems to generate the same sort of Calculations to determine hits etc, Runs GREAT on my rig. Not sure of how bigger differences there are. I'm a noob in that area.
  6. The problem was swapping the X52 out for the Warthog Erwin. You mentioned you got the same stick.. You planning on playing DCS? If that is the case PM me we can hook up and Maverick some T80's
  7. The for the comment Ian.. Yeah look i UNDERSTAND the need for codes anti piracy etc.. BUT there MUST be a better system than what is in place atm.. X52 and Warthog are Joysticks.. The Warthog is more complex in that it has built in Firmware, that can be updated etc And still waiting for a reply to fix the over $100 worth of games I've purchased too.
  8. Had a awesome day playing DCS A10, And thought hmmm haven't played CMBN or CMFI for a while, lets give it a whirl.... WRONG!!!!! I just recently swapped out my X52 for the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and that WAS the only change i had made in moving usb or anything else around in my system for ages and BAM.... Triggered the INFAMOUS DRM on this game. LIKE seriously COME ON... unplugging a USB item for another USB item screws you're license???? RIDICULOUS. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?p=1444748 2nd post So i cant play Either Cm games and have to wait for someone to help me fix it. Apparently there IS a tool that can fix this error so you can re-enter you're license and a person can move along. BUT you have to wait for someone to reply to you in the Help desk.. Why not make it available without having to wait for a reply from the Help desk? At the end of the day, WHAT burns my boat and it is starting to be common practice is that if something goes wrong, that's it you are stuck. Regards
  9. Yes... It is a pity the game is OpenGL. If it were at least DX9 you could run SweetFX
  10. No worries Canada mate Just GETS to the point of when do i actually own something on MY pc When can i STOP jumping through hoops to do something on MY pc
  11. Quite frankly this is NOT minimum DRM at all. I have like 8 EA games and there DRM isn't as bad as this I'm afraid. So at the end of the day what you are describing and what was outlined via my link dose not wash. Sorry Canada
  12. So you were playing it then POOF? Cant play anymore? Read this.. i was surprised post 2 http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=109994 Essentially don't do ANYTHING to you're PC Make SURE you have everything INCLUDING you're Kitchen sink plugged into the PC when activating. Because what i read.. Even if plugging in you're Mobile will likely invoke a license problem
  13. WOW bit of overkill on detection? I CAN understand Motherboard/CPU/Soundcard/Video Card As that is an upgrade for the user... But USB Adding Memory Monitors Upgrading Video drivers etc etc COME ON that is way too much. I know this IS a niche market And we pay for that privilege. Comes to the point.. HEY guys would YOU like to run my PC.. Because it seems like I am unable to with all these restrictions. Please try and find another way. I pay to enjoy NOT Pay to worry about what i can and what i cannot put in MY PC without being punished.
  14. Well WAS going to preorder it BUT then i saw the $27 shipping cost.. For a DVD.. WOW i just bought a Warthog HOTAS and it cost me $35 shipping and the thing weighs 6kg's....go figure. Waiting for official release
  15. Yep i copied both files to the Mods folder bumpmapping.frag bumpmapping.vert (NVIDIA) WOW what a difference.. NO shadow stripping!!! Brilliant Nice find Erwin
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