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  1. Thanks for all of the advice here. I have Vista Ultimate 64 bit & had to run as an administrator. Fixed my problems!
  2. Thanks much! That gives me a good sense of what the BF people are thinking. It makes sense & it will also make my game playing better. Have another factor to consider in planning my attack, which just adds more fun to the game. Thanks Again!
  3. Aren't the rounds marked in real life to avoid this? Have to fire the man in charge of my artillery assets. I have found since the inception of the game that if you fire all your HE rounds & deplete them; the smoke rounds are gone too. I haven't seen that changed. With the new glitch, it really impacts your play in whether you really want to fire a smokescreen or do you just not do it to save the HE for later in the game. Battlefront, any fix coming?
  4. I downloaded & installed the corrected v1.21 "Semper Fi Syria" campaign & I'm now having a bug or problem where if I fire smoke from my arty assets, it depletes the general, personnel & armor ammo at the same time. I'm finding this in both the new campaign & other scenarios. Just reporting & looking for a fix. Thanks.
  5. Cool, I have to plan the use of the 105s in a different way. It's a tough fight but that's what makes them fun! jp76er
  6. Hi afreu, Love the scenario. I see a possible problem though; the 2nd battery of 105s do not show up at +1:00. Is this a mistake in the briefing or a mistake in set up of the game? Thanks for your good work! Looking forward to playing more. I appreciate your reply. jp76er
  7. Hi Canicula Nox, I'll try it if you still need a tester. None of the download links work for me; they all show expired. Thanks!
  8. No, they haven't. I can set a way point at any movement speed & it stays the same. It won't change facing either. I have one now where BOTH the LAV & the dismounted troopers won't move. I've set way points for both & they & their paths stay throughout the game. It's pretty bizarre. They are both on lower area of the map on the Marine's side. Not sure if it's a map issue or what. It's an excellent scenario, I'm going to restart & see what happens. Thanks for your input!
  9. HI, I've been playing the Dark Storm scenario after patching up to v1.21 & have found both of my Scout LAVs freeze. Can't move them anywhere. I've tried loading & unloading some units & that doesn't do any good. I've looked at both LAY & the doors/ramp are stuck open. I have tried bailing out the crew & then having them mount up again. The LAVS treat them as troops loading up in back. I can acquire weapons too. I just can't get them to man the LAV & to have the LAV move. Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. If you try it out, let me know what you think. It's fun, I just noticed those 4 items.
  11. I have a couple of questions. 1) BF Bravo is suppose to show at 10+ minutes but I don't see anything appear. 2) I am assuming that the 101st Airborne is BF Alpha? 3) One of 101st C Company's MG Squads shows up at the spot of TF Charlie instead of the rest of 101st's arrival point. A Glitch? 4) Can the Landmarks be labeled to avoid any confusion? That's for us non military people Thanks!!
  12. I didn't know that you could do that with a SMAW. I'm going to try that little nugget right now. Thanks!
  13. That would have been cool to see!! If any tankers survived, I'm sure they were now very leery about exploding walls. Ah, sabots!! The Chicago Bears & sabots remind me that deer hunting is right around the corner!
  14. LOL I quit drinking in 1995, I was DXed with Multiple Sclerosis that year. I'm still game to do it, let me start & I'll start asking for refrences on things. Let me know any ideas you would like to see.
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