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  1. Yeah totally. Nothing on Three Moves Ahead or even Gamers With Jobs, who recently did a preview. It's like the game doesn't exist! It just struck me as a bit odd.
  2. I've still not seen any reviews of this game at all. Where are they? Haven't Battlefront sent copies of the game to Magazines, Websites etc? Usually they appear within a day or so. I'm interested to see what The rest of the world make of the game.
  3. Hi, Yes I checked that before posting, the mortars supposedly have 10 rounds each.
  4. Hi George, Yes I'm definitely selecting smoke. The game's just firing regular explosive rounds when I order smoke.
  5. I'm playing the 2nd (I think) mission in the Courage and Fortitude campaign (the one with the bridge). Whenever I try and call in a smoke fire mission they just fire normal explosive rounds, I have the option to fire smoke so why can't the game manage to do it? Is this a 'known bug' will it be fixed?
  6. Well for a start you can address the perfectly valid criticisms of a customer in a less aggressive manner. I'm afraid you don't make this forum a particularly welcoming place for new and potential fans. *Braces for impact*
  7. My spec is, P4 3.0Ghz, 1Gb Ram, GeForce 7600GTX. Guess it's kind of low end.
  8. Turning off the shadows (Alt-W) works! many thanks vincere, i'd just about given up.
  9. Help, I've just got the Paradox version of Shock Force, it runs fine apart from a total lack of infantry. They are completely invisible. Vehicles are displayed fine but troops wont display even tho they can be selected. I've tried it patched and un-patched. My drivers are up to date and there is no other problem with the game.
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