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  1. What I have tested is, positioning your mortar units either 82 mm or 120 mm close to vehicle with Satellite (Vehicle-mounted station) - Constellation for Russian side - I use BTR82A. Then in theory mortar crew has access to these data and are little bit quicker and more precise. Icon is showing in their panel. But I expected more from this - lets say quicker response then just radios.
  2. So Battlefront, do some addon or vehicle pack or putYourName product, but do something! So far we have CMSF2 now and nothing else happens. Still waiting for the patches.
  3. How to do building trick discovered by @RockinHarry??? I am for sure missing this!
  4. I am glad to be first I have all CM games, so I know how editor works and where is the clock. I have many excel sheets for my missions, but I simply dislike it. It will be enough when in scenario author mode the clock will go same way how the plan is build. With 16 group plans and timing for them excel sheet is lost very quickly. But if there is no such mod out there... I can live with it...
  5. Is it possible to reverse the clock countdown? In editor i do my plan from 00:00 to the end. But mission time goes from end to zero. Makes me crazy to remember what should happen when in reverse. Some mod for it maybe? Thanx in andvance.
  6. Can we get some colored weapon silhouettes for CMSF2 please? CMSF1 had some from Scipio if i remember well, but i cannot find it, repository dead, nothing on CMMODS. Maybe somebody has it please? Is it working by the way?
  7. I have not played demo, but the best results from T-72 family (except T-90SA) has T-72-AV TURMS-T. This tank can spot very quickly with experienced crew, has probably thermal sights, because can see through smoke and dust. But doesn't have smoke launchers. So far my favorite! It can withstand even several RPG hits from rebels... What I don't understand is why all red T-72 family tanks have same cannon 125 mm D-81? Even T-90SA has same cannon? Is this correct? So far I know T-72 has 2A26M2 cannon T-72A has 2A46M cannon T-72B has 2A46M cannon T-72B3 has 2A45M5 cannon T-90 has 2A46M cannon of course depends from production year and because of many T-72 models I can be wrong. But the tank cannon 2A46 manufactured under license in Czechoslovakia had the designation D-81. This is for sure. I checked CMBS manual and same cannon name is used there...
  8. Reshade not working for me. Game does not start. All files and paths correct...
  9. Another question - if Steve is silent, other testers are silent... Maybe they all are victims of some kind of digital Novichok poison and we all just dont know it...
  10. They have just returned to where their old fathers fought and died or am I wrong?
  11. It is correct. It will be big mess when it comes out! I mean sleepless nights and lot of H2H battles. We all will have Christmas. Therefore code name X-mess...
  12. I do, but never US side, so i cannot help in this, sorry.
  13. Its Kieme's BMP, nothing else. This is how i wanted to say it. If you just add Igla Man and later dismount squad, Igla Man stays somewhere in the back of the BMP and the commander seat stays empty. To avoid it do as said: unload the passengers, split off and/or select the element you wish to act as Commander and have them remount in setup or even later during the game.
  14. Only skins with camouflage are in Oleksandr-CMBS-Infantry-USskins with green gloves. The Ukrainian soldier in the picture does not have gloves and he has on his face a little different masking... Maybe someone else know where to find it... Looks like that russian AK has also scope on it! Very suspicious this picture...
  15. Questions: - where do i get this soldier skin? Are there more like this? - how it is possible, that his AKSU has scope??? Is it Kashtan? And is it only mod or is it really in game and working???
  16. Can you please remove number 220? Because now we have all vehicles with same number... It will be better without it. Thanx in advance!
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