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  1. Troops can´t enter into houses (it will be possible in the add-on). To set waypoints you have to press the shift key.
  2. I think that artillery is a waist in the tanks. Redbear, I allways played with the sniper with the hold fire button pressed, and when I atacked targets with him it was allways a little far away, and only let him shot 2 or 3 times, allways try to shoot first the commanders, they are the best in scouting, and moved to another position after each shooting, I even had to move a little more when I was shooting at the AA remaining crews, because they had spotted me and the stug started running to the sniper, but once I sttoped fire and moved behind some bushes the stug felt back to where he was. I had put 2 men to see more or less where the scouting party was (bmw and scouting car), so I could make the sniper shots whithout the scouting party near when the sniper took the shots. I used the artillery fire almost at same time with the F-bombers (with a little delay for air support), so when they came down, the AA crews whould be supressed by the artillery fire, some crew men died from artillery and some were shot and run from the vehicules from the F-bombers and then the sniper took them out, one at least was shot in the AA position. By the way, I don´t know if I´m allucinating , but when I make the call for artillery or F-bombers I allways make them with the men that is seeing were I want the support (in all the missions) and I think that the support gets more efficient like that, but, once again maybe I´m seeing things LOL. Hope it helped, if someone could tell me how to take screenshots, I could try the mission with some screenshots, I´m really a dumbass in things like these.
  3. What didn´t you understand, redbear !!??
  4. My units stop, if I hit the hold button. But if I hit the stop button they cancel orders, but don´t make them to stop.
  5. I agree with that, and it also should be possible to get ammunitions between tanks, like infantry (I know it would be more micro management but it would be great, the French campaign was to much rounds consuming , in the 2nd or 3rd mission (veteran) I had to make tank crewmens to jump between immobilized tanks (German ad Allieds)to win, because my tanks got out of ammunitions, it almost got to be a final battle throwing rocks LOL.
  6. Why can´t be a WW2 game engine be used?! For what I know all the War doctrines aplied in this war were still in use for some decades to follow. And many of the armor and armament was still in use for some more years. (In the six day War 1967 , Israel- Egypt war, you could see there many tanks from WW2, like the Sherman and others for Israel and some PzIV and many t-34 and other Soviets WW2 tanks for Arabs),
  7. It´s exactly what you have mentioned Kharnvor. lele, didn´t you heard about the bigger air lift in history? Its purpose was to not let that happen. In 1948 the Soviets didn´t allow any convoy into Berlim, and almost every plain was diverted to that task. You can read this at this very good site: http://www.spiritoffreedom.org/airlift.html
  8. Hi I´m really a dumbass in this matter, but I thought in trying to make a Campaign, based in a conflict ( that was near to happen) with the Allies vs Soviets. I´ve allready tryed one battle in the Battle generator, but it didn´t alowed to give reserves to the Soviets (2º army), did I miss something!? And by the way, I know that this is to much for me , but is there any possibility to make German armament available for both Countrys? Thx.
  9. Hi Starbucc I´ve played that mission (veteran), and I can tell you that for me it was, more dificult to take care the guns from the left side map, than the last ones in the right side (I think that you are talking about these ones, the last enemy troops). For me it was quite easy to take them out, I just hold the use of 2 artillery barrages and one air support till it only left that location to wipe out, then, I have put all my forces near the location but behind the enemy LOS, and with an open front ( I still had 1 M10, 1 Firefly 2 M5 and a couple of infantry, didn´t needed the guns), I´ve started with the 2 artillery barrages and the air support in conjuction with the last one, and before the artillery barrage stoped made my troops move to take the enemys. It was only necessary to take the Hetzer, and the M10 took it out in the first shot (the artillery and the air support took the 3 guns and the 2 M5 took the remaining troops).
  10. Hi In your situation I never relly very much on the LOS, many times when in your situation, I go for the "area fire" button (with the tanks or other guns), sometimes it says that it can´t do that command but if you try various places around the guns (or other target, mostly with infantry men), you can get some shots, and you don´t really need to take out the gun, the explosions near the gun also kill men. I´m not saying that you can kill them before you beeing shot, but I can say that for mostly times it worked. Another thing that I do sometimes is, when advancing with infantry, I send the comander first to scout with the "hold fire" button activated, since he normaly is the one with better scout level, to see where are the AT guns (for me, are the toughest ones and the most daring, the tanks are quite simple beeing seen). Anyway, I will try the Allied campaign, and try to give you some feedback.
