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  1. Hi Elmo, I think that the scenario Road to Berlin from the demo is similar to the tutorial Roadblock scenario from the full game. If you want you could try the following Topics: Road to Berlin tutorial mission tactics for newbs Playing the Demo -- Road to Berlin is kicking my butt Monster Video AAR / Tutorial for Newbies
  2. I do not know why it is so designed, but the hotkey for Clear Target from hotkeys.txt is broken. You can use the Delete key for Clear Target.
  3. Could someone upload scenario "Smashing Metal" from base CMSF demo? Thanks.
  4. Both scenarios are modified by author to work in the full game.
  5. excellent Aris! Also plans to redesign german halftrack?
  6. Scenarios from the demo does not work in full game. Two George McEwan's (George MC) scenarios from the base demo and Marines module are in the repository - Going to Town and USMC Going to Town. Maybe other scenarios makers adjusted their demo scenarios for the full game and upload them in to the repository.
  7. Excellent work! Would it be possible modify your Scenario Organiser also for CM Shock Force?
  8. great idea, it would be good to see this in the game
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