  11. Hi I stoped the Panzer Lehr campaign to play this mission. I´ve won in Veteran mode, after a couple of saves ),like redhear said, there is that couple of enemy in the bridge, I´ve taken the infantry and AT crew out with the sniper, then discovered the AA and took them with the artillery, bombers and some nice sniper shots, then, I moved some of my infantry men the same way the sniper into the PzIV, took the armoured car and bmw and the stug from the AA position, and then moved the PzIV to clear the outposts, then moved the PzIV near the compound and send the commander and the two HMGs men to the hill near the compound (I think that this originated the trigger to make an infantry counterattack from the coumpound), since I had my HMGs in the hill and the tank right in front of the entry it was some way easy to kill them all (I´ve got two panzerfaust shots anyway, lucky of me that it doesn´t killed or damaged my tank). Then I moved the tank into the hill near were the AA were and waited behind some bushes (I´ve allready seen were the King tigers would come ), before I´ve killed the last infantry, I´ve moved all my men near that outpost, and when I kill him it was time make my men run towards the two AT, but only filled the one near the house, the other one I´ve waited 2 men near the one across the river, then it was time to work with the 3 sites trying to catch the tanks in the rear with the PzIV. I´ve won the battle, making an attack on 2 of the King Tigers that were immobilized near the bridge with the tank. Ended with only the tank and the sniper. Hope I helped.( Oh, and it to took me about 3 and a half hours to achive that )
  12. Hi Sfox28 I´m now in the last battle of the Panzer Lehr campaign, and since you wrote this post I went back again and played it again (I only play in Veteran), first of all, I think that TOW is very much Tank warfare oriented (don´t get me wrong, but when you win the tank battles almost you have won the battle, but its not always like this). Okay, I will give some feed back of my battle, I pressed many times the f12 button to give you a better idea, but I don´t know how to get the screenshots LOL. a) I´ve spended some time in the units selection panel, took out all the squad (not the panzerfaust one) and all the AT guns. With this I was abble to put one more PzIV. Then I have put a 75mm AT, and one more panzerfaust squad, then it was time to change individuals so that I went with all the best at my disposal (even changed 4 PzIV crew for 4 from a TD, don´t remember now from wich one, but were the best). Since I have changed the squads, i´ve started with them outside the trenches, you just have to put them near the trench and they will get cover inside them once the battle start. The tanks I put them in a little hill in the back of the town, all very near one from another so it gave you a strong firepower. Once the squads were in the trenches I "told" them to get in the crawling position and then hit the defend button. The 75mm AT was placed in the crossroads. Once the battle started I lost almost one squad for the artillery fire, but was abble to knock down the first two tank waves losing only one tank ( and this one I think that was by fire from the Churchil croco that came with the final attack). I only hit the pause button one time, and ended with no squads, two immobilized tnaks and one knocked down. Hope I helped
  13. I hope that the people in BFC don´t get to angry with me , but in an email that I send them about modding the North African Campaign, they have told me that they are working in it in the add-on that is "scheduled" to the end of the year.
  14. I remember to read somewhere in a book that in Russia, the most killing ratio was achived in Stug TD.
  15. Hi This is my first post and first of all I want to say that I like very much the game ( even with all the bugs that all of us can catch). Like we say here in Portugal ( and other countries I hope ), perfection does not exist, but it would be great if it was close, so, I think we all can help to trie achive that purpose, but I think we should do that in a way that the people behind the game would feel happy with the work that they have done, because I think that all of us, in this forum, were ( and still are ) expecting that this could be THE GAME. Well, I´ve tried the new patch, and I´m only playing it in the dificult level. I´m now on the 3rd mission, I have played a sort of 4, 5 times each one to win, and I only won it because of micro management. In this time ( besides the panzershrek effectiveness) for me the most boring was to always have an eye on the tanks and SPs that were not with the "hold" button so they wouldn´t start moving around. ( and always played in the slowmotion version ) Just want to say, keep the good work, and we will be here to trie to help make this game even better with your help. PS:I hate the Pz IV ****ing gun mauntlet, the brits knocked them really easy.
